Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Even More ANS Coverage, Pat Tillman Investigation, Heaven's Gate Cult, War Resisters, And Inmate Idle (Monday's Second Hour)

Hi everyone. Like last hour, we kick this hour off with my favorite subject: Anna Nicole Smith! We gets some repeated stuff and OMG Anderson even has a timeline of her death. With graphics. That's almost past mockable at this point. It's just sad, really. After that there's a Susan Candiotti piece, an interview with Harvey Levin who is the managing editor of TMZ.com, and even more repeated garbage. All that was 20 minutes of your life kiddies. I hope you were multi-tasking.

Transitioning now to...OMG real news! We've got a "Keeping Them Honest" piece from Jamie McIntyre regarding a new report released on the death of Pat Tillman. You might remember that Pat was a big football star that gave up a lucrative contract to fight for his country. He was then killed in Afghanistan and the adminstration proceeded to use him as the poster boy for their cause. There was one problem; Pat Tillman was killed by friendly fire and none of what the Pentagon told us was true. And that "us" included Pat's own family. Three previous investigations into his death were found to be deficient. This investigation found that nine officers are at fault in regards to the false information, including four generals. This whole story just sickens me. He died for his country and they used him. They made him into some Rambo-like hero to help sell their war and it was all a lie-just like everything else regarding this war. The thing that gets me is that they had to make up this big story even though Pat Tillman was a guy who gave up millions to serve. Was that not enough?

Next up we have a Dan Simon piece on the 10 year anniversary of the Heaven's Gate mass suicide. Heaven's Gate was a cult that believed earth was a garden to grow souls and by killing themselves they would be moving on to a more developed kingdom. One guy, Rio DeAngelo, is the only survivor of the cult and he actually still believes. That's craziness. After the piece Anderson has an interview with Steven Alan Hassan, cult expert. From Steve we learn that the pull of a cult can last decades and a perfect cult candidate is going through a life transition, is off balance, and lacks street smarts.

Moving on now to a piece from Thelma Gutierrez on war resisters living in Nelson, British Columbia. Eliza paid special attention to this piece. If things get drafty now I know where I'm sending the 20 year old brother. Thanks CNN! I'll totally think of you when I'm breaking the law. After this we have a Gary Tuchman piece on "Inmate Idle." The story has graduated from The Shot I see. Anyway, the winner sang "My Girl" and he and his cell block were rewarded with pizza and McDonald's. Erica then gives us the headlines and we learn that OK Go's treadmill video won one of the YouTube awards. I love that video! Erica does too. She tells us she tried it at the gym and fell. Bwah! Oh Erica, I would totally do the treadmill video with you. At this point I'm wishing I had a treadmill and then I remember, wait, I do have a treadmill. Guess you can tell how much I exercise. That'll do it. I think I took care of all my yelling at them last hour.


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