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Sad Breaking News, Kids As War Pawns, Hazardous Fires, Raw Politics, Phil Spector, And Tennis In Wartime (Wednesday's Second Hour)

Hi guys. We begin the hour with Anderson throwing to John Roberts, who is not at all ready for us. Seriously, he's putting in his ear piece and isn't even all the way in the shot. This makes me think that the phone we heard ringing at the end of last hour was actual breaking news. You know, unlike normally when we have breaking news that really occurred hours before, but they still call it breaking news so they can use their graphics and sound effects. Unfortunately, the news is not good...or specific. Apparently John and Elizabeth Edwards have called a press conference for the next day in order to make an announcement related to her health. Nobody knows anything for sure, but it does not sound good. And now I'm going to pause this little time warp thing that I'm doing to say that obviously we all know now that Elizabeth's cancer is back and it really sucks. My thoughts and prayers are with her.

Next up we have Michael Ware live and he tells us that an American general is claiming that US troops let a car bomb go through a checkpoint because they saw kids in the backseat. Michael can't confirm this claim himself, but obviously it's horrific if true. He also talks a bit about just how hard it is to be a child in Iraq. Anderson wonders how you can fight against something like that and Michael thinks it's almost impossible. He notes that these kind of things are done by al Qaeda in Iraq who are even more hardcore than Bin Laden. They believe that any innocents they kill are going straight to heaven, so they're actually doing them a favor. This is why this war can never be won militarily.

On now to a Dan Rivers piece on fires that are out of control in Thailand. Every year Thai farmers set fire to last season's crop, but this year the fires have spread to the forests and have left hazardous smoke across the countryside. People are becoming ill and it's causing a huge problem. They're attempting to use sodium chloride to bring on rain, but so far it doesn't seem to be working. After the piece Dan joins Anderson live and notes that he himself, along with his producer, became sick from the smoke. It's apparently so bad that the UN is thinking of pulling out their staff. Man.

Transitioning back to John Roberts who talks a little bit about Elizabeth Edwards and then moves on to Raw Politics. This completely cracks me up because he basically went from concerned reporter voice to peppy reporter voice with the snap of a finger. So versatile. Okay, so in Raw Politics tonight we begin with The Terminator and Rush Limbaugh duking it out because Arnold has gotten sane lately and Rush can't have that. They've apparently patched things up though. As John notes, "But a good cigar, it seems, can heal all wounds." Next up we learn that James Inhofe got his "ears boxed" today by Senator Boxer. Oh, bad pun. Bad pun. The clip is pretty awesome though. Global warming denier Inhofe tries to take control of Gore's hearing and Boxer is like, "You don't make the rules anymore, bucko!" Uh, she might have used more senatorial language. We also learn that, "Gore refused to take a pledge that Inhofe proffered to use no more energy than the average American household." I'm sure Gore has a good reason, but now I'm wondering what it is. After this, things get weirdly disturbing. John tells us that Robert Reich, Labor Secretary under Clinton, is v-logging about a date he had in 1966 with Hillary. Apparently she wanted a lot of butter on her popcorn. A lot of butt4er. Says John, "May we say that there are some things so raw in politics that you just don't need to know. " Well that just got downright naughty, didn't it? Oh my. Don't let the kiddies watch Raw Politics!

Next up we have Candy Crowley on the phone with John, speculating about Elizabeth Edwards even though they said they weren't going to speculate. Okay then. John gives a nice little antedote though about how she's a great person. Then we transition to a Dan Simon piece on Phil Spector, very successful music producer and...accused killer. The alleged murder happened four years ago and the only reason I kind of remember it is because this dude has hair like he just stuck his finger in a light socket. And...I don't really care. But we're going to discuss it dammit because Jeffrey Toobin apparently wants in on everything this week. John laughs about Spector's hair, but Toobin notes that if he let his hair grow out it would probably look the same. Ha! It probably would. Apparently Spector is claiming the girl died due to accidental suicide. Yeah, let that one sink in for a minute. John laughs about the bizarreness and then apologizes, "I don't want to make light of this." Oh c'mon, might as well go the distance at this point. After this the conversation turns into a music debate. No, really. For the record, Toobin was okay with the "Let it Be," album, but John? Not a fan. I swear to God, almost every conversation with Toobin dissolves into craziness. He must be great at parties.

Moving on to more bartender stuff and John interviews Eugene O'Donnell, former NYPD. I don't see the point with this either. John seems all shocked a cop would do this. Well, they're not all winners. Some cops are jerks, to put it mildly. After this we go back to Anderson, who I was beginning to think had been sold into slavery. He then intros us into a Brent Sadler piece on two Iraqi families now living in Lebanon. One of the men actually gave tennis lessons to General Casey inside the Green Zone. Now he and his family are refugees. And they blame America. Great. After the piece Anderson reads blog comments, one of which warns him against eating a certain kind of pepper. "I wish I had read your e-mail just a little bit sooner," says Anderson. Oh noes! Anderson Cooper you are such a bad liar. Heh. I just realized I didn't give a grade during the first hour like I normally do. Pretty good tonight. There was some stuff I could have done without, but it's a two hour show. There was some speculating with the breaking news, but I've seen them do much worse when it comes to that. B.


Blogger Maddy said...

I was not able to watch the entire show last night but I did catch a few segments, the first one being the ringing phone at the end of the first hour. Initially I thought it was a setup for an upcoming segment not breaking news.

I am really saddened to hear the news about Elizabeth Edwards. I admire her strength and courage in dealing with all of this, especially in the public eye. She is truly an amazing woman.

Michael Ware's piece was really disturbing. It is so upsetting to see children being used in this way. I know it happens in war but it is still hard to see. It makes me wonder how the hell we are going to get out of this mess in Iraq?

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