Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Nine Soldiers Killed In Iraq, Virginia Tech Students Return, Raw Politics, Accused In Nicaragua, And Pet Food Recall Fallout (Monday's First Hour)

Hi everyone. I didn't do Friday's show because I missed half of it and I really didn't feel like it anyway. To be honest, I think I might be getting a bit burned out with the reviews and actually, with the show itself. Part of it is me, but I think 360 is in a bit of a slump themselves. As of now I'm not making any decisions to quit, but a fair warning, my blogging might become more inconsistent. Hey, just like the show itself, right? Anyway, we begin the hour with Michael Ware and the BREAKING NEWS that a suicide car bomb in Diyala killed nine US soldiers. I appreciate that they're beginning with Iraq; I really do, but what is up with CNN and BREAKING NEWS? I learned this two hours prior and I bet it wasn't breaking at that point either. When does BREAKING NEWS become just, well, news? I swear they've got their graphic up there half the time I'm watching CNN, which pretty much defeats the purpose, doesn't it? Pretty soon we'll need REALLY BREAKING NEWS alerts. Michael tells us that Diyala is the new front line in the war with al Qaeda, they even collect taxes there. Man, I guess that whole 'death and taxes' thing is true. You can't escape either anywhere. Iraq of course has the 'death' thing down pat.

Next up we have a Gary Tuchman piece on the Virginia Tech students going back to class. We learn that a bell tolled for those lost and balloons were released. Also anyone who didn't want to come back could have taken the grade they had at the time of the shooting. And what else more is there to say? I'm sorry, but the media really needs to move on. I mean, according to this item CNN even went around VA Tech's media rules to air the memorial service. If true, that's pretty disgusting. After Gary's piece we've got some discussion and then an Anderson piece on some of the funerals and Cho stuff. Following that there's a clip from Gary's EXCLUSIVE interview with Cho's suite mates, which they're running for the upteenth time. That leads into a new interview Gary did with one of the guys and in it they bring up the girls who didn't press charges for stalking. Anderson actually brought this up before too and it kind of annoys me because those girls probably feel guilty enough without the national news speculating that they could have prevented the shooting. Obviously they didn't ever think Cho was capable of something like this and they definitely aren't alone in that regard.

Transitioning now to Anderson intro-ing "Raw Politics," with the following: "As the president's top political adviser, Karl Rove prefers to stay in the shadows. He likes to keep a low profile, except when he's rapping." Ha! Oh, Anderson. Please don't remind me. Nighmares people, nightmares!!! Candy Crowley has the honors tonight and we begin with a veto threat from Bush over the bill with the Iraq time tables. Then we learn Chuck Schumer thinks Bush is in a bunker in regards to Gonzales. Dennis Kucinich is making steps to ride the impeachment roller coaster, ...but he's not tall enough to get on and Edwards has a sense of humor about his pretty, pretty hair. Lastly Rove and Sheryl Crow got in a global warming tussle, but we'll hear more about that later.

Moving on now to a Rick Sanchez piece on Eric Volz, an American accused of a murder in Nicaragua. Probably not the first place you'd want to be accused of murder. Anyway, Eric went to the country to start a magazine and while there he dated Doris Jimenez, who later turned up strangled to death. However, this was after they broke up and at the time he was no where near where she was murdered. He even has 10 witnesses to prove it. Unfortunately, a mob mentality outside resulted in a guilty verdict for murder AND rape, which might not even have occurred. Rick and crew tried to see Eric in prison, but weren't allowed in even though they had the proper documents. This reminds me of that movie "Brokedown Palace." The US legal system might suck, but man, you don't want to mess with some of these other places. Oh and thoughout this whole story I had major deja vu. So either this is a repeat or I've seen this same story done somewhere else. It drives me nuts that I can't remember. That dreadful sound effect is back too.

Up next we have a Joe Johns "Keeping Them Honest" piece on the pet food recall. Yep, that's still going on. Remember when they told us that the contamination definitely would never get in the human food supply? Yeah, well, it's in the human food supply. Oh, like you're shocked. Don't freak though, it doesn't seem to be that much and no one's sick yet, so that's good. Apparently some pigs ate some of the contaminated feed. From Joe's piece we also learn that federal budget cuts have made it hard for the FDA to do its job and the Chinese are still being uncooperative. I caught a little bit of Lou Dobbs and he was all over this. It is pretty disturbing we import all this stuff, stuff we consume, and there's no cooperation.

After the piece we're joined by Senator Dick Durbin and Anderson basically asks what's up with China. Durbin doesn't know exactly, but he thinks the melamine was added to jack up the price, which would be economic fraud. Anderson notes he's getting emails everyday from people saying they have no confidence in the FDA. Oh Anderson, I've had no confidence in the FDA way before this thing. He then asks if we now have a handle on the situation and Durbin says we do not. According to him the FDA is the weakest link (goodbye!) in a weak chain and the whole system needs to change. Yeah, good luck with that. But seriously 360, if you want to look further, see who works at the FDA. I guarantee there's at least one "Brownie" in there. The Shot tonight is a raccoon loose in an Ohio house. That would totally happen to me. Too bad I don't have any film of the bird flying around my house. How did it get in?! Sigh. So I take it Anderson is not going back to Afghanistan-at least that's the impression from his latest blog. So he rushed back to stand on a campus for two days. How pointless. The show tonight was okay B.

Oh, I got a press release from CNN today. Vote for the AC360 fansite in the Webby Awards

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