Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Same Old, Same Old

Hi people. I'm just checking in again, so you don't miss me. Well, that whole kumbayah bi-partisan stuff didn't last long, did it? I love how the Republicans spent eight years spending like drunken sailors and now that we're in a major recession they're all, "Zoh my God, this bill has pork in it! Hide the children!" Methinks our president has overestimated the reasonableness of those on the other side of the aisle. It's going to take more than a couple cocktails to get some of them to play ball. I'm actually pretty okay with most of the stuff in the stimulus bill, but some oversight this time would be good. Just a thought.

It was nice to see Stephen Flynn on the show again. One of the things that excited me about Obama was he actually talked about our infrastructure crisis. Before this newest report card came out, I wrote a piece on the subject and just doing research was mildly terrifying. When it comes to this country's infrastructure, we are so screwed. I'm glad we have people like Stephen Flynn sounding the alarm. Hopefully Obama will be able to follow through on some of his campaign promises in that area.

I continue to be weirdly fascinated by Ted Haggard. He claims to be a heterosexual man with same sex attachments. Or something. WTF does that even mean? And why does his family want to go public with all this?

Finally, earlier today when I saw that clip of Obama talking Beyonce I immediately knew that would be our "shot." Ah 360, you're so predictable. Also? There was some slightly frightening talk on the webcast tonight about a possible dance routine? Did I hear that right? If I may make a simple request, dear God no leotards!


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