Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Going Away Hodgepodge

Hi everybody. This post is to let my regular readers know that I'm heading to the Sunshine State for a bit. The sister is graduating from college. She was on the six-year plan, so yay to finally getting that degree. But boo to having to help drive all her crap back to St. Louis. Anyway, I tried to get you guys a blog-sitter, but there were no biters. It turns out doing the reviews is harder than it looks. Plus, 360's choice of coverage of late didn't do me any favors. Wading through an hour of Reverend Wright or polygamy is a lot to ask of someone. So I shall leave you with some randomness that I found on the Internets...and in my head. I'll be back reviewing around the end of next week and will check in on the comments/emails if and when possible.

A Perfect Fit...

The "ice" of the short-lived duo "fire and ice" is making his way back to television. With his contract finally expired, former CNNer Aaron Brown has joined PBS, where he will anchor their stellar "Wide Angle" series. You might remember Brown as the quiet and cerebral guy who used to occupy Anderson Cooper's time slot. He began his career at the network on September 11, 2001, but a long run was not meant to be. It looks like everything worked out for the best though. Congrats Aaron! No longer will you be a slave to the latest sensation of the news cycle. But I will always miss you telling me the weather in Chicago.

The Law of Double Standards...

So CNN, just to be clear--a senior producer blogging under his own name and never mentioning the company he works for is worthy of immediate termination, but a reporter being caught in the park after curfew with meth in his pocket, a sex toy in his boot, and a rope connecting his neck to the "bits" of his "bits 'n pieces" is a survivable indiscretion? So when the Blitzer sex tape finally hits the interwebs, I guess he's still safe to anchor another primary?

Down the Memory Hole...

I think at this point the "Blog From the Back Row" is officially dead, but I'm going to take one last time to mourn. Sean Yates, what happened? Your posts were some of the best. Too much stuff going on, I suppose. If 360 would like to take suggestions on what to get rid of I totally vote the web cam. I logged on once and that was plenty. Something else that seems to have gone by the wayside is the "Voice of 360" contest. Who won? Are there more contestants? Yes, obviously the whole thing is one big snarky joke, but c'mon, a girl needs a little (fake) closure. And Ozzie is a lock! Continuing with the missing, just when I start to look forward to Erica's behind-the-scenes videos, poof, they're gone. I suppose by now I should know not to do that. So...what of it? Are Erica's videos chilling with Sean's posts? And finally, there hasn't been a "What Were They Thinking?" in a while. It's cool to phase things out, but remember to stay consistent, 360. Any other memory hole related issues? Speak now or forever hold your peace.

Everybody Loves A Winner...

Vote for 360! They're nominated for a Webby award and if the amount of times they mention it is any indication, they really want to win. I have to say though, I'm a bit miffed about the category. Celebrity/fan? Pshaw. C'mon, it's not like Anderson is posting about what he had for lunch (though I would shamelessly read that). There's, like, news and stuff. I mean, they're up against freakin Annie Lennox. If it wasn't so hilariously amusing I'd say we should all be insulted. But 360 is adorably excited about it, so what are you waiting for? Go vote!

The Power of the Press...

You have to admire their persistence on press room infrastructure issues. I think I see a young Ed Henry.


Blogger Anne said...

Hi Eliza,

I hope your trip went well with your sister. I miss your blogs. I finished the video of Why We Fight, it makes me despise Rumsfeld even more. 360 has moved on from polygamy with all the natural disasters happening. I feel if the W.VA. primary happened before Hil's narrow win in IN and defeat in N.C., she would be singing a different song than she is right now. Hope you return to the blog soon.

5:37 AM  

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