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Commerce Secretary Tapped, Stimulus Package Talk, Bank Of America Outrage, Michael Phelps Inhales, And Octuplet Mom Seeks Her 15 Minutes

Hi all. I'm still hacking up a lung over here (TMI?), but I strangely feel better, so let's take a crack at one of them review thing-a-ma-jiggers, shall we? The hour kicks off with the obligatory BREAKING NEWS, tonight's graphic trumpeting Obama's pick for commerce secretary. For more, Ed Henry joins us live with the info that our new prez is keeping to his bi-partisan schtick by giving the nod to Republican Senator Judd Gregg of New Hamphire. Well, okay, he wasn't the first choice (you might remember Bill Richardson had a little oopsie), but, uh, points for kumbayah-ness and everything.

If Senator Gregg takes this position then that means a seat will need to be filled. After watching whatever the hell that whole Blagojevich thing was, we now all know that the seat-filling duties fall to the state's governor, who in New Hampshire's case, just so happens to be a democrat. And! The democrats are currently one seat away from that magic filibuster-proof number of 60. So SO, does this mean that Obama is a diabolical genius who not only backed up his bi-partisan cred, but also secured the democrats a kick-ass majority in the senate? Um, not so much. According to Ed, Gregg said no dice unless he's replaced by a republican. Ah, well, it was fun to think about anyway. Oh, also? Eric Holder has finally been confirmed, which I guess I thought already happened. Yay, first black attorney general.

We're then on to an Ed Henry piece about the stimulus package and how everyone is being difficult, specifically the republicans. There's balking over pork and tussling over job creation numbers. Obama has his work cut out for him. But in a subsequent piece from Candy Crowley, we learn our new commander in chief will basically get what he wants. The 'strategy session' tonight consists of David Gergen, Gloria Borger, and John Ridley. I can't say that anything struck my fancy here. Pontificate. Pontificate. Pontificate. Blah, blah, blah. You know the drill.

Moving on to the angry-up-the-blood portion of our evening. Hey, you know how we gave Bank of America, like, $45 billion of our money because they told us if we didn't the world would end and stuff? Yeah, well, in a Tom Foreman piece we learn that some of our money was used for the very important purpose of sponsering a five day Super Bowl fan fest. Should I wait while you scream or are you already screamed out? Bank of America defends themselves by saying they didn't use bailout money (oh, that makes it so much better!) and that the celebration actually made them money. These people just so DO. NOT. GET. IT.

Transitioning now to a Gary Tuchman piece and the news that merman Michael Phelps has, oh noes, gotten himself in a bit of trouble. And by a bit of trouble, I mean he totally got photographed doing a hit off a bong (love the "high & dry" graphic, groooan). Uh, whoops? Apparently this isn't the swimmer's first run in with controversy. Four years ago he got a DUI. Of course, he wasn't as famous back then and didn't have all these fancy-pants sponsers. So, uh, yeah. I don't know, I can't really get upset about--or even all that interested in this. It sucks for parents who have kids who idolize this guy, but aren't there more important things to be talking about? And is a bong hit really then end of the world? I'm still waiting for Gary's piece on that Texas town. They tease and they tease and they tease. But do they deliver? No they do not. Hmph.

Next up, we have a Randi Kaye piece on that octuplet mom and the story just keeps getting weirder. We already know she had six kids previously, which brings her brood to a whopping 14. Now we learn that her goal is to be a child care expert on the TeeVee. What? She's got to be delusional. Of course, that won't stop the media machine, which is already hell bent on making her a star and taking their cut. Apparently she already has a publicist. The whole thing is sick and everyone who gives her exposure (or consumes her story) is a part of the sickness. People like this need to be ignored. I'm going to be pretty disgusted if she turns up in some way on 360. Following Randi's piece, we're joined by Sanjay Gupta for the medical lowdown and he brings a really freaky baby graphic. Also? What's going on with the whole surgeon general thing? Inquiring minds and all.

Our final piece of the night is from Erica Hill concerning the role of Michelle Obama as First Lady. The thing with that whole position is that there really is no job description. We all remember how Hillary Clinton took on healthcare and got defeated. And Laura Bush...,well, I'm sure she did stuff too. It seems Michelle will be focusing a lot on the balance of work and family, as well as military issues. Sounds good.

The "shot" tonight is porn. That's right. You never know what you're going to get with 360. Anyhoo, while watching the big game on Sunday, Comcast viewers in Tuscon got a little more fun than they might have bargained for. Nothing says family football fun like 30 seconds of surprise hard-core porn. I love how Anderson Cooper tries to do the porn music sounds and has to get an assist from Erica Hill. Bow chica wow wow. 360 has to add their music as well, which Erica points out is not really porn music. I was going to say. I mean, I'm no expert or anything (ahem), but that doesn't sound right. And...there you go.

The show was okay. The whole last half was pretty fluffy. What happened to all the Israel-Gaza coverage? They were doing so good at keeping us updated and then Obama got inaugurated and...nothing. Not to mention the wars we're fighting that continue to go uncovered. I'm looking forward to Anderson's interview with Obama though. It's been a long time since he's had a big "get." That'll do it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bi-partisan my a**. If President Obama's going to get everything he wants, good. Screw the hardcore Repubs. The BofA debacle is just mind boggling, so much arrogance and a complete disconnect about the economic hell the country's in. I hope the octuplet mom gets some psychiatric help for her "obsession", since she's planning on cashing in. I get the miracle of childbirth and all, but the graphics on this report were simply nauseating!

I must say I enjoyed Erica's bold porn music assist, nicely done. I'm sure AC's glad Erica's there to handle all the nasty stuff. They've sure been loving that bow-chicka-bow-bow stuff lately.

Great post as usual Eliza and I'm glad you're feeling better.

12:23 PM  
Blogger eliza said...

Thanks anonymous. It seems to me like Obama is doing everything he can to meet the Republicans halfway and he keeps getting rebuffed. I'm with you, screw them.

3:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

what was up with randi kaye's comments at the end where she was smiling and saying something to the effect of, "can you blame her? what adorable kids."
i thought i noticed a bit of surprise by anderson cooper and the comment itself seemed really off by me and my girlfriend. she seemed to be justifying or relating to the mom in a way that wasn't too professional.

7:10 PM  

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