Monday, February 02, 2009

Bob, Frank, And Jerry of The 360 Crew Shake It To Beyonce's Single Ladies

It somehow seemed wrong to let this pass without comment. My comment? Um, wow. Yeah...that's pretty much all I got. I mean, what more can you say? That was some impressive booty-shaking, boys. I gotta say though, I'm really glad they opted against the leotards. And how cute was Anderson Cooper and Erica Hill's giddy anticipation? This show never ceases to amuse, I'll give them that much.

Also, while I'm doing a totally irrelevant post that just happens to be about the subject of dancing, I think I shall take this opportunity to state that I've changed my opinion on the whole Anderson Cooper dancing thing (oh yes, it's a thing now). Don't get me wrong, if our anchor ever does decide to give in and shake his groove thing in public, I will no doubt happily watch, but given my sometimes contrarian tendencies, the pressure has reached such a level that I'm going to have to flip sides and support the Silver Fox on this one. That's right Anderson, I've got your back. You hold strong to your no dancing stance!

Oh, but we have to have a little talk about your excuse. You're afraid it will live in humiliating infamy on the YouTube? Puhlease. This from a guy who quite willingly stripped down to his big grandpa trunks to water battle the (recently marijuana-smoking) human fish? Or what about the spray on tan segment? Don't make me go on. You're already quite popular on the YouTube is all I'm saying. Anyway, non-dancers unite!

This concludeth the totally irrelevant post about dancing.


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