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Clinton Staying, Campaign Advertising, Get To Know McCain, And Addicted Doctors Causing Harm (Monday's Show)

Hi everybody. Happy New Week! Did you all have a soggy day today too? Man, I feel like I should be gathering two of every animal. Just when my basement was starting to dry out from the last rains, here we go again. Anderson Cooper is back in New York tonight and we're kicking things off with some new poll numbers. Meh. Obama has a national lead over Clinton, but does it really matter? It's about delegates.

We then move into a Candy Crowley piece about how Clinton ain't going anywhere. Some people have been trying to get her to drop out, but you're going to have to pry this race from her cold dead hands. And the way things are going, hey, it may actually come to that. What's the what here is that some democrats are afraid that the nastiness of the campaign is destroying the party, so they want Clinton (who's trailing) to bail. Former New York Governor Mario Cuomo thinks it'll be a disaster if this thing goes to the convention, but I don't recall anyone asking him. C'mon no one knows exactly what's going to happen. No one should force Clinton to drop out, though I certainly wouldn't complain if she made the decision on her own. I mean, this will end at some point, right? Right?

After Candy's piece she joins us for discussion with John King and David Gergen, but there is literally nothing of note and I'm getting really burnt out on the political speculation, so we're moving on to a Tom Foreman piece on candidate advertising. Apparently when it comes to election season and ad placement, your local newscast is like the Super Bowl. Campaigns know that when average voters get home from work they flip the tube on to catch up with the day's headlines and those same campaigns want you to see their candidate after your local Ron Burgundy tells you the sports scores. But local news sells out fast, so what's a candidate left in the lurch to do? Wheel! Of! Fortune! That's right, second on the list is game shows. Oh, and Oprah. I believe that's the first time Oprah has ever gotten second billing. So why not just drop some ads in American Idol and be done with it? Well, prime time is expensive, kids. Kinda says something when a presidential candidate can't compete with a beer commercial, doesn't it?

Moving on to an Erica Hill "Raw Data" segment that is kinda depressing. She tells us about all the kazillions of dollars the candidates are taking in and spending on their campaigns. All that money that' s essentially being used to spin could instead be used to do a plethora of positive things. But no. Also? It's kinda weird that when their raise and spend numbers don't add up, Erica blames that on loans and transfers, but don't they have cash left from previous campaigns too? Or is that the transfers? After Erica we have more panel, but again I'm taking a pass.

In tonight's "What Were They Thinking?" we have revenge of the underage punks. Apparently some high schoolers were annoyed when some of their peers were suspended after they were seen drinking from red cups at a party. So they got all diabolical and decided to have their own "keg" party. Cops came, Breathalyzer tests were whipped out, and...all the kids were clean. That beer they were drinking? Root beer. "The teenager who threw the non-alcoholic party did it to show teens don't always drink booze, and, in the process, wasted the police officers' time. How clever," says Anderson. Well you're just a spoil sport, aren't you? Anderson goes on to defend the cops some more and we then learn that Erica thinks Anderson has become a "crotchety old man." Bwah! Well, I wouldn't got that far. I don't think anyone's going to be confusing him with Larry King in the near future. Now there's a crotchety old man...

Next up, we have a Dana Bash piece on McCain's new biological tour. The Maverick wants you to get to know him. And what's the number one thing he wants you to know? His family military history. Not to be insensitive, but...who cares? They're nice stories and all, but I seriously don't give a crap if he served or not. Bill Clinton was a draft dodger and things were pretty okay under him. Why is this relevant? I'm much less concerned with McCain's past than I am with what he plans to do in the future. So okay, yes, you're a war hero. Be proud of that. But move on.

Transitioning now to a disturbing Randi Kaye "Keeping Them Honest" piece about a program in California that treats doctors for alcoholism, while allowing them to continue performing surgery. Eek! This piece centers on Dr. Brian West who is a member of the Physician Diversion Program and who has wreaked havoc on the lives of his patients. One poor woman underwent surgery to have her stomach muscles used in breast reconstruction after a mastectomy, and she now has a volleyball sized pouch that contains her intestines. It's pretty horrifying. So obviously, they don't want to shut the program down because then the physicians will just continue with their addiction without getting treatment, but something needs to be done. For the life of me I don't know why they get to keep performing surgery while in the program. There's such a thing as a hiatus. The other big rub is apparently the program is being run pretty poorly and the oversight is terrible. That might be something they want to work on.

The Shot tonight is a dog named Gibson. But Gibson is not just any dog; at over seven feet tall, he's the world's tallest dog. When I was a little kid my family had a German Shepherd that probably wasn't a whole lot smaller than Gibson. My parents finally had to give him away after one day he ran to fetch his ball...and accidentally knocked down our full grown tree. After banter went Erica, Anderson gives us his usual go-to-the-show-page spiel: "You can go there again to see our blog, to see the Web cam and all the other things I'm tired of promoting," he says. Uh oh. Don't let Klein here you say that. "Hey, I'm no Wolf Blitzer," says Anderson. "He's a machine." Bwah! I told you! Regular readers know I have a firm belief that Wolf Blitzer is in fact a robot. And now we have confirmation! From Anderson Cooper, no less. My life is now complete.

So, it seems 360 has been playing with their toys again and has decided to set up a web camera so we can all stalk... er, look in, on Anderson and Erica during the commercial breaks. I have to admit I was curious, so I clicked, but then my computer told me I needed a plug-in and I'm unbelievably lazy sometimes, so that's pretty much where my web cam watching began and ended. Maybe tomorrow. Thing is, I don't exactly get it. I mean, they're already blogging during commercial breaks, so what are we supposed to be seeing besides two people staring at computer screens? I know they're trying to make the show a lot more interactive (and kudos to that), but I'm a little perplexed as to why all the bells and whistles during the already jam packed commercial breaks. It feels like we're only a step or two away from the absurd. Like tomorrow I'll log on and be told to spend the commercial breaks checking out Anderson and Erica spinning plates on their heads or something. They do still want us to watch the show, right?

What do you think they're telling poor Anderson and Erica? "Blog a lot, but look interesting when you do it because you're on camera now." Heh. So we get to see our anchor silently typing, but the Blog From the Back Row is gone. Makes sense to me. I shouldn't knock their attempts. I'd just hate to see what I thought was a genuine desire to share how they put on their show, get lost in a gimmick. Obviously the mother lode for me would be having a camera in the production meetings where the real decision making goes on, or listening in to the morning call with Klein. But yeah, never gonna happen. So for now, we'll see where this silent typing take us. And hey, maybe tomorrow there'll be spinning plates.

Except for the Randi Kaye piece, the show was pretty bleh. I have an update on one of The Shot's from last week. Did you laugh at the McCain girls? Well, they are not happy with you (NSFW). The show gets a C+


Anonymous the truth said...

Please visit www.standingup4truth.blogspot.com and see the truth about this doctor.

Is it ground hog day again? Anderson and Cooper couldn't be more original. This is the same, biased, ONE SIDED story from the same bitter, dishonest and evil people that we've been hearing for 5 years now. Yes, they were patients of Dr. West between 1998 and 2002, and that is where the truth of their story ends. Dr. West was NEVER impaired while treating any of his patients. He went into Diversion because he got a DUI in 1997 and 2000. The Medical Board forces you to enter a MONITORING program if you get a DUI. Diversion is NOT rehab! All the evidence proves he was NEVER impaired while treating any patient, ever. Every doctor, nurse, and colleague that ever worked with Dr. West has testified that they never smelled alcohol on him, nor did they ever believe he was under the influence. They all supported and respected Dr. West. Tina Minasian is revengeful, a liar, and a psychopath who desperately needs to be locked up in a mental hospital. She lost her malpractice suit and her appeal all the way to the California Supreme Court. Out of revenge, she has spent 5 years soliciting patients to sue and file complaints about Dr. West. She refuses to take responsibility for her choice to smoke and gain a bunch of weight after surgery. She smoked against doctors orders. For her weight gain, imagine taking a pair of pants to the seamstress to be taken in. Then you gain a bunch of weight and force the pants back on. What happens? The stitching busts open. Dr. West didn't put the cigarettes or the excess food in her mouth. She now wants to blame her doctor for her choice to smoke, her choice to gain a bunch of weight, for not fixing her marital problems, not making her a super model, etc. She has threatened, stalked, and harassed Dr. West and his family for over 5 years. Dr. West isn't to blame for his reconstruction patients' cancers. Plastic surgeons don't cure cancer. When one has cancer, the chance of infection is much greater. Their infections were from their disease, NOT because of this doctor. Dr. Brian West is an outstanding surgeon. Not only is he a great doctor, he's a wonderful man. Diversion didn't fail because of this doctor. The only reason why he's been the poster boy of this failed program is because the Medical Board illegally released his CONFIDENTIAL Diversion file to this patient's Attorney. No other doctor in Diversion has ever had their diverion file made public- EVER! The Medical Board is to blame for their failed Diversion program. Here's a question. Why would the Medical Board have someone audit their program when that very person is the very one who has spent 20 years trying to shut down their program? Of course she would give it a negative audit. What's really going on? The only thing Dr. West did wrong was drive after drinking. With the Diversion program ending, this gave Tina and her solicited crazy clan a chance to bad mouth Dr. West again and again. These patients had their surgeries 2002 and before. It's now 2008! This is all about revenge and the attempt to destroy a good doctor. Their lies will never destroy him. The only victim here is Dr. West and his family. Tina and her looney posse will burn in hell for all eternity for their evil actions and lies. Linda Starr filed a suit against this doctor and it was dropped because there was NO MALPRACTICE. Mr. Mikulecky and his wife filed a suit against this doctor and it was dropped because there was NO MALPRACTICE. Mr. Mikulecky now claims his wife told him she smelled alcohol on him. If my loved one was about to have surgery and told me her doctor smelled of alcohol, I would go check out the doctor right away before I let that doctor touch my loved one. Ken Mikulecky is full of crap! His wife died of cancer. When you have cancer and your obese, your chance of infection is greater. Plus if you don't come back to continue your reconstruction treatment because of a new cancer, theres little the doctor can do. Tina Minasian filed a suit against this doctor and it went to court. She lost! She also appealed it and lost. (P.S. Hey Tina, you better hurry and sell that property so you can pay the appelate court fees that you are required to pay since you LOST again before they put a lien on your home :-)) The reporters doing stories on Diversion include these patient's ALLEGATIONS because it gets peoples attention. They never report the outcome. It's not about truth. It's about "shock value." There is no penalty to them for airing or publishing things that are untrue. If Dr. West ever treated a patient under the influence, he would not have a medical license. His life has been gone through with a fine tooth comb. NEVER has he been impaired while treating patients. This is much like the Duke Lacrosse case. Some girl at a party made the allegation that these three boys raped her. The media convicted these boys the second it hit the news. Come to find out this girl lied and the DA hid the evidence that proved these boys to be innocent. There is no penalty to this girl for making this false allegation. These boys will forever be known as the "DUKE LACROSE BOYS" that were "ACCUSED" of raping a girl at a party. There is no penalty to Tina, Linda, Ken, Judy, and the clan for their FALSE ALLEGATIONS. They are consumed by it. They live for it. They are EVIL human beings. Dr. West has thousands of patients...happy patients!!! Dr. West NEVER lost his license. He was never stopped from practicing medicine ever. We live in a sue happy society.

2:39 PM  
Blogger eliza said...

And the woman who literally has her intestines held in a volleyball-sized pouch? That was caused by smoking and gaining weight after surgery as well? I don't think your comment lives up to your name.

4:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

No, her hernia was caused by a surgeon and surgery that was NOT Dr. West. She did smoke and failed nearly all medical direction which lead to her multitude of complications.

10:19 AM  

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