Sunday, December 16, 2007

News You Might Have Missed

Hi everyone. Welcome to my weekly attempt to bring you some of the news you might have missed. Let's get to it, in no particular order:
  • We pay them cost-plus for crap work, they sexually assault their employees. Now twenty-two year old Jamie Leigh Jones claims she was gang-raped by Halliburton/KBR contractors in the Green Zone and then held under guard in a shipping container for 24 hours amidst threats of job loss if she sought medical treatment.
  • Now what excuse will the administration make for not discussing the case? Scooter Libby has decided not to pursue an appeal of his conviction, citing the burden it would place on him and his family. If you listen closely, tiny violins can be heard playing in the background.
  • A witch hunt in the name of God. In an act of callous exploitation, Nigerian preachers are branding children witches in order to collect "deliverance" money from their parents. But in many cases, parents and even whole villages are turning against the child with unspeakable results. Make sure to watch the Guardian's accompanying video as well. This is a truly horrible story that seems to be right up 360's alley.
  • Somebody better tell Cheney, but not when he's hunting. Iraq's national security adviser has called the idea of permanent US bases in that country a "red line" that cannot be crossed.
  • Almost old enough to drink. Hamas celebrated turning 20 with a big rally.
  • Breaking the glass ceiling on the West Bank. An unusual occupation for their gender, female Palestinians are venturing into police work.
  • Terrorism touches another country. A New Delhi-bound train was rocked by a blast that killed five people and injured four.
  • Lock up your copy of the Constitution. There has been a 600 percent increase in federal spending on paper shredding under the Bush administration.
  • Spines wanted. The democrats roll over again, giving Bush his Iraq war money with no requirements for timetables.


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