Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Breaking News Speculation, Iranians Seize British Sailors, And More ANS Crap (Tuesday's Second Hour)

Hi everyone. Well, there's not going to be much of a blog for this hour because there was a whole lot of BREAKING NEWS coverage that would be incredibly pointless to recap seeing as the situation is over now. So anyway, we have approximately 26 minutes of speculation before moving on to a Tom Foreman piece about Iran. Does he have maps? Well, of course he does. In the piece we learn that "two U.S. aircraft carriers are now conducting exercises off the Iranian coast." Oh that cannot be a good thing. Also mentioned is those 15 British sailors and marines that the Iranians seized. The British say they were in Iraqi waters while the Iranians say they were in their waters. In any regards, Tony Blair has said that the situation will move into a "different phase" if the sailors and marines are not released. Another phase? No, no more phases please. I am so happy it wasn't 15 Americans because if it was we'd probably be bombing Iran right now. The British are calmer. Tom points out that the big issue here is the Strait of Hormuz. Remember that? Whole bunch of oil goes through there and since Iran has been out doing their own exercises there's speculation they might try to shut it down. That would be bad. That would be very bad. Sigh. Can everyone please calm the hell down? No more wars until you've finished the ones you've started.

Next up we have Christiane Amanpour live from from London and I must say it has been too long. Christiane tells us that Blair is playing down his next phase comments and the implication that he was talking about a military option. She thinks that he could have been talking about making evidence public that proves the British really were in Iraqi waters. Anderson wonders what the next logical step would be. Christiane tells us there has been some diplomatic contact and she also notes that there is one woman being held, with the Iranians claiming she's being treated well. Anderson then asks if there's any linkage between this situation and the five Iranians that were captured by the US in Iraq in January. Christiane says the foreign ministry said no and she points out that even the Iraqis are saying the British were in Iraqi waters. Okay, so just no war, alright? No war.

After this we've got a hat trick of non newsiness: Anna Nicole Smith coverage, breaking news filled with speculation, and even some Warren Jeffs. Awesome. Wednesday's review will be up Thursday afternoon.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank god I had this hour on Tivo, because else I wouldn't have watched even the fifteen minutes that I did. Was there a point to all that hostage coverage? I bet there was less of it in the Phillipines than there was on 360. Yay Tom Foreman and his maps, though.

3:16 AM  
Anonymous Phoenix said...

I see people seldom leave comments for you, would just like to say how much I enjoy your reviews, didn't know about this site until the CNN intern flap. Am an AC fan, but not given to checking EVERYTHING! Anyway, I like your attitude toward the show.

9:26 AM  
Blogger eliza said...

@anonymous-I wouldn't have minded the coverage if they actually had facts to report. But that stuff gets ratings, so there you go. It just cracks me up how they go from what we're lead to believe is an important breaking news story and then switch right over to a Larry King repeat.

@phoenix-Thanks for the comment. I think the intern flap scared off some people and then there was another unrelated situation that went down at the same time that lost me some of the regular commenters. Apparently people don't like it when you point out they're plagiarizing. Oh well. Anyway, I hope you come back and drop more comments. Maybe we can get a discussion going.

7:14 PM  

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