Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Political Fatigue And A Glimpse Of Planet In Peril 2

Hi everybody. Is it just me, or is anyone else kinda wishing that both presidential candidates (and Hillary Clinton!) would just, like, disappear for a week or so? I mean no harm or anything, I just, you know, want them to shut up. Just for a week. Because I've got political fatigue something awful and I'm beginning to feel like a little kid sitting in the back of the media's car, whining, "is it November yet?" And the thing is, nothing is even happening. Nothing important, anyway. Okay, granted, we did just have that whole history making thing where an African American clinched the Democratic nomination, but that was so last week.

Yeah, I'm joking, but think about it: how many hours and hours of 360 have we watched that have been nothing but political speculation or surrogate arguing? It's kind of ridiculous. And all the stories on demographics. My God, the demographics! What does Obama have to do to get the white working class vote? Is Clinton losing the black vote? Who will be able to woo the bilingual taxidermists who teach Sunday School? I mean, oh my God, stop. Just please, stop. If there's nothing more substantial to talk about then, hey, maybe try a whole other subject.

And 360 did just that tonight by talking about our planet and its current state of peril. Okay, I'm kinda being generous here because basically all we got was Anderson Cooper from Rwanda previewing what the PIP 2 team will be up to this next week. I'm not going to knock the brevity of the report though because I can sympathize with the conundrum 360 finds themselves facing. How do you keep the fans and viewers happy when your much sought after anchor is not able to be on the air that much due to all the time it takes to travel to remote places? I certainly don't know the answer to that, but I do know they'll no doubt get "why isn't Anderson on the air" type emails. Patience is a virtue, people. Although with the election ratings they're raking in, this whole issue might be moot this year.

I see 360 is trying a different approach from last year. Last time we got Anderson and Jeff Corwin live from some of the locations, but it seems like they're just going for taped segments this time. A logistical thing perhaps or maybe they actually took some of last year's criticism from around the Internets to heart. Of course back then viewers weren't quite sure what was going on. We were being promised environmental reporting, yet being shown what was essentially Anderson and Jeff's Jungle Adventures. Fun to watch, no doubt, but much more shallow content than expected. Now we know all the substantive stuff is being saved for the special. Oh and while I'm on the subject of shallow versus substantive, about two months ago I stumbled upon their new Planet in Peril website and asked this:
Apparently they're going to do a special again, but it's unclear if any of the three musketeers will participate on location. And if so, we're left hanging on the most important question of all: will there be more tight black t-shirts? Well, will there? Inquiring minds and all. Heh.
Tonight we got our answer. Yes, yes there will! Okay, the shirt Anderson was donning was grey and not black, but, you know, I can be flexible. And yes, shallowness is abounding right now. C'mon, I am only human, people. Anyhoo, I love Lisa Ling, but I'm a bit bummed that Jeff Corwin is apparently sitting this one out. I have such a crush on his enthusiasm. After the first PIP aired I used to record Animal Planet sometimes and watch it when I was feeling blah. But that's our little secret. Seriously though, that guy is like a shot of adrenaline sometimes. I'm going to miss him torturing Anderson. I suspect that Anderson . . . will not.

One bit of advice for 360 as they go down the Planet in Peril track once more: please don't let people talk about things that are then never shown. Because it's annoying. That happened a lot last year. Anderson or whoever would talk about doing something and then we'd never see it. In fact, I think some of the footage that was mentioned ended up not making it into the special and therefore we never saw it at all. And I could be remembering wrong, but I seem to recall them even teasing a piece once or twice that then wasn't shown. So . . . on that note, I want to see the footage Neil Hallsworth filmed of everyone pushing the vehicle out of the mud. Are they going to use that for the special? Doubtful. So c'mon, 360, give it up. No, it's not because I want to see Anderson and Charlie Moore all muddy and pushing a car; I'm just really interested in African infrastructure, thank you very much. Ahem.

Oh man, I better stop before things get any more shallow. See what happens when you're recovering from almost dying AND you're brain is fried on politics. It's not pretty, people. One more thing: I know everyone has their preferences on who subs for Anderson and opinions on Campbell Brown. Just remember, anchors have feelings too. I'm looking at you, random 360 blog posters.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was really disappointed that we only got a 2 minute report.
What is up with THAT??
I HAD been under the impression that we would get a ''full story'',with the blogging from Anderson and Neil and all.

I too,would love to see behind the scenes stuff they talk about on those blog posts-but we probably never will.

Heck,they never included ONE EXTRA on the DVD of PIP part one!

I would LOVE to see the ''stuck in the mud footage'' too!!LOL

I REALLY want to see Mr. Moore blog again,though.

Oh,and to me,ANY color t- shirt is ok for Anderson,IMO-as long as they are kind of snug fitting.

Though I DO have a small preference for the black!

2:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anderson, I love your show, 360, but I have a strong issue with you going to Cameroon to report on the transmission of disease between man and animal. It seems like a cheap ploy to promote the claims that HIV originated from Cameroon. Remember that, scientifically, that claim is still very controversial. So using propaganda to promote it without concrete scientific backing, and by so doing soiling the image of the country is morally wrong. It amounts to exploitation, and I doubt if the Cameroonian people and its authorities fully understand what you are doing there.

11:07 PM  
Blogger eliza said...

@anonymous 2:03--I've been watching the show long enough to pretty much expect the short report. They have a habit of talking about things and not following through by showing us--at least not immediately. I'm guessing we're not going to get to see some of the good stuff until PIP actually airs this fall.

Hm, you'd think if you bought the DVD they'd at least give you some footage that didn't make the special. I'm glad I didn't buy it.

I think I shall dream about the stuck in the mud footage. Heh.

I love Charlie! A couple years ago I just thought of him as this "Where's Waldo" character (because he's always randomly in the periphery of shots), but turns out he's an excellent blogger. And yes, we need some more posts from him.

Heh, I like the black tee best too. But hey, beggars can't be choosers.

@anonymous 11:07 PM--Hi there. I'm actually not Anderson Cooper, nor do I have any affiliation with him, AC360, or CNN. But I have to note that you're making quite a big assumptive leap from one little comment. Why don't you watch the report before accusing them of cheap ploys and exploitation?

2:22 AM  
Anonymous Duffy said...

anon 11:07: First of all, you do know this isn't Anderson's blog, don't you? Comments you post here won't be seen by him.

Second, I think you're the one being unfair, because you're making a huge leap of logic about what they're doing there--such a big leap that you've wandered well away from fact and into the realm of vague assumption. They never once mentioned HIV in the context of their reporting from Cameroon. For all you know, they'll be discussing a scientifically-backed different disease. Wait to see what they actually do before you go around criticizing them for what you merely think they've done based on the flimsiest of evidence.

2:24 AM  
Blogger eliza said...

@duffy--Heh, dueling comments. Weird. Poke, poke, you owe me a Coke.

2:30 AM  

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