Sunday, October 07, 2007

News You Might Have Missed

Hi everyone. Welcome back to my weekly attempt to bring you the news that you might have missed. I realize 360 covered a couple of these items in the headlines, but I'm still including them for those of you that might have, you know, sneezed and missed them. I'm not saying 30 seconds isn't enough time for a torture bombshell . . . no wait, that's exactly what I'm saying. Also, to be fair, a couple of these stories broke this weekend and couldn't have been covered by the show.

  • Don't mind that pesky genocide; tell me about Britney. Darfur rebels launch the deadliest attack against African Union peacekeepers since 2004 and days later the town where the troops were killed is burned down.
  • Now, even more endangered. Congo rebels have taken over the endangered mountain gorillas' habitat. This comes after a massacre of gorillas in late July.
  • What is wrong with this guy? Not satisfied with just bridges to nowhere, Senator Ted Stevens is championing a ferry that is estimated to cost $84 million and be used by about 40 people.
  • They're not cowboys at all. An investigation has found that Blackwater fired first in the majority of incidents.
  • Oh yeah, that other war. Afghanistan is experiencing its most violent year since 2001.


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