Wednesday, October 03, 2007

New Burma Video, Strange Airport Death, Raw Politics, Car Insurance Law, Planet In Peril, And Happy B-Day Gary! (Tuesday's Show)

Hi guys. Well, tonight my viewing experience begins with my normally slightly scary looking dog turning into a whimpering clingy mess, as thunder rumbles in the distance and nearby counties go under tornado warnings. He's such a baby. And a fairly accurate weather barometer. This should be interesting. Our top story tonight is the ongoing situation in Burma. Yesterday Britney Spears; today Burma. It's like two different shows. Anyway, Anderson Cooper tells us that they have new video out of the country, which we then see during a Dan Rivers piece. It's pretty horrible. Soldiers can be seen beating what appear to be unarmed protesters. Shoes litter the street from a stampede that occurred during the crackdown and we're shown a picture of a dead and tortured monk. Right now it seems like the demonstrations have stopped. People have literally just disappeared.

Next up, we're joined by Derek Mitchell of the Center for Strategic and International Studies. Unfortunately, I didn't get much down from Derek (crying dog, remember?) and the transcript seems to be hiding out. After this discussion, an international aid worker speaks with Anderson by phone. She was just in the country. Anderson asks her what was the worst things she saw and she says the bodies. She also notes that it was surprising to see Burmese people reacting in anger because they're always so peaceful and she's not sure if people understand the significance of that. Anderson wonders if Burma's freedom is being murdered. The worker doesn't think so, but she calls on the west to expose the dirty dealings going on in the country. Well, seeing as though the west has yet to expose their own dirty secrets, poor Burma might have to take a number. Seriously, are we ever going to find out what happened with Cheney's secret energy task force?

Transitioning now to an Anderson piece on a bizarre story out of Phoenix. Carol Anne Gotbaum was on her way to rehab when she apparently missed her flight and completely freaked out. Cops descended, she was handcuff behind her back and placed in a holding cell, making a scene the whole time. After she grew silent, the cops went to check on her and found her unconscious with the cuffs up by her neck. She died shortly thereafter. The story is that she tried to escape from the cuffs and strangled herself. Or something. I don't know, but that makes no sense to me. If your hands are behind your back you can't bring them up unless you're a contortionist or pop your shoulders out, right? The person would have to bring them down underneath their body and once you have the cuffs in front of you, why on earth would you try to bring them back up over your head? I suppose the story isn't impossible, but it definitely smells fishy. Of course, if 360 wanted to show us how it's done . . . Rick Sanchez, anyone? I mean, once you've been tasered, why not, right? Eh, but he's probably too busy exploiting racism.

On now to a phone interview with Mel Pittel and Page Harmon. They called 360 because they were witnesses to what went down with Carol Anne before her death. We're told that she basically just freaked out and was screaming about how she wasn't a terrorist and even lifted up her shirt to show she had nothing on her midriff. Page says that the officers tackled Carol Anne with extreme force and Mel agrees it was excessive, stating she was not a threat. Apparently the officers didn't even attempt to calm her down, though they did tell Mel and Page to move along. In this age of terrorism people have to be careful, but it seems like it's getting excessively dangerous for the mentally/emotionally ill. Have we forgotten about the mentally ill man shot by air marshals in 2005? Anyway, Lou Cannon is here to defend the cops, which he does. Not much else to say.

In tonight's "Raw Politics" Tom Foreman tells us that Obama is on the rise. It's still too early for me. We also learn that Fred Thompson thinks that if Saddam wasn't all dead and stuff he'd have WMD's by now. So apparently he is either crazy or a blatant liar. Hey, don't we already have that guy in the White House? Finally, for news of the weird, Whoopi Goldberg would like to, um, have a threesome with Nancy Pelosi and her husband. Oh my. Out of all the couples in the world . . .what, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were too cliche? Moving on to Gary Tuchman with the headlines tonight and he brings us the latest edition of "What Were They Thinking?" A store in Mexico decided to honor their mostly Hispanic customers by flying the Mexican flag above the US flag. Oh, nobody tell Lou Dobbs. Unsurprisingly, people were not happy about this, specifically an army veteran who freaked out and ripped both flags down. Plus? Flying the flags like that is illegal. People just continue to be not smart.

Next up, we have a Drew Griffin "Keeping Them Honest" piece that kind of updates that big investigative story he filed earlier this year on the evilness of auto insurance companies. The bottom line here is that the companies just don't seem to want to pay out claims they're responsible for paying. Their mantra is delay, deny, defend, leaving customers tied up in the courts. One accident victim says Allstate even hired a private eye to follow her around. That's just bizarre. So anyway, Washington state representative Steve Kirby heard enough of his constituents complain about trouble getting their claims paid that he decided to do something about it. Washington has since passed "The Fair Conduct Act," which holds insurance companies accountable. And oh, they are not happy about it. Lobbyist time! The companies were able to get a referendum on the ballot and they're pumping $8 million into their efforts to get it passed. Why don't they use that money to pay the claims?

And . . . at this point my lights flash and gone goes my cable. Damn. So I hope Drew didn't just tell us the secret to life or anything. But apparently, yelling, "no, come back!" actually does work on some occasions because back comes my cable. I still miss the end of Drew's piece though, because I need to make sure I'm not about to get sucked up Dorthy-style. Auntie Em! Auntie Em! But don't worry about me. All is well and I'm back in front of the tv before 360 returns from commercial.

Next up, we have a Sanjay Gupta "Planet in Peril" preview piece of his time in China checking out the exotic animals. Some of the footage we've seen before. Turtles galore!

The Shot tonight is the World Grits Eating Championship. Ugh. I am not a fan of competition eating. The winner ate 21 pounds. 21 pounds?! Ugh. But enough of that stuff. We've got a 360 birthday tonight. Happy birthday Gary Tuchman! Anderson tells us Gary is turning the big, ahem, 25. Such success at such a young age. Heh. To celebrate, Anderson presents Gary (who is not in the same studio) with a cake and proceeds to give it to him through the split screen. And look at that, it goes right through. Television is magical! That was hilariously dorky. The show was pretty good. B


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