Thursday, June 05, 2008

That's Just Wrong!

Hi everybody. I don't really have anything earth-shattering to say (as opposed to all those other posts I guess)--just trying to keep the blog alive while I mend. Oooh, but tonight I do have a theme. I know, you're so excited you can barely contain yourself. The theme is my title (said Captain Obvious) and the first order of, um, wrongness I'd like to address is this whole notion of Clinton supporters voting for McCain. I know I've talked about this before, but I still don't get it. Help me out here people.

Obama and Clinton have virtually the same policies. McCain? Not so much. Obama and Clinton both want to end the war in Iraq, McCain is all about staying. Obama and Clinton both want to get rid of the Bush tax cuts that favor the wealthy, McCain wants to keep them. Obama and Clinton are both pro-choice, McCain is pro-life. And the list goes on and on. That last one is especially significant because this next president will most likely be appointing at least one Supreme Court Justice. So anyway, if the Clinton supporters really believe in her policies, what they're essentially saying is they're going to vote against everything they believe in just out of spite.

This primary season has kind of soured me on the senator from New York, but if Clinton were the nominee I'd still vote for her in a second. To not do so, to me, seems illogical. But hey, November is still long off and hopefully after months of McCain referring to us as his "friends" and confusing basic Iraq facts (like the difference between Sunni and Shia), those supporters that angrily took their ball and went home after the game didn't go their way will realize that even if they have to hold their nose, they should vote for Obama.

The second bit of wrongness is directed at Jon Klein, David Doss, Erica Hill, and the 360 staff. Why must you continually embarrass poor Anderson? Yeah, I know, the fans eat it up and it's funny, but tonight was a smidge mean. And, uh, AWKward. I mean, you guys know and work with Anderson. I've never met the man and even I knew that would not end well. (I noticed some of the awkwardness was cut out of the repeat in the second hour.) He will not thigh dance and he will not Wii! (Although who wants to bet that in a couple days he will be hooked on that thing--in the privacy of his own home of course.)

And I love Erica, but she did not explain that well at all, though with it being on the market so long you'd think Anderson would have a clue. Unless...he knew exactly how it worked and was only playing dumb to get out of doing it. Anderson Cooper, you diabolical mastermind! I mean, they did have it set up in the studio and everything. Anyway, while I think Anderson would probably appreciate it if they stopped humiliating him on national television (there's kind of a trend here), after the show a friend of mine had this to say: "Come on - he's on TV every damned day... why should stepping up on a step be such an embarrassment? Man up, sugar." Ouch. So there you go. AC360 Review aims to bring you differing viewpoints. Okay, well in this case, two viewpoints.

Finally, for those of you missing John King, I have something involving him that's 360 and Wii related. Jumping in the wayback machine to December 2006, here's a transcript snippet of when John subbed for 360 and talked with Randi Kaye about shopping for his son for Christmas:
And the iPod's latest challenger has yet to take a bite out of Apple. Microsoft rival Zune hit store shelves today, but analysts say the newest MP3 player isn't likely to threaten iPod's market dominance this holiday season.
So John, I guess it won't be on your list.

KING: I have to worry about the Wii. Do you know what the Wii is?


KING: The Wii is a new video game. My son says, it's a Wii or I'm voted out as dad.

KAYE: Really? It's tough to keep up with all these gadgets.

KING: It sure is tough to find them, too.
That's it for me. I hope I gave you some amusement.


Blogger Anne said...

Hi Eliza,

It sounds like you are mending just fine. I agree, if you are pro-choice, you cannot vote for McCain. It is important also because of the Supreme Court issue, too. In time I feel that most of Clinton followers will realize if you are strong in these beliefs you will vote for your Democrat nominee. It doesn't make sense to me to have four more years of what we are enduring becuase of ill feelings. If you truly believe in this party because of its principles, you don't just throw your vote away. You have to think of the good of the country, as least that's what I hope they will take into consideration. Anne

4:50 AM  
Blogger Arachnae said...

Eliza - one of my buddies who was a big Clinton supporter says (now) that she'll vote for McCain; her issue is national security.

Oh, she's pro-choice, and doesn't look forward to more fundies on the Supreme Court, but that's just not her deciding issue. She thinks Obama is too wishy-washy to stand up to our enemies. Hillary could handle them, in her estimation, and so could McCain. I pointed out that McCain can't even tell our enemies and friends apart, but to her, it's a willingness to use force of arms if necessary, and she's convinced that Obama is too 'kumbayah' (her words) to fight when he needs to.

I thought it was worth pointing out that many of the Hillary supporters saying they'll vote for McCain instead of Obama might be motivated by considerations other than mere pique.

5:38 AM  
Anonymous feedee said...

It is infuriating that many of Hillary's supporters are so adamantly against voting for Obama (I think there's an underlying issue of racism at work here) that they'd go against their own interests and vote in McCain. Many of the CNN pundits have said that these people will eventually see the light after being exposed to more of McCain's policies, but they should already know his policies by now, IMO. The Clinton's behavior in this campaign has been a disappointment and a turn-off, but there's no way in hell I'd vote for McCain if Hillary were the Dem nominee. If it were Edwards rather than Obama as the nominee, I'm certain there wouldn't be such angry resistance to voting for him. It's disgusting.

On the lighter note, AC's b-day was a hot mess this time around. Everyone should know by now that when there is too much close focus on Anderson, things are going to get ugly. No sir, doesn't like it.

2:41 PM  

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