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Imus/Rutgers Non Meeting, New Orleans Update, Preacher Murdered By Wife, And Herbert Gettridge!!! (Thursday's Second Hour)

Hi everyone. We kick off the hour with Deborah Feyerick outside the governor's mansion with the news that the meeting with Don Imus and the Rutgers players is over. Deborah then recaps everything and informs us that right now the players are deciding whether or not to accept Imus' apology. I'm on the edge of my seat here, people. Will they? Won't they? The world hangs in the balance apparently. Good Lord. Don't you love how you can always count on cable news to take a news story like this and turn it into satire? But blessedly we leave the mansion cam and move onto discussion again with Amy Holmes and Jason Whitlock. Jason thinks the whole thing is an embarrassment because Imus does not define those women. Well, I agree with the embarrassment part, though I think it should be directed more at the media and their parent companies. Let's face it, there are many more where Don Imus came from-he was just unlucky enough to get caught up in a news cycle. If he said those comments back right when Anna Nicole Smith died this story wouldn't exist, though he would still be worthy of losing his job. But now the media has latched onto the story and they're going to take it to the level of absurdity that only they can. There's some more discussion then about the War on Drugs and black men and prison-social problems we will discuss to death, but never do anything to actually solve.

Transitioning now to Anderson who states that the New Orlean's neighborhood where he is standing is mostly full of empty houses, except for one-the home of Alfred and Lois Vance. Anderson then proceeds to walk up to their house and walk right in without knocking. Bwah! Okay, seeing as though there's a camera set up inside, the Vance's were probably cool with the whole just walking in the house thing. BTW, Anderson Cooper can totally walk in my house without knocking anytime he wants. Just putting that out there. So what are the majority of the Vance's doing? Just chilling. Watching some tv. Themselves on CNN I think, though it's hard to tell. Anderson then talks with Alfred who is pretty optimistic about the whole situation, though he finds it lonely. Alfred says he just rebuilt with no help because none of the programs came through. Anderson notes that people aren't having much luck with the road to home program. Still? Sounds like we need a "Keeping Them Honest." Anderson asks Alfred if he feels people have forgotten about Katrina and Alfred thinks they have. "You know, this is a country that nobody looks out for you, you know?" he says. Well, it is now, isn't it? Anderson starts to wrap it up and then Alfred suddenly asks if he wants to see his kitchen. Aw, he's all proud of his kitchen. And wow, he should be. That's pretty snazzy. Anderson is impressed too. It's just sad that 20 months later he's the only occupied house on the block.

Next up we have a Gary Tuchman piece on homelessness in New Orleans. Gary introduces us to Larry Lawler, a balloon man that works with his wife outside the famous Cafe Du Monde. By day Larry delights kids; at night he sleeps in a box under a bridge downtown. Prior to Katrina, Larry and his wife used to pay $35 a night to stay in a residential hotel, but now that same hotel costs $75 and they can't afford it. Larry isn't the only one having trouble. We learn that "a consulting firm has estimated about 58 percent of the city's housing supply suffered major damage from the storm." And that's why the prices are so jacked up. Gary talks with some squatters in an abandoned church and now I'm guessing that place is going to get raided. Although who knows? The NOPD seems to have enough problems to deal with. Anyway, since Katrina the homeless population in NO has doubled, even though half the people haven't come back. And the rest of the country continues to turn its back and let the city slowly die. After the piece Gary talks about how HUD expects to occupy 1000 public housing units in the next few weeks, but even ever-cheerful Gary can't get too optimistic about this. "But you know what, Anderson? As you well know, nothing will be easy in this city for a long time."

Moving on to a Susan Roesgen piece on a hint of hope coming to the city. In the piece she profiles three individuals who felt a calling to come to New Orleans and make it a better place. Sharrita Bishop came from New Mexico to be a cop. John Alforfd is a Harvard MBA that has come to open schools. Ray Cannatta is a pastor that came from New Jersey to take over a church that was down to just 15 members. After the piece Anderson notes that these people are the hope of the city, but Susan wonders if they'll stay. She thinks that they will if they're not rebuffed, but if God forbid there's another hurricane all bets are off. If another hurricane even comes near New Orleans I think that will be it. If we think people have turned their backs now, that will be the official death of the city. It's sad seeing Susan because you can tell she's becoming pessimistic about the situation. Hell, you can feel it from Anderson too and he doesn't even live there. And unfortunately all evidence points to that pessimism being completely warranted. We're then promised an upcoming segment with Sheryl Crow, which we totally never get. Aren't you glad we spent that time looking at the mansion door?

Transitioning now to "Raw Politics" with Candy Crowley. We begin with the news that the White House has "lost" a whole bunch of emails related to attorney-gate. First of all, you can't lose emails. Second, nice of 360 to finally cover this-if you call 10 seconds of coverage, coverage. The White House claims they're doing gosh darn everything they can to find the emails, even calling in a forensic expert. "CSI, the White House," says Candy. In other news, Hillary Clinton only came in fifth in's recent 2008 straw poll. "Virtual ouch." Another poll shows that John McCain can't even beat Fred Thompson, a guy that isn't even running yet. "Another ouch." Howard Dean is in some hot water with union leaders because the convention area the Dems chose for their convention is non union. Uh oh. Lastly, Mitt Romney YouTubed himself to have an online discussion. Will other 08's follow suit. If Romney's numbers go up they will.

Next up we have a David Mattingly piece on a wife that shot and killed her preacher husband. And that's about all I've got. Sorry. Just not interested. Following that we've got discussion with Vivian Berryhill, president of the National Coalition of Pastor Spouses. I didn't even know there was a group like that. Vivian talks about how pastor wifes are expected to be perfect and all the stresses that go along with that. I guess I never thought about it. Over the years I've never expected my pastor's spouses to be perfect. Maybe it's different in more conservative churches. Anyway, after Vivian we're back to the lovely live shot and oh! There are some motions at the door! And...that's about it. Thank God they know when to move on.

On now to an interview Anderson did with Herbert Gettridge. Herbert! Yay. I wonder if Herbert knows he is totally my adopted grandpa. Herbert tells us he has been working on his house since March 2006 and not many people are back yet. Anderson asks if looking around at everything makes him sad, but don't worry about Herbert, people, because he's used to be alone. Anderson points out that Herbert is trying to get the house so his wife can come back and Herbert says that's why he's "scuffling so hard." Anderson asks what he's going to do when he gets his wife back. What's he going to do? Partay! And Herbert wants everyone who helped him to come, though he knows that's not possible. Then they talk a bit about the volunteers and Herbert notes he never experienced an outpouring like that before. He tells us he is 88% done with his house. 88%? Ha! Herbert is very specific. Right now he needs some curtains and screen wires. Oh, Herbert, use your gift card. Herbert tells us his wife's name is Lydia and Anderson notes that, "all right, Lydia, you heard it yourself. He's almost ready for you." Then they God bless each other and since Herbert has a tendency to bolt after an interview, Anderson preempts him by asking him to wait right there. Aw, who doesn't love Herbert?

Next up we've got Deborah on the phone regarding the Imus/Rutgers meeting. Oh noes! Did someone steal your live shot? What the hell? Anyway, funny story. You know how they've had their camera fixed on that door for the last two hours waiting for a press conference? Yeah, there's not going to be one. Apparently the Rutgers women are tired and you know, maybe they don't want to deal with press right now that is practically stalking them. Just a thought. I kind of hope they took one look at all the yahoos with their cameras set up and decided to purposely screw them over. Ah, the media. You gotta love it-even when it goes retarded.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Ah, the media. You gotta love it-even when it goes retarded."


1:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let's hope this is the last we hear of the Imus mess.

Herbert Gettridge is amazing. So together and strong, it's always a kick to see him on the show.

It's hard to see the devastation in NOLA, but oddly enough, when I was watching the segments about the neighborhoods and how quiet and empty they were, it actually made me wish I lived there, it seemed rather peaceful, despite the rising crime rate, but that's not how it should be; I hope NOLA can build itself back up again, but they need a lot of help.

2:34 AM  

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