Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Iowa Polls A-Changing, On The Road With Huckabee, Sean Taylor Update, And MySpace Suicide Legal Fallout (Monday's Show)

Hi everyone. Happy new week! We're beginning tonight with the election news that things are getting all topsy-turvy in Iowa. Anderson Cooper tells us that Huckabee's little-engine-that-could has made its way to the front of the republican pack and on the flip side, Obama has bumped Clinton out of the way to claim a within-the-margin-of-error lead. A Candy Crowley piece breaks it down further and we're treated to the requisite pearl-clutching about Clinton falling in the polls. Oh noes! Don't worry Hillary, the media will love you again next week when they get sick of this current narrative. Speaking of the Clinton camp, their latest attack on Obama involves the discovery that the Illinois senator once wrote a paper in third grade about wanting to be president. Gasp! This bit of opposition research gone extremely amuk was in response to Obama's claim that he had not been planning for years to run for president like some of the other candidates. Third grade, huh? Well, why stop there? Was there a preschool paste eating incident we should be aware of? The American people deserve to know!

For more discussion of the political, we're joined by Gloria Borger, Mark Halperin from time.com, and Carl Bernstein the least-arrogant half of the parking garage-dwelling duo (sorry, not a Woodward fan these days). Anderson begins by noting that Washington insiders had all but given Clinton the nomination and he wonders what happened. Bernstein says this is why we should stay away from insiders and that polls are just a snap shot. True dat. Anderson then brings up an op-ed that Rove wrote, imploring Obama to sharpen his attacks on Clinton. And he should listen to Rove, why? But Mark thinks it's good advice and notes that Clinton feels the only way she can win is by destroying Obama. Gloria notes that Clinton doesn't want to be known as the mean candidate (isn't that Giuliani?) and Anderson adds that Obama actually has more support from women now. Gloria chalks that up to the likability factor. Bernstein then brings up Giuliani's current woes involving the charge that he billed agencies for trips he took while having an affair. Perhaps for contrast, the discussion next turns to Huckabee and his authenticity, which I find dangerous. But more on that coming up.

Moving on now to Anderson on the campaign trail with Huckabee in New Hampshire. As I said in another post, I think I generally like the guy, but would never vote for him because of his views. What makes his charmingness scary, is that I'm not sure a lot of people make that distinction. There's that whole want-to-have-a-beer-with factor. Although Huckabee doesn't drink, so maybe it's different with him? Yeah, probably not. Anyway, Huckabee seems to maybe be the compassionate conservative that Bush always claimed to be, but never was. Sure, there's the kind of scary religious fervor, but it's mixed with an economic populism that some charge is liberal-like. Why should you like Huckabee? Because he generally seems to care, he does a hilarious Keith Richards impression, and can rock out to what sounded like "Louie, Louie" and "Sweet Home Alabama." Why should you be afraid? As my favorite outraged-writer Matt Taibbi notes, Huckabee has a history of "ethical missteps," isn't all that kind to science, and has the most extreme fundamentalist Christian views you can imagine. He's a wolf in sheep's clothing, people. Be careful you don't get eaten.

In tonight's edition of "What Were They Thinking?" we learn that during the memorial service for a construction worker that fell to his death, a strange man that no one knew got up, said some kind words, ...and then totally stole $10,000 that had been collected for the widow and family. He even took toy trucks that were meant for four-year-old son of the deceased. Okay, I nominate this guy for Douchebag of the year. The competition's pretty steep, but I think he has a good chance.

Transitioning now to John Zarella live with Sean Taylor news. The NFL player was laid to rest today and it's been discovered that his half sister dated one of the men that's in custody for his murder. I knew there had to be some kind of connection somewhere. Anyway, moving on to an Anderson piece that recaps the story of Megan Meier's MySpace suicide, previously reported by Gary Tuchman. Unfortunately, the prosecutor is not bringing charges. Jeffrey Toobin then joins us to explain that it's not the prosecutor's fault, there's just no box you can put this in. With harassment cases it comes down to intent and there's not really a there there. Plus it's possible it was the woman's 18-year-old employee that set up the MySpace page and not the woman herself. Anderson, who is being very non-blank slatey, says it's still "reckless disregard for someone's well being." Toobin agrees it's cruelty and says the Meiers still could go the civil suit route. I guess we'll see.

For more, we're joined live by Megan's mother Tina, who explains that the prosecutor took her through the statutes line by line, but there was just nothing there to charge. Anderson notes the page might have actually been set up by the 18-year-old employee and he wonders who she holds responsible. Tina puts the blame squarely on the mother and father, though she believes the daughter and 18-year-old were the ones to actually set up the MySpace page. Anderson asks about her next step and she says she hasn't closed the door on a civil suit. She also sounds like she's going to get involved in addressing cyber-bullying. It seems like it just keeps getting harder to be a kid.

The Shot tonight is one of those Zamboni things...on the ice...on fire. You don't see that every day. But forget that because the Dramatic Animal Video graphic is back! Yay! What dramatic animal video has Erica Hill brought us? It's a tiger taking care of piglets in a Bangkok zoo of course! Nature gone crazy! Anyway, after this we have a weather update from Oregon, where they apparently need to start building an ark or something. That'll do it for tonight. B.


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