Sunday, October 28, 2007

News You Might Have Missed

Hi everyone. Welcome back to my weekly attempt to bring you the news that you might have missed. With 360 being all fire and PiP, there was a lot to cover. I think I probably missed some stuff myself, so speak up if you saw/heard an important story that's not here.

  • The Wild West gets a little less wild. Private security companies no longer have immunity from prosecution by Iraq.
  • Apparently terror convictions are the new terror alert. Former Gitmo prosecutor Morris Davis says that one of the reasons for his recent resignation was that he was being pressured by the Pentagon to convict high-profile detainees before the 2008 elections.
  • Maybe he should try it and then he could decide for himself. Attorney General nominee Mike Mukasey was supposed to have an uncontroversial confirmation, but that all changed when he would not acknowledge that waterboarding is torture.


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