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Children Removed From Polygamist Compound, Training The Iraqi Army, Mark Penn Demoted, And Condi For VP Rumors (Monday's Show)

Hi everybody. Happy Monday! Campbell Brown takes the anchor chair from Anderson Cooper tonight and we begin with the raid on that polygamist compound in El Dorado, which resulted in the removal of 401 children. A David Mattingly piece breaks things down further and we learn that the raid occurred because of one phone call from a 16-year-old. Officials believe all of the children were in danger of physical abuse and they're currently searching the ranch for other children that might still be there. After David's piece, he joins us live and says that officials are basically mum right now regarding specifics of the allegations. Apparently there's more investigating to do.

Next up, Erica Hill has an interview with Helen Pfluger, a church volunteer at one of the shelters where they brought the children. According to Helen, the kids are pretty freaked and didn't offer up any information about themselves, though they did eventually become comfortable enough to politely ask for things they needed. Those kids must be terrified. That compound is no doubt the only thing they've ever known and now they're suddenly being taken to live in a world that they've been taught is bad. But if Carolyn Jessop is any indicator, they can learn to adjust. She's a former polygamist and she joins us next to talk about what the kids might have gone through in the compound.

We then move on to the American Morning preview, but during Kiran's look-live shot she throws it back to Anderson. "I'm sure she meant Campbell," says our anchor. I don't know why, that cracked me up for some reason. Anyhoo, on now to some discussion with Jeffrey Toobin and reporter and 360 go-to polygamy guy, Mike Watkiss. Mike is not surprised about this raid, but Toobin is in awe of the size, noting the strain it must be putting on the system. In terms of the legalities, our senior analyst tells us the obvious number one priority was just to get the kids out of danger and decide about possible prosecutions later. Mike then talks a bit about the girl who made the call. No one knows if she was one of the kids removed or what. That's kind of disturbing. Let's hope she got away from those people at least.

Transitioning now to the news that tomorrow General Petraeus goes to Washington. Is it sad that I'm actually looking forward to he and Crocker testifying? Don't answer that. It's just that it almost guarantees us some good Iraq coverage. Unless, of course, Britney Spears OD's or something. Then I guess all bets are off. For now though, we wet our palates on a Nic Robertson piece. We all know the plan is to train Iraqi troops so that they can take over for us, but in Nic's piece, we see how that process is, well, challenging. Even with encouragement from an American captain, the Iraqis look none too keen on taking down militias. In fact, you know what, they're going to take a lunch break first. Apparently that fighting can wait. No, I'm not kidding. This does not instill confidence, people. Eventually the Iraqis do go to the fight and come back with some injured, and claims that they killed a gunman. So, yay? After Nic's piece he notes that U.S. air power is a big factor in the fight right now and the Iraqis don't have that. So basically, we can never leave. Awesome.

Next up, we have a Candy Crowley piece on our latest installment of Days of Our Lives...On the Campaign Trail. More trouble for Clinton. This time she had to kick her senior strategist, Mark Penn, out of the senior strategist chair. Why? Oh, no biggie. It's just that while she had been loudly railing against the Colombian trade deal, Penn had been spending his off hours lobbying. For the deal. On behalf of Columbia. Wow, that's chutzpah. So, yeah, that's a pretty big whoops. The crazy thing is that he's still with the campaign, he just lost the fancy-smancy title.

This calls for some punditry from out most favoritist pundit, David Gergen. Or perhaps I should call him an analyst? More dignified? Anyhoo, The Gerg is all about fairness and optimism and playing clean, and apparently Mark Penn...isn't. Word has it he wanted to throw a bunch of nasty stuff at Obama last minute and now The Gerg thinks there's potential for the whole campaign to change. Well, Clinton definitely needs something to change.

Next up, Campbell tells us that according to Republican strategist Dan Senor, Condoleezza Rice is actively campaigning for a VP slot. She also tells us that she is married to Dan Senor. Campbell, not Rice. Hm. I forgot about that. It probably shouldn't, but it makes me view her differently. It's like how I can't trust Carville. Of course, that's as much to do with him being frickin crazy as him being married to Matalin. So there's that. So anyway, it seems like every once and a while there's this upswing of Condi buzz regarding the presidency or vice-presidency. So I guess it's about that time again. After her reign as National Security Adviser, sorry if I'm not able to muster up any support. I don't think she wants it anyway. In the piece, Grover Norquist says, "she articulates Bush's vision and what he's trying to do better than he does," but hell, I-articulate-better-than-Bush isn't exactly something to put on the resume. If you can speak in complete sentences, you're already there.

The Shot tonight is a massive crash from the Texas Motor Speedway in which the driver flipped over like eight times...and walked away! Amazing. The show was okay. It's nice to not be inundated with politics, but 30 minutes on polygamy? It's an important story, but like usual, they took it too far. If I wasn't blogging they would have lost me to another channel. As for Campbell, I know 360 regular viewers tend to be pretty hostile to new subs, but I think with time she'll adjust to the format of the show. I guess it's hard coming from network. I mean, look at John Roberts--he didn't mesh so well at first, but now he's fine. Also, a reminder to my readers that they're sneaking Planet in Peril stuff during the second hour. Have you seen the new site? Apparently they're going to do a special again, but it's unclear if any of the three musketeers will participate on location. And if so, we're left hanging on the most important question of all: will there be more tight black t-shirts? Well, will there? Inquiring minds and all. Heh. The show gets a B


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The men at the compound should be removed until they have proven themselves in a court of law they are not in breach of the law. The resources of the ranch or value of it should be the source of support for the victums and not be left as a resource and haven of protection for the abusers. That should reduce the dilema (state resources)of what to do with and for the children and women and where to put them. They should be at home. A court of law should be able to order and allow enforcement of that. Disrupting these children and womens lives is not the solution. Protecting them, letting them return to as much normalicy should be a priority. Letting their perpetrators and those supporting them stay is the height of an ineffective effort to resolve the needs of those at risk. They should be the ones displaced and suffer the consequences of their own deviant behaviour....not the victums. The children and women deserve that kind of action to protect them in their own homes from such horrors. Take all of the men. It is obvious they all have contributed to the problem by sanctioning and/or failing to provide that safety even within the bounds of their own religious beliefs. They are not above the law and that should be enforced as it is else where. It is clear as the evidence mounts the legal system could and can order an effective means to allow these peoples lives to be protected and use the existing resources they have to secure and protect their rights to stay in and maintain their homes by removing and restraining the criminals. That would lessen the drain on state and other resources and reduce the demand to find housing, services and develop independent resources and a future for each and every victum at a hugh cost to both the victums and state.

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