Tuesday, December 18, 2007

2008 Endorsements, Huckabee Surging, Political Talk, Majoring in Murder, Eric Volz Update, And Witness Unprotection (Monday's Show)

Hi everybody. I hope the weather is manageable wherever you are. As for me, it's always fun to kick off your week by body slamming your frozen car doors open at 6:30 in the morning. But other than that, all is well. We're beginning tonight with politics and Anderson Cooper tells us the endorsement fairy has made a visit to the 08ers. Ooh what did they get? A Candy Crowley piece breaks it down for us. Hillary Clinton got the backing of the Des Moines Register and Barack Obama is supported by the Boston Globe. Oh, Edwards was thrown some love too, but the media is apparently so done with him. Perhaps we'll hear more after his next haircut. On the flip side, John McCain picks up a little Jomentum, which I think we're supposed to think is surprising, but really it's totally not. The two men are actually friends and Lieberman never passes up an opportunity to get a little attention by cutting down the democrats. So what does all of this mean? Eh, nothing really. But endorsements give the media something to talk about during this long, long, oh my God will it ever end, election season.

Next up, we're played Huckabee's newest ad, which is, uh, kind of Christ heavy, thus raising some eyebrows. Anderson sort of implies that they're really going to look at this later, but unless I had a stroke during the broadcast, he only asked one general question in a future discussion panel and that was that. We're then introed into a Joe Johns piece about how Huckabee is all awesome now. Huck not only has that retail politician charm, he's also got mad social conservative cred to bring in the votes. Oh, and no mouth foaming, which is always a plus. But in the negative column he's way behind on the money and organization aspect and when it comes to foreign policy, Bill Richardson he is not. I would also throw in the fact that he has massively scary religious beliefs, which I really don't think are being properly reported on by the media. Forget Mitt's Mormonism, what does Huckabee believe?

For discussion of all of this, we're joined by the Family Research Council's Tony Perkins, Candy Crowley, and David Gergen. Anderson notes that Huckabee speaks about Jesus a lot and wonders why the Christian conservatives don't seem to be endorsing him. Tony says it's not their role to shape public policy. No, it's not, but you've been doing it for forever, so stop with the BS. Anderson then partly calls him on this, bringing up how conservatives were just recently talking about third party candidates. Candy tells us that Giuliani would be cool with a Huckabee Iowa win because he wants a weakened Romney. Apparently the theory is that Huckabee will fizzle out in the other states. That might be a good theory because I predict some crash and burn days for the preacher before the vote happens. As David Gergen notes, there's somewhat of a conservative backlash against Huckabee. Yep, all you have to do is hop across the blogosphere tracks and read their message boards to see that. (Don't forget to disinfect your monitor after!) I also think we might see a surprise or two from Ron Paul before this whole thing is over.

In tonight's edition of "What Were They Thinking?" the Zuiikin Gals are back! When last we met our little Japanese friends, they were amusing us with their workout moves while repetitively, and quite cheerfully, relaying their current bout of intestinal difficulties. That's right, it's the "I have a bad case of diarrhea" girls. Tonight we learn that the ladies aren't just generous with the details of their digestive health, apparently they'll give us anything. "Take anything you want," they say...over and over. But oh, the girls are also a fickle bunch, telling us, "I can't stand the sight of you." And if you're thinking of having yourself a chuckle over those moves they're sporting. Don't. The Zuiikin girls have made it clear they do not care to be mocked. "Don't make fun of me," they sing. Oh, how we love the Zuiikin Gals.

Transitioning now to the Crime and Punishment segment and we have a David Mattingly piece on a serial killer. Okay, so there's this guy named Timothy Krajcir who is in and out of prison for sexual assaults and when he's finally released for good, it's with a court stipulation to get a college degree, which he does. Sounds fine, right? Wrong. Apparently this guy was no dummy and he decided to use his time in college to learn how to become a really good serial killer. You have to admit, that's pretty diabolical, in a really evil way. But one class that wasn't yet available was How To Not Leave Your DNA Behind 101 and 25 years later he was busted for the murders. Freaky.

Moving on now to an update on the case of Eric Volz, which Anderson has called a "360 Follow." That's new. I like that. Look at them getting all organized with their segments. So do we remember this story? An American (mostly likely) falsely accused of murder in Nicaragua. But now his conviction has been overturned and he's getting out. Or is he? A judge failed to show up this afternoon at a hearing to arrange for his release, so no one really knows what's going on. Eric's mother Maggie Anthony then joins us and says that the judge who has to sign the release paper is the convicting judge. You might remember that this case caused riots and there's been judge intimidation. Now Eric's safety might be in even more jeopardy because people on local radio are inciting violence. Oh, and also? Eric is sick. Let's hope help and release come soon.

The Shot tonight is Celine Dion's final bow at Caesar's Palace. Erica points out that Celine's son has freakishly long hair. Okay, that's me editorializing. Erica wants to make clear she's not anti-long hair. This all then leads to Anderson and Erica taking the opportunity to show off their French accents. Their very very bad French accents. Anderson reminds us that Celine was actually a part of his 2005 New Year's Eve special. You know, I watched that, yet have no memory of this clip. I must have blocked it out to spare myself the trauma. I kid! I kid! There's a possibility I even own a Celine CD...or two. You'll never get it out of me though.

The hour ends with a "Keeping Them Honest" piece from Randi Kaye on Colorado's apparent abhorrent witness protection program. We meet a man named Scott who has been terrorized over his decision to testify about a crime he witnessed. Yet, instead of getting help from prosecutors, he was advised he should move. Scott ended up spending $10,000 on security for him and his family. The whole state witness protection budget is only $50,000, and on average the state spends less than $1000 per witness. Meanwhile, Denver spends more money on trees and flowers. Makes sense to me. Later in the piece, we learn that another witness, Javad Fields, was actually murdered for his testimony. And the prosecutors are trying to put the burden on him, saying he didn't ask for protection. Ridiculous. There's something rotten in Colorado. That'll do it tonight. B-


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