Sunday, September 23, 2007

News You Might Have Missed

If your only source of news this past OJ-filled week was 360, well, you missed almost everything.
  • Will the confirmation hearing include a memory test this time? Bush nominates Michael Mukasey to replace Alberto Gonzales as Attorney General.
  • Don't mess with Myanmar Monks. Vandalizing shops, taking officials hostage, and threatening a boycott are some of the ways Monks are currently fighting back against the repressive Myanmar regime.
  • Only 22? "Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) released its third annual report on the most corrupt members of Congress entitled Beyond DeLay: The 22 Most Corrupt Members of Congress (and two to watch)." Ted Stevens (R) and William Jefferson (D)? Shockers.
  • Nobody say the "R" word. Federal Reserve cuts interest rate for the first time in four years.
  • He's alive! Bush butchers a speech so badly that the Nelson Mandela Foundation has to reassure people the former South African president is still alive. (Okay, I'm really only adding this one because it's hilarious.)
  • Orwell would be proud. Airlines are collecting data on you and submitting it to the government-including what book you read on the plane.
  • See, he really is Darth Vader. Cheney thought about asking Israel to strike Iran to get them to strike back.


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