Sunday, March 30, 2008

Political Irrelevancy, Liberals Are Icky, Iraq Imploding...Again, And Corporate Bailouts (Thursday's Show)

Hi everyone. Anderson Cooper is once again coming at us from Los Angeles and he brings us the BREAKING NEWS that there's new crap to add onto the Reverend Wright controversy. They've got to be kidding me. Okay, so, the latest brouhaha has to do with anti-Israel statements published in a bulletin, but I'm going to zip us a bit into the future where Anderson says, "Senator Obama has distanced himself from these comments. He's repudiated these kind of comments from Reverend Wright. What more can he do?" Exactly. What can he do? Stop beating a dead horse, 360. To mix metaphors, the shark has been jumped.

So anyway, there's a bunch of meaningless discussion about all this stuff with Candy Crowley and Mark Halperin (and Jessica Yellin made an appearance earlier), which eats up time that could have been used for a number of more important stories. We then move into a Suzanne Malveaux piece on the candidates and the economy. Suddenly everyone's an expert, but CNN's real expert, Ali Velshi, is giving the prize of most detailed plan to Clinton. Of course none of the candidates can actually do anything about the economy right now since they're not president yet Unfortunately that job still belongs to Bush, so yeah, you're going to continue to keep screwed until at least November.

In tonight's "What Were They Thinking?" she who shall not be named (Psssst, it's Paris Hilton!) goes to Turkey and causes the paparazzi to become insane animals. Or maybe that's just their default state. Anderson tells us the heiress was in the country to receive the Nobel Peace Prize. Or, you know, maybe she's just there to judge some beauty contest. I'll leave it to you to decide which one is more likely. But FYI, if they ever do award Paris the Nobel Peace Prize, someone is going to have to confiscate my razor and shoelaces.

Next up, we have a Tom Foreman piece, and I feel like it's been a while since we've seen Tom. So, hey Tom, what's up? Anyway, this piece is all about how the democratic race has gotten bitter and really not fun. And oh my God don't even get me started on the nastiness among the supporters. Online used to be my refuge from the retardedness that is the MSM (sorry 360, but you know it's true), but now it's like everyone has turned into shrieking children. And all I have to say is please stop.

Oh, and get over it. That's right, get over it. Because the fact of the matter is we have two decent candidates. Yeah, they both have their pluses and negatives, but even a candidate who makes up sniper fire, or a candidate that is like this with a pastor of questionable beliefs, is still light years better than a third term of Bush, which is what we have waiting in the wings on the republican side. This isn't a a game. This isn't about your identity or feeling like a winner. This is about life and death. This is about Iraq. This is about the Supreme Court. This is about Health Care. The list goes on. But I don't think my regular readers are the ones I need to be preaching to.

According to the math, I really don't see how Clinton wins this in a fair way (I personally think it would be unfair for the superdelegates to go against the will of the people), but I also think it's really unfair for people to be demanding she drop out now. It ain't over, folks. And she's not Ron Paul, she's close. There's still room for surprises. So please, can we just let everyone vote and let this thing play out without all the venom? After Tom's piece, there's some discussion and it's noted that Candy actually came in on her vacation for this. You know, I thought she looked kinda unhappy. And we haven't had one of her awesome blogs in a while. When Anderson brings it up, she tells him, "Flowers will be fine." Aw. What are the odds someone followed through with that? Yeah, that's what I thought.

Moving on to a Randi Kaye piece where we learn that Obama is a liberal. Gasp! Um, so what? The question here, apparently, is whether or not he's too liberal. Your guess is as good as mine as to what the hell that means. I mean, what does "liberal" even mean anymore? Didn't we go through this same question with Kerry and Edwards? Way to promote the ring wing talking points, 360. And can someone please tell me how after over seven horrendous years under a so-called conservative, "liberal" is the word that's dirty? The fact of the matter is that most people can't be pigeon-holed in these labels and when issues are really explained to Americans, they tend to lean left. I'm not taking about the hot button social stuff like gay marriage, but just look at what happened when people got wind of the sham of privatizing social security. We're a much more progressive country than conservatives ever want us to realize.

Transitioning now to an interview Erica Hill had with Michael Ware. So okay, Iraq is going to hell again--or, further to hell. Michael tells us there's a big offensive going on in Basra with the target being the Mehdi Army militia (at the time of this blogging Sadr has called a cease fire, though whether it will hold is anybody's guess). Michael then talks a bit about how the police are all infiltrated and the influence of Iran in Basra. Finally, Erica brings up the question of whether this violence could spread. Michael lists several ways it could go, but hopefully this new Sadr ceasefire will be permanent. I can't say I'm holding my breath though.

Next up, we have a Joe Johns "Keeping Them Honest" piece on Bear Stearns. Basically? The Wall Street giants get great government deals and bailouts; the little guy gets screwed. We've been singing this song for years because no one bothers asking questions until it's way too late. Congress is investigating though, and they always fix things, so there you go. And what became of poor Bear Sterns CEO James Cayne? He sold his stock for a piddly $61 million. Joe tried to get him to talk for this story, but he said he didn't have time. Probably too busy rolling around in his money.

The Shot tonight is the McCain Girls. Oh my. And that's all I'm saying about that. The show was meh. Can we please cut down on some of this meaningless coverage? C+


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