Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Church Shooting, Oprah And Obama, Raw Politics, Huckabee Scandal, Back From Dead, And Michael Vick (Monday's Show)

Hi everyone. We begin tonight with Anderson Cooper expressing his shock at Victoria Beckham's Larry King revelation that she sleeps naked with her soccer playing husband. Gasp! You know what's sad? When I flipped on the end of Larry King and heard her say that, I knew Anderson was going to comment. I think I watch this show too much. Heh. But unfortunately, the levity ends there, because our top story tonight is a shooting. Another shooting. A Sean Callebs piece brings us more. We learn that 24 year old Matthew Murray killed two people and wounded two more at Youth With a Mission ministries in Arvada, Colorado and then continued his spree at New Life Church in Colorado Springs where he killed two sisters. The killing was brought to an end when he himself was shot dead by a volunteer security guard.

And um, is that a stained glass window in that graphic that says "Colorado Shooting"? That is messed up. Hey 360, do me a favor. The next time a tragedy happens and you're coming up with the graphics, just sit for a minute and really think about it. Okay? Because I think you need a time out. Continuing with this story, we're joined by Larry Bourbannais, a church member that was shot and injured, and Richard Werner, the shooter's former church group roommate. Oh, did I mention these are EXCLUSIVES? Nothing like pimping out the tragedy. Larry goes on to describe how the shooter was finally taken down and I feel like I'm hearing about a scene in an action movie.

Anderson asks the question I've been wondering since the shooting: why were there armed guards at a church? Larry's not sure, but thinks they might be there every Sunday. Anderson's trying to verify if they were there because of the earlier shooting, but it looks like no confirmation tonight. As for Richard, they always do this, but I really get nothing from these "I knew him" interviews. But anyway, Richard tells this story about how they had this Christmas bizarre and Murray played two songs that freaked everybody out: a song from Marilyn Manson (oh, shocker there--at this point he's a required part of these stories) and Linkin Park. Linkin Park? Oh c'mon, Linkin Park is not scary. I have Linkin Park albums. The songs he played maybe weren't appropriate, but they didn't cause a shooting.

Transitioning now to a Candy Crowley piece on the Obama campaign and the influence of Oprah, Oprah, Oprah!!! That's right, the queen of daytime television has read the book of Barack and stuck one of her seals of approval on his head. Now she's on the road with him in full campaign force. The O-blitz is on! In the clips we see she's all about being positive and hope and all things that make one feel warm and fuzzy. But I have to wonder what her response would be if she was asked a question about any of his specific policies. Any journalist out there want to give that a whirl; make things more interesting? After Candy's piece, she joins us live, along with John King. Candy explains that though the Obama campaign isn't necessarily counting on Oprah to get them direct votes, her presence has allowed them to get information from voters, which can turn into votes. John thinks Oprah is all about bringing the energy; something the Clinton campaign is currently lacking. Looks like Bill needs to get out there and start giving away some cars.

In tonight's edition of "Raw Politics" Tom Foreman focuses on the subject of celebrity endorsements. As you might remember, John Kerry had a lot of celebs on his side and that didn't turn out so well. So basically, stars can get people to look at a candidate, but not necessarily get them to vote for one. Tom then takes us in the wayback machine to tell us a little story about Frank Sinatra and JFK. Apparently, Sinatra originally endorsed Kennedy, but when mob mumblings came up, the candidate distanced himself from the crooner, causing Frankie to go republican. No word on the rest of the Rat Pack. Tom wraps up by reading us some wisdom from Pat Sajak's website, but I'm too busy pondering over the fact that Pat Sajak even has a website, to hear what he says. Anderson is also amused. "I didn't even know Pat Sajak had a blog. " I actually checked it out (I was intrigued) and it's got all this political stuff. Who knew? Think Vanna has one too?

Keeping with the political, we next have a "Keeping Them Honest" piece from Anderson on Huckabee's recent problems. He's being accused of paroling a rapist that then went on to assault and murder another woman in another state. For Huckabee's part, he claims that governors don't parole people in Arkansas. However, a parole board member says he pushed for it. And I'm going to stop this right here because 360 has totally dropped the ball on this story. The lede that's being buried is that the original rape victim was a distant cousin of Bill Clinton and the "people" advocating for the rapist's release were right-wing anti-Clinton zealots.

So the big question is, will Huckabee always bow to pressure from the Right. Is this how he plans to govern as president? C'mon 360, you're better than this. Afterwards, we're joined by John and Candy again and Anderson brings up a comment Huckabee made in 1992 where he basically says people with AIDS should be quarantined. We then get a clip of Huckabee's response to the snafu and, well, it pretty much sounds like he's defending what he said. Candy reminds us that the experts at the time said AIDS was not communicable like Huckabee seems to be implying in his statement. Eh, those are just pesky facts. After all, as late as 2005, Bill Frist didn't seem to know that AIDS could not be transmitted through tears or sweat. And he's a doctor. Oh, those crazy right-wingers.

Speaking of things people should know, Gary Tuchman brings us the headlines and he ends by telling us that White House press secretary Dana Perino admitted she did not know what the Cuban missile crisis was. What?! She works in government! This is like when those FBI officials didn't know who was Sunni and who was Shiite. Gary thinks it's surprising she didn't know, but "we'd have more concern if it was her boss who didn't know what it was." Well, uh, has anybody asked him? Place your bets now, people. I'm guessing the odds are about 50/50.

On to tonight's "What Were They Thinking?" and, oh my, it's a doozy. Former Major League pitcher Mark Littell is promoting an athletic cup that, as Anderson says, protects your "bits and pieces." We then get video of Littel testing the product on himself with a pitching machine, and let's just say that all male 360 viewers just crossed their legs. Gary says he's traumatized. Oh, and the best part is the product is called the Nutty Buddy. Ha! Anderson says he and the staff will be trying out theirs tonight. Yeah, I feel like we did not get the true 360 degrees of this story. Where's the demonstration? Hello, paging Rick Sanchez. (Don't tell me you weren't thinking of him when you watched this.) Anderson then punches up the transition a bit: "Here's now John Roberts, who is coming up, no stranger to Nutty Buddy himself,..." Bwah! Aw, no fair making fun of pre-tape John, who is assumedly sleeping and can't currently fight back.

Next up, we move into the "Crime and Punishment" segment of the show. Meh. But I do appreciate their stab at consistency and the fact that this is at the bottom of the show. In a Gary Tuchman piece we learn that this dude John Darwin disappeared five years ago while canoing in the North Sea. Everybody thought he was dead, but then suddenly this month, he showed up claiming he had amnesia. Dun dun dun! But this is no medical story and the coolness factor goes way down when we find out the dude is just a jerk that faked his death to cash in on his insurance policy. Nice. But I was amused when Gary referred to him as the "formerly dead John Darwin." Kind of reminds me of when that spokesman had to announce that Yasser Arafat was not dead. Still cracks me up.

BREAKING NEWS coming in and...it's a picture of Matthew Murray. That's the big BREAKING NEWS? Sigh. Stop the presses! We then move on to Anderson and Jeffrey Toobin talking about Michael Vick, who just got sentenced to 23 months. Yet that dude who stole the donut is facing 30 years. They weren't kidding when they said life wasn't fair.

The Shot tonight is a foam filled Philadelphia airport. How did it get that way? Anderson tells us a kid "could not resist the sign that said, 'Don't hit button unless in an emergency.'" Well, c'mon now, that's tempting. You'd think they'd have it behind glass or something like they do some fire alarms. Speaking of fire alarms, Gary tells us that as a 12 year old, he hit a fire alarm and was almost put in jail. Gasp. Our Gary was a little troublemaker. I never did anything of the sort. I was a perfect angel. That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.

Anderson apparently does not want to confess his childhood sins, so he whips out the dramatic animal video! graphic and shows us some footage of the long-eared jerboa, an endangered rodent, taped for the first time in its natural habitat of the Mongolian Gobi Desert. Then he puts up video of Bill Schneider doing an outside stand-up and wearing a very interesting and, uh, tall, hat. "Apparently, the long-eared jerboa was found nuzzling up to Bill. It was so cold in Washington, he didn't even feel it. The top of his head was frozen," says Anderson. "I thought Bill actually was a Soviet premier," says Gary. Bwah! And I recall Gary's hurricane Wilma get-up causing Anderson to brand him an Oompa Loompa. So it all comes around. I am a plethora of completely useless information. Anyhoo, that'll do it. Good variety tonight. And hey, did you check out the 360 blog? It's alive! And organized. B


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