Friday, October 19, 2007

Men In Black

Hi everyone. Usually I don't do whole posts to pimp something, but today CNN PR sent me a couple of pictures related to the upcoming "Planet in Peril", and since I'm actually really excited about the special, what the heck? Let's get those ratings up for the good stuff and let stupid celebrity crap be a thing of the past! Yeah, that's probably wishful thinking. But anyway, the pictures:

Athlete Lance Armstrong, Dr. Sanjay Gupta, wildlife biologist Jeff Corwin and CNN anchor Anderson Cooper at the premiere of CNN's "Planet in Peril" at Grauman's Chinese Theatre on October 17, 2007 in Hollywood , California .

CNN anchor Anderson Cooper, senior executive producer David Doss and Animal Planet’s Jeff Corwin at the premiere of CNN's "Planet in Peril" at Grauman's Chinese Theatre on October 17, 2007 in Hollywood , California .

And since I'm already posting pictures, let's go all out, shall we? I'm going to let this be one of the rare occasions that I release the inner fangirl. You have been warned.

Anyway, CNN has been making good use of the interwebs when it comes to giving us goodies for the special. Have you seen the bloopers? Somebody is not a fan of rappelling. And I was actually excited to find this video from the behind-the-sceners. Charlie Moore speaks! You might remember Charlie as the excellent blogger and mysterious producer who sporadically turns up in the periphery of Anderson's shots.

The network has had the photographers working overtime as well. Behold the pretty. A few of my favorites:

To paraphrase presidential candidate (valid only in South Carolina) Stephen Colbert, "Planet in Peril" stars Anderson Cooper, Sanjay Gupta, Jeff Corwin, and apparently a lot of tight t-shirts. Oh, how we love the tight t-shirts. If the earth wasn't warming before, it is now. Environmentalism has never been this hot. Ba-da-bum!

Who says you can't look snazzy in the desert?

Doesn't he look perfectly mailable? I want to stick a stamp on his head and send him somewhere. And really, with the flight delays being what they are for lowly passengers, it might be a more enjoyable way to travel.

Aw, adorable. And the polar bear is cute too. (That's Charlie!)

Okay, I'm done. The fangirl is getting locked back up. Watch "Planet in Peril" onTuesday, Oct. 23, and Wednesday, Oct. 24, from 9 p.m. to 11 p.m. (ET/PT). AC360 Review now returns you to your regularly scheduled program of snarky musings about the news, already in progress. Thursday's review will be up Friday-ish.

All pictures except the first two credited to CNN Worldwide – All Rights Reserved 2007©


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Doesn't it feel good to let the fangirl loose every now and then? Ya just gotta do it sometimes and when it comes to Anderson, it's pretty much unavoidable, but stay strong Eliza, SOMEBODY has to show some immunity to the powerful force that is the silver surfer of cable news in order to kick him and AC360 in the pants when they need it.

I'm really looking forward to PIP, the teasers over the past few months have been fascinating (to use one of AC's favorite words).

Oh, those baby polar bears, awww.

4:55 AM  
Blogger K. Adams Illustrator said...

Let the fangirl flow free!

Spices up the page.

12:01 PM  
Blogger eliza said...

@anonymous-Heh, yes, it is quite freeing. Never you fear though. The silver surfer's charms might be powerful, but I will overcome. ;)

Yeah, I've found the teasers impressive, "quite frankly" (to use some more favorites).

@kaydi-It does make the blog more aesthetically pleasing, doesn't it?

5:48 AM  

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