Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Pennsylvania! Pennsylvania! Pennsylvania! (Tuesday's Primary)

Hi everybody. Well, here we are again. After six weeks of boring old regular Tuesdays we finally find ourselves back safe and sound in the Election Center, that mecca of schizophrenic graphics and pulse-pounding sound effects, all guided with precision by the smooth monotone of one Mr. Wolf Blitzer. Where punchy metaphors abound and no one ever wants for an analyst (you can find them rows deep!). Yes, it's a magical place--just look at the map board!

Annnd now that the primary has happened...I've got nothing to say. Hillary Clinton picked up a victory as most assumed she would. When I turned off my tv she had a 10 point lead, which is enough to give her momentum to move forward, but maybe not sway the superdelegates. As Amy Holmes said tonight, she's "in it to spin it." I'm assuming the "spin" of both camps is what we'll be drowning in tomorrow.

I actually didn't watch much of the coverage. At a certain point it's like you're watching the same thing over and over again. But I do have a new analogy to file in the "I haven't heard that one before" drawer. It comes from Howard Fineman of MSNBC (yes CNN, I did a little cheating; you'll get over it with time). He likened the Obama strategy to playing a game of Monopoly and placing hotels all over Boardwalk and Park Place in an attempt to bankrupt your opponent. In other words, the belief is that Obama spent so much in Pennsylvania because he was trying to get Clinton to keep up, thus making her go broke. So there's that. Also? Chris Matthews totally hates Mark Penn.

No live-blogging with Anderson Cooper or Erica Hill tonight, but we did get Bill Schneider, which I thought was kind of interesting. He seems like a really nice man, though not the first one I would picture for jumping at the live-blogging. I actually have this image in my head of none of them wanting to do it, so they solve the dispute with rock/paper/scissors. Heh.

Well, that'll do it. Next stop, Indiana. And I'm really hoping the ride there doesn't include too much time in Polygamyland.


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