Friday, November 16, 2007

Lax Security, 2008 Talk, More OJ Crap, Missing White Girl, Alzheimer's Heartbreak, And Raw Politics (Wednesday's Show)

Hi everybody. We're kicking things off tonight with BREAKING NEWS that's actual real news. Well, sort of. It's not OJ, anyway (that comes later). You know that whole airport security thing? Turns out, still not so secure. I know, not a shocker, but it's still good to know. Jeanne Meserve joins us live to report that Government Accountability Office investigators were able to get IED components past the TSA. Yet when I flew a couple of weeks ago they made sure they went all the hell through my stuff. So anyway, the TSA is going to do new testing now, but, yeah. . .I mean, when they're not even checking all the cargo, this pretty much all just becomes for show.

Next up, we're moving to the political, specifically the stage in Vegas where John King, Gloria Borger, and Wolf Blitzer are gearing up for the Democratic Debate. They look weird just sitting there all alone on stage, but whatever. The discussion begins with Anderson Cooper bringing up Clinton's apparent flip flop on supporting drivers licenses for undocumented workers and John King notes she's going to be accused of being poll tested. You know, I don't know why people are freaking about the license thing. I support it--specifically because a few years ago a guy who didn't speak English, didn't have insurance, and didn't have a license, plowed into me, totaling my car and sending me to the hospital. I was never able to find out for sure if he was illegal, but he wasn't evil or anything. He just didn't understand the concept of yielding. Giving them licenses isn't ideal, but maybe it will prevent some crashes.

The talk then turns to electability (apparently both parties want their candidates to win--imagine that) and the Wolfbot stresses the importance of Iowa. I can't believe this is going to go on for a whole other year. More BREAKING NEWS now. The House has just passed a war funding bill with a timeline for bringing the troops home. Hm, I wonder how that will work out. But at least they're trying. Also? It seems Denny Hastert has had enough. The longest-serving Republican Speaker is apparently going to retire. Buh bye!

Transitioning now to . . . OJ! Yeah, you knew it was coming. A Ted Rowlands piece recaps the testimony and, hey, guess what. The case is going to trial! That cheering you hear is from the White House because they know they're about to get by with all hell of crap while they got The Juice covering the news cycle. After Ted's piece, we have Jeffrey Toobin in the studio and Linda Deutsch from the AP. Of note is Anderson talking about OJ's many facial expressions, which we're then played on a loop. Is this why my news totally sucks? You people are watching OJ make faces all day? Good lord.

Following the OJ crap, Anderson says, "So, where can you go from there? How about Pakistan? There's news out of Pakistan tonight." And Eliza gets all excited because I think they're about to do a story on Pakistan, but it's just the freakin bulletin. Oh, ten seconds. Thank you very much! That was cruel, Cooper. Anyway, Erica Hill then brings us tonight's "What Were They Thinking?" (this segment disappeared for a little bit, didn't it?) which involves a thief who tried to escape the cops by jumping in an alligator-infested lake. Ouch.

Moving on now to an Anderson piece on this missing white girl, Stacy Peterson, that may or may not have been murdered by her husband. Stacy Peterson. Laci Peterson. Even the names are becoming the same. After Anderson's piece, there's discussion with Toobin and Dr. Cyril Wecht. Can we leave this story for Nancy Grace? Please?

Next up, we move to the subject of Alzheimer's disease. Anderson informs us that last year, Sandra Day O'Connor retired from the bench to take care of her husband who was suffering from the disease, but now he's found a new love in his assisted living facility. It sounds horrible, but the family is happy for him and apparently this kind of situation is more common that one would think. A Gary Tuchman piece delves further and he introduces us to a husband with Alzheimer's disease, the wife who takes care of him, and . . .the husband's girlfriend who lives in the facility. The wife seems remarkably okay with it. But what are you going to do? It's not like they're cheating exactly.

Back to the studio now and we're joined by Sanjay and his poor little hurt hand. Did you know Sanjay broke his hand? That's not why he's here though, but I just want to take the opportunity to tell Sanjay he needs to sleep more. Being so tired you fail to see a flight of stairs is a little disconcerting coming from someone who, you know, cuts into brains. But get well soon! So anyway, Sanjay explains that even as late-term Alzheimer's will begin to rob a person of their long term memory, they still have a desire for intimacy. This relates to one of my favorite stories I have of my grandfather. One day near the end of his battle with Alzheimer's, he was sitting around with the family and kept grinning at my grandmother. Finally, he turned to my mom and said, "I'm going to marry her, someday." Aww. The disease had robbed him of the life they lived together, but he still knew he loved her.

I'm going to pass over Tom Foreman's "Raw Politics, so I can wrap things up. The Shot tonight is a freaky weird glow on a security camera at a gas station. Ooooh. Is it a ghost? Anderson doesn't think so. "But I think it's a scam to get people into the store," he says. Such a cynic. In other news, Happy Birthday (It was Thursday) to 360 subber and AMer, John Roberts! The show was eh. C


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