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Mall Shooting in Omaha And Interview With Leeland Eisenberg (Wednesday's Show)

Hi everybody. This is going to be fairly short (well, shorter). There's no point in me going indepth on witness reactions. We begin with the horrible BREAKING NEWS of of a mall shooting in Omaha, Nebraska. Anderson Cooper informs us that the perpetrator of the massacre was a young man named Robert Hawkins and his shooting spree took the lives of nine people, including his own. In a Suzanne Malveaux piece we get the requisite witness reaction clips and learn that Hawkins was a 19 year old who left a suicide note that read, "I'm going to go out in style."

Next up, we get some images from inside the mall as people were evacuating. These were taken by an I-reporter who then joins us by phone, along with another witness via satellite. After these interviews we're joined by security analyst Mike Brooks and forensic psychologist Kris Mohandie. Kris is here to speculate about the shooter, which he does. You all know how I love that. Mike, who briefly thinks it's 2005 and he's on Newsnight (he called Anderson, Aaron), tells us the obvious: you can't make a mall completely safe. Anderson wants to know why this guy would just randomly kill people at a mall, noting that it's not like with school shooters who perceive they've been picked on. Kris points out that this crime is guaranteed notoriety. Which is maybe why these stories should get a little more subtle treatment. I'm not saying don't cover it, but , you know, maybe don't give it its own graphics package. Kris also talks about copycats. Not something you want to hear when we're talking about malls during the biggest shopping season of the year and there are already whispers of recession.

Transitioning from the serious to the seriously stupid, we have "What Were They Thinking?" and tonight's edition stars the ladies of "The View," specifically Sherri Shepherd. During one of the show's normal highly philosophical and intellectual discussions, Sherri revealed that the world started with Christianity and Jesus. Nothing before Jesus! The Greeks? The Romans? In Sherri's world, they followed the son of God. Perhaps more amazing than this revelation is the other women's very impressive ability to keep a straight face and calmly explain Ms. Shepherd's error. Erica Hill reminds us that this was not Sherri's only instance where she proved she would not emerge victorious on the game show "Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader." Remember when she was asked whether or not the earth was flat and she said she didn't know? But see, I give her slack on this one. She had just been reading Tom Friedman and got confused. Yes, I'm kidding. Oh, and if this segment wasn't enough to raise your spirits after shooting news, I've got my own little "What Were They Thinking?" What the heck is this?! Someone at CNN has way too much time on their hands.

Back to shooting coverage, and Anderson has the shooter's landlord, Debora Maruca Kovac, on the phone. Though really, after hearing the interview, "substitute mom" might be a more appropriate title than "landlord." But hold that thought because we're going to a press conference. Debora politely stays on hold though, and we go back to her after the presser. This is sad. Basically, it sounds like this kid was rejected all his life. Debora's family took him in a year and a half ago and describes him as a "lost puppy." Anderson then goes on to ask a zillion questions, which after a while gets a bit painful. Perhaps Debora felt that way too because she tells Anderson "I have to go now." Okay, the FBI is there, but I've never heard a guest bail out like that.

Moving on to a similar story, Jason Carroll is live to tell us about his interview with Leeland Eisenberg, the guy that took a New Hampshire Clinton campaign office hostage. We learn Leeland has bipolar disorder and in his interview he explains he took the office hostage to start a discussion on mental illness. Uh, that's not how you do it. Anyway, it's weird how matter of fact this guy is while talking. At least nobody got hurt.

On now to another eyewitness and then back to Suzanne and that does it for the hour. I don't know what to say about the show. Though the story was obviously big news, I don't understand why it had to bump everything else. But for good or for bad, this is what CNN does. Blanket coverage is kind of their thing and it's reflected in last night's ratings. I'd like to see the network get their ratings by doing programming that creates loyal viewers, rather than getting them by waiting around for something big (and usually bad) to happen, but what are you going to do? C


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its a very depressing incident. Any one who can't become successful through legal means, kills some innocent peoples to become famous overnight.
The incidents of these kind effects the business also. Being in this business for nearly 5years, I can feel the pain of Restaurant Owners.
If I am paying some monthly installments of my Business Loan, from where the hell will I manage if any such incident happens around my restaurant. People will avoid restaurants & malls. revenues will go down. The worst situation will be for the people with bad credit & somehow managing their small businesses through some sort of funding or loans. Life will become hell for these owners.

May God Bless & Save America

Mia Sheron

2:25 AM  

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