Sunday, April 06, 2008

Thursday and Friday Odds And Ends

Hi everybody. On Thursday night we had a special broadcast of 360, Race and Politics: Black in America. But, eh, I just wasn't feeling it. A lot of the coverage felt like deja vu and I don't know if this makes sense, but it didn't feel like they were talking about race issues; it felt like they were talking about talking about race issues. I'm not sure cable news is even capable of tackling race in a meaningful way. You know who we need for this (and I'm loath to say it)? Oprah. Because love her or hate her, Oprah would cut through all the surfacey crap and get to the inconvenient truths (apologies to Al Gore). In fact, maybe she already has, I don't watch the show all that much.

Speaking of inconvenient truths, I do have to praise 360 for the Joe Johns piece on Martin Luther King's controversial remarks. I just wonder why it took everyone so long to realize the similarity with Reverend Wright's sermons. That's not a defense of Wright. I've only seen the clips shown on cable news, so I'm no where near informed enough on the subject to have an opinion either way, but one thing that's been bothering me since the Wright stuff surfaced is that everyone is talking about the way he put forth his argument ("God damn America!"), instead of discussing the foreign policy issues he brought up. But that's usually how we deal with stuff around these parts, isn't it?

Also? The discussion with Eleanor Holmes Norton and Stephanie Tubbs Jones was too cute. They were so happy!

A big transition now to some fun. Because I can. Hey, when Anderson Cooper woke up on Friday, do you think he knew he was about to be humiliated coming and going? I am of course referring to his appearance on Regis and Kelly, where he non enthusiastically did not exercise.

It's okay Anderson, I totally wouldn't have done it either. It's funny, because I was feeling bad for him and then I realized, hey, he's the one that keeps getting himself in these situations! 360's little masochist. Because in case he hasn't noticed, an embarrassed Anderson Cooper makes good television and it seems there are many just waiting for the opportunity to take advantage of that. Case in point, the slightly evil Ms. Erica Hill:

First of all, let me just say that I love that the 360 crew has time to choreograph and learn a whole exercise routine. It kind of makes you wonder what else they're doing back there. Hm. Maybe I should try watching the webcam again. Also, what is it with this show? Even all the crew guys are cute. Something in the water? And if so, can they share? Just saying. Okay, that's about it from me. And I think I've been pretty good, seeing as though that first video contains a very nice gun show. Ahem.

I'll be back to the regular reviewing on Monday.


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