Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Goin' Fishing

Hi everybody. This post is to let my regular readers know that I'm about to go on an honest to God vacation that involves a plane and leaving the state and everything. Yay! But don't think I'm leaving you high and dry--Eliza has lined up a blogsitter. Previous guest poster Arachnae will be holding down the fort for me. She's promised to keep you all entertained and informed while I'm away. And no funny business, children. Just because she's a sub, Arachnae will not hesitate to send you to detention. Or make you run laps. Now, spit out that gum!

While I am leaving on a jet plane, I do in fact know when I'll be back again, and expect to resume the reviews next Tuesday or Wednesday. I'm not sure how much time I'll have at a computer when I'm away, so if you email it might be a while before you get a reply.

On an unrelated note, aw, sorry about the layoffs, 360. That sucks. But, um, stop lying about being partially live into the second hour.


Blogger K. Adams Illustrator said...

I can't believe you are leaving. Take lots of pictures! Have fun. :)

12:36 PM  

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