Thursday, April 05, 2007

Syria's Role, Raw Politics, Giuliani Interview, Porn Addiction, And Global Warming (Wednesday's Second Hour)

Hi everyone. This hour is going to be slightly abbreviated because Eliza is tired! Remind me to sleep more than four hours tonight, okay? We begin again with the freed Iranian hostages, but this hour an interview with John Bolten is included. He is of course not thrilled with how the situation went down. Anyway, Bolten starts blabbing about Iran's nuclear weapons program and John calls him on it, "We should point out, Ambassador Bolton, that no one has yet proven that they are actually trying to acquire nuclear weapons." Thank you, John. But then Bolten cuts in and spouts all of this stuff he knows the Iranians are doing. Well I guess that settles that then. It's not like he's ever been completely wrong before.

Next up we have a Tom Foreman piece in which we learn that Syria helped negotiate the release of the soldiers. We're told that Iran basically held all the cards with the hostages and this distracted the world from other things, like their nuclear program. Oh and this is a Tom piece so we've got, wait for it, maps! Afterwards, Christiane Amanpour is back and she tells us there has been no independent confirmation that the Syrians were involved in the hostage situation, but they do have good relations with Iran. She also points out that though the US holds both Iran and Syria in disregard, the relationships with the two countries is different. For example, the US still has an embassy in Syria. Then they talk a bit about Nancy Polosi's recent trip to the country.

Moving on to some "Raw Politics" with Candy Crowley. We learn that Obama was only $1 million behind Clinton in fundraising, Tommy Thompson is throwing his hat in the presidential ring, Mitt Romney is already putting ads up in the big primary states, and Joe Biden does not support impeachment because he thinks it's counterproductive. Plus? He doesn't want Cheney. Yeah, that's the pickle we're in, isn't it? I may hate Bush with a passion, but I'd totally take a bullet for him because the alternative is too scary. I like to think of Bush as a speed bump on our Cheney-driven road to hell. Sometimes you have to take one for the country.

On now to a John Roberts piece on how Rudy's third wife is getting it in the NY tabloids. Oh, and did we mention that he's her third husband? Scandalous! In the piece we're told that republicans don't like a mess. Really? Then what's with the Iraq support? After the piece we get an EXCLUSIVE interview Dana Bash did with Giuliani. Dana gets him on record that he would support funding for abortions. Well, sort of. She also asks what's up with him and his son. According to Rudy, not much is up. They love each other. Yeah, what does he say?

Transitioning now to a David Mattingly piece on porn! Well, porn addicts anyway. And I'm guessing they will rerun this during the next "What is a Christian?", so I'll hold off for now and instead move into another David Mattingly piece. This one is on global warming and John intros it as part of the "Planet in Peril" series. Okay, so now the series is spreading to at home pieces? Are they going to be all over the place with this too? BTW, it doesn't take a genius to figure out that they're saving footage from their trips to be put into some big special later. I'm just wondering why they're not upfront about it. Anyway, in the piece we learn that the UN's global warming report is due on Friday and it's not going to be pretty, folks. Water shortages, species's going to be bad. Scientists are to the point that they think we need to not only try to stop the warming, but also learn to adapt to it.

The Shot tonight is a wild coyote that wandered into a sandwich shop in Chicago. "Maybe it was just waiting for someone to take his order," says Erica. John then raises Erica with a video of a man who tried to rescue his bird and then had to be rescued himself. Hey mister, you can't raise. Only Anderson can raise. Are you Anderson Cooper? No you are not. Eh, it's okay John. I know you need to practice your banter for your new gig. Make me proud. We then get a 5,000th viewing of the bear bouncing off the trampoline...and we're out.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The coyote at Quizno's in the Loop the other day was surreal, to say the least. People inside the shop were coming out onto the street and motioning for passerby to come in and see it for themselves. That's the closest most of us have come to a wild animal outside the zoo.

10:12 AM  

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