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Terror News, Right Gone Wrong, Primary Talk, Death Benefits Problem, Glen Beck Shares, And Shunning Stephen Colbert (Thursday's Second Hour)

Hi everyone. I know, by the end of the week I'm always behind. Such is life I suppose. Anyway, we kick off the hour with more news of the Khalid Sheikh Mohammed confession and man, this guy confessed to a lot of stuff. The Indonesian nightclub bombing, the Daniel Pearl murder, you name it this guy says he was involved. He reportedly also put the bop in the bop shu bop shu bop and I'm beginning to think he was also responsible for my washing machine hose blowing up about a month ago. I mean, I wasn't even washing anything at the time. Very fishy. Anderson tells us that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed claims there is a picture on the Internet with him holding Daniel Pearl's head. My first reaction is of course to be horrified, but my second reaction is to wonder, well, is there? This is what we have journalists for. Did anybody investigate this? Because I am so not googling that, but it would be confirmation that he was responsible for his murder. In a Tom Foreman piece we're informed that investigators are taking nothing at face value. Yeah, that seems smart.

Up next we're joined by Nic Robertson live from Kabul and Anderson wonders if the War on Terror has stalled. Nic tells us there have been no big captures lately, but now Pakistan is becoming a major focus because some of the more recent plots have been traced back to there. Anderson asks if Pakistan is doing enough to fight this and we of course know the answer is no. Nic informs us that some in Pakistan are even helping to train and support the terrorists. Sigh, with friends like these...Anderson then inquires about Khalid Sheikh Mohammed's relationship with bin Laden. Nic explains he doesn't seem to be one of his favorite operatives, but unfortunately for us, has been very effective. I guess Nic will be there for the spring offensive. Stay safe Nic.

Transitioning now to politics, we have a Suzanne Malveaux piece on Karl Rove's role in attorney-gate. Most of this was pretty much covered in the first hour. We get a kind of time line of the emails and it's clear they're trying to blame this all on Harriet Miers now. I wonder if she'll be sending anymore fawning cards. After Suzanne's piece we're joined by Karen Tumulty of "Time" magazine for discussion about how the Right went wrong. Karen thinks the Republican party has now become more about tactics than principles. Anderson points out that didn't work out so well for them in 2006. Thank God! Karen says competent government also used to be one of conservative's big things. Well, that's really gone by the wayside now, hasn't it? Karen also tells us that conservatives are pretty demoralized now and she talks glowingly of Ronald Reagan, which looses her points with me. It kind of sucks he's won this great place in history because he did some pretty damaging things. For example, the state of news in this country probably wouldn't be so pathetic if not for him putting the kabash on the Fairness Doctrine. Thanks Reagan. After the interview Anderson does some pimping for "Time", but before I am able to fully scowl he discloses that CNN has the same parent company. Good man.

Transitioning now to some BREAKING NEWS. There's a railroad trestle on fire in California. Oh noes! But not much is known yet, so we're moving on to a Bill Schneider piece about California moving up their primary date. And apparently New Hampshire is not happy about this. So how will the move mess with everyone else? Unclear. If CA voters go with the NH pick then NH looks important; if they don't, NH looks irrelevant. Seems kind of petty to me, but whatever. Next up we have a Mary Snow piece on Hillary Clinton's war stance. Apparently on the campaign trail she's all about bringing the troops home, but in a recent New York Times interview she says she would keep some troops in Iraq due to our interests and whatnot. Uh huh. This obviously makes the anti-war base suspicious, especially since she still won't say her war vote was a mistake. Obama actually has a similar plan, but it seems people are willing to cut him more slack. Well, that's probably because he doesn't seem quite so calculating. Maybe he's just a better actor. In any regards, some journalist needs to ask both of them point blank whether or not they support permanent bases.

On now to a "Keeping Them Honest" piece from David Mattingly about Navy Petty Officer Jamie Jaenke, who was killed in the war. Jamie was a single parent of a nine-year old daughter and prior to leaving she thought she had everything set for her mother to get her death gratuity if the worst happened. Unfortunately, the death benefit law is set up so that since Jamie had no husband, the $100,000 benefit goes to her daughter and because she's a minor, it's locked up in a trust until she's 18. This is a problem because Jamie's mother needs the money now to raise Jamie's daughter. Another case of red tape it seems. Hopefully there's some legal loophole somewhere that will allow them to get the money now. At least it's $100,000 now. Remember when it was an insulting and shameful $12,420? After this there's more fire talk, but this news doesn't really keep, so I'll take a pass.

Next up we have a Paula Zahn interview with Glen Beck. Wha? It seems Glen's promos weren't lying; he really does have issues. This actually explains a lot. I have to wonder though, what is up with the Headline News people telling their deep dark secrets on CNN? What horror will Erica Hill be recounting? The Thomas Roberts special was poignant, but this is a little much and I got ticked off that I almost felt bad for Glen Beck. Almost. So anyway, Glen's mom committed suicide and at 13 he started abusing drugs and alcohol. He recounts to us how messed up he was and sort of cries a little. Damn. Then he met his now wife one night when he was about to relapse and her just being there apparently saved his life. Can I just say that Paula Zahn so does not have the trademark Anderson Cooper empathy. Though to be fair, it is Glen Beck. Look Glen, I really am generally happy for you that you were able to stop with the drinking and the drugs, but now maybe you can work on that whole being a misogynist/bigot thing. K? After the interview Anderson pimps for Glen Beck's show. Ew. I wonder if that made him feel dirty.

Finally tonight we've got some Stephen Colbert news. It seems Rahm Emanuel is urging democrats not to go on his show. Oh Rahm, don't be a dick. Too late. Anderson intros a Jeanne Moos piece by telling us that he watched a video of Stephen's White House correspondent dinner roasting of Bush and thought it was great. Apparently I'm a notch or two up from Anderson on the dork scale because I watched the thing live on CSPAN. Yes, I am a sad person. But he was so good! In Jeanne's piece we get some Colbert Report clips and whatnot, including my all time favorite "Better Know a District" when Stephen asks Ten Commandments in the Capitol advocate Congressman Lynn Westmoreland to actually name them. Why did no journalist ever do that? After the piece Anderson tells us , "I can't believe people wouldn't go on." Well yeah, but Stephen totally lurves you. And you apparently like his ice cream. That's all folks.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I also watched Stephen Colbert's skewering of George Bush on C-SPAN, it was amazing. I don't ever want to see Glenn Beck on 360 again, I still don't feel sympathetic towards him. I don't get all of the love for Ronald Reagen either, in my view, he was NOT a great president, probably one of the worst, but I suppose George Bush makes anyone look halfway ok.

3:19 AM  
Blogger eliza said...

@anon-Glenn Beck needs to stay on HLN. The CNN people should build a border or something to keep the HLNers out (except for Thomas Roberts and Erica Hill). They can put Lou Dobbs in charge of building it. Heh.

6:04 AM  

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