Friday, November 09, 2007

OJ (Yes, OJ) And A "Planet In Peril" Hodpodge (Thursday's Show)

Hi everybody! Did you miss me? One of the souvenirs I brought back from my vacation seems to be a nasty cold, so you're going to have to bear with me here for a bit. Also? Apparently I have the worst timing ever because I have chosen to resume reviews on a day when 360 is mostly a special. Oh wells. Anyway, before moving into "Planet in Peril" discussion, we get the top story of the day. Pakistan? Perhaps an update on the writer's strike even? No sillies. It's OJ of course! Perfect. Because the whole time I was on vacation I couldn't help but wonder, hey, what's going on with OJ? Sigh. Ted Rowlands then joins us live from Vegas and he talks a bit about the tape where OJ can be heard, um, urging people to not leave. After Ted, we've got our "Simpson Scholar" Jeffrey Toobin and the AP's Linda Deutsch for more. They talk about stuff I neither understand or care about. Toobin also notes there's enough stuff here for an actual trial. Good lord, I need to be on medication for this.

Transitioning now to a taped special that includes V-Mail, "Planet in Peril" clips, and discussion. We begin with a summary of the documentary and then move straight into an outtake. Hm. Filler, perhaps? (BTW, all outtakes can be seen here.) We're also treated to the clip where Anderson shows off his potty mouth because he's scared to rappel. Hey man, no judging here. I probably would have said worse. After the random clips we're back in the studio with James Hansen of NASA and Patrick Michaels of CATO. Gee kids, which one of these guys do you think is advocating we do nothing to combat climate change? If CATO threw up a red flag for you, you get a cookie! Patrick is all about passing the buck to future generations apparently. But he's not nuts. He wants to know exactly how we're going to decrease emissions and that's a legitimate question. Too bad I can't trust CATO.

Next up we have a clip of Senator James Inhofe, saying the following: "I have been personally attacked by -- by Anderson Cooper. It's taking place right now, even this week, calling me every kind of name, all kinds of threats." Bwah! As you might imagine, Anderson is pretty much all, WTF? "For the record, I never called the senator any names at all or ever made any threats toward him. The idea that I would make threats toward him is simply bizarre. I, frankly, have no idea what he's talking about," says Anderson. Hahaha! I'm sorry, but that's fairly hilarious. I told you guys that dude is crazy. You pretty much have to laugh at our elected official's bat-shit insaneness because otherwise, well, it's kind of scary.

Moving on now to Jeff Corwin talking about drowning polar bears (aw) and then we're back in the studio with Patrick and James for some polite passive-aggressive arguing about carbon reduction. From there we're played an adorable V-Mail that comes at us all the way from Japan. Normally I'm not really a fan of what one might call "squee", but, really, how can you resist Mio Bella? Let's see, from there we get another outtake clip--this one mentioning bear vagina. Oh my!

Next up, we get a clip from Sanjay Gupta involving the dirty water in China, as well as a short clip from the body burden testing piece. This leads us into a studio discussion with Sanjay, Shawna Swan of the University of Rochester School of Medicine, and Elizabeth Wheelan, president and founder of the American Council on Science and Health. Elizabeth thinks fears of chemicals in our systems are overblown and apparently she wasn't all that thrilled (at least initially) regarding how she was treated by CNN. You can read about that here. Anyway, apparently her organization gets most of its funding from the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, which probably is something that should have been brought up. Sanjay points out that just because we're not seeing effects from all these chemicals now, doesn't mean there's not one--science may need to catch up. Good point, Sanjay.

The rest of the special really isn't all that worth noting. Anderson wraps things up by asking the rest of the three musketeers what they'll take away from the experience. Sanjay says he realizes that these environmental changes are actually happening now. Jeff jokes that his arm stripes finally went away. See, what happens when you shower? Heh. Then he gets all serious regarding the perfect storm of "climate change and habitat loss and human population growth and overexploitation of species." And...REM takes us out. Maybe it's because I'm sick, but that hour kind of felt thrown together to me. The discussions were so short they were almost rendered meaningless and the outtakes felt kind of random. I'm wondering how many V-Mails they got for this. Maybe not enough? Who knows. B-


Blogger Pati Mc said...

Eliza - WELCOME BACK! I def missed you. Now be a good girl and take your TheraFlu! LOL ;) Seriously, feel better girl.

Bat-shit insaneness! LMAO.

Progam was horribly disappointing. I just don't get what is goin on here. Have been in the doldrums all week. Dijointed, ridiculously sloppy editing and writing. WTF? (speaking of potty mouth).

Yeah. Sucky, sucky, sucky.

Hope it gets betterr FAST.

Take good care and Happy Weekend!

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