Friday, April 13, 2007

A 360 Stakeout, Imus Fallout Discussion, Paul Gailiunas Interview, A Green Zone Iraq Attack, And HGH (Thursday's First Hour)

Hi everybody. We're in New Orleans tonight, but Anderson doesn't let us in on the location because we've got BREAKING NEWS. The Rutgers players are meeting with Don Imus RIGHT NOW at the New Jersey governor's mansion. Also CBS radio has joined MSNBC in kicking Imus to the curb. Outside stalking, er, covering the mansion for us we've got Deborah Feyerick, who tells us that CNN has a spy, er, contact inside the meeting. Riveting. She also tells us that the New Jersey governor got in a serious car accident on his way there and is now in surgery. OMG. Oh, but CNN totally doesn't care about him right now. Their bread is buttered by Imus. The assumption is there will be some sort of press conference since all those reporters went through the trouble of spying on their private meeting and everything. Dammit, doesn't that obligate these young women to say something? But for now we're moving on. Don't worry though, we'll be back.

Next we've got an interview with Al Sharpton and Tom Delay. And guess who Tom Delay thinks is at fault here. Liberals! If I ever see Tom Delay I'm totally running up to him and going, "I'm a liberal. Boo!" He starts going after Rosie O'Donnell and pimps his campaign to get her fired. Oh boy. Anderson piggybacks off of some of Delay's other comments and asks Sharpton if he's the PC police. Sharpton is comfuzzled about why this is all of the sudden a partisan debate. Seriously. Do we even know Imus' political affiliation? Or does the Right just automatically claim the racists? Anderson then turns back to Delay and asks what's up with the left/right debate. Delay claims that it's because it's the Left that carpet bombs. Whoa. Projecting much? You are "The Hammer," are you not? Then he brings up the fact that he and Sharpton are both Christians and how they're suppose to love their enemies. Just, you know, not the liberal ones apparently. Sharpton notes that they can forgive and it's not like they're throwing him in jail or something. After the interview Anderson tells us, "We will have more of their conversation, which got heated later on, in the next hour of 360." Liar. Maybe if we didn't waste so much time staring at a damn mansion door...

Moving on now to an interview with Bruce Gordon, CBS board member. Like with MSNBC, he says CBS's decision was at least partly based on maintaining the company's reputation. Anderson wonders if the media companies even really know what they're putting out into the public arena. Bruce says there's so much content out there that it's impossible to absorb it all and he also thinks we've become too tolerant. Wait, what? Actually I pretty much agree with him. Obviously the culture didn't turn to trash overnight. We didn't go from The Andy Griffith Show straight to Pants Off Dance Off. When you take a slow slide into cultural crap you tolerate things that maybe you wouldn't have previously. Speaking of cultural crap, we learn in "Raw Data" that Rush Limbaugh has 13.5 million listeners. God that's depressing.

Transitioning back now to their governor's mansion live shot, which they've been going back to every chance they get. Oh look, a door! I'm on pins and needles here, people. Seriously, the future "Daily Show" jokes will practically write themselves. Anyway, we learn from the spy that inside tears are being shed. And just so we're clear, all of my sarcasm is directed at the idiotic coverage of this meeting, not the meeting itself. Moving on to an Anderson piece on hip hop and its double standard. Parents get the kiddies out of the room because we're currently seeing clips of the worst MTV has to offer. This is why I rarely watch the video channels anymore. This crap is disgusting. Why any girl would want to be in those videos is beyond me, but many many do.

After the piece we're joined by Amy Holmes, who is practically a member of the 360 family at this point, and Jason Whitlock, columnist with "The Kansas City Star." Jason has written on the Imus flap and he believes that the real problem is prison culture in the African American community and this is being avoided. He doesn't think that Imus is so powerful that he can steal anyone's joy and he wishes African American's would stop playing the victim. Amy disagrees, stating that Imus is powerful due to the people he had on and that 80% of the people that are buying into that prison culture are white. That stat always throws me. Maybe I'm looking at this wrong, but in regards to overall US demographics, isn't that about right? Jason points out that there is a difference between listening to the music and living the lifestyle. Anderson then brings up his point he loves about the corporations. I'm telling you Anderson, a "Keeping Them Honest." It'll make you feel good.

Transitioning now to Anderson acknowledging that he's actually in New Orleans, specifcially in the Gentilly section. Most of the homes around him have not been rebuilt and he tells us that "normally, there would be people playing on the streets, kids and families." At 10:30 at night? Kids? We're then introed into a Randi Kaye piece on the murder of Helen Hill. You might remember 360's coverage of this story before. Helen was a filmmaker who was gunned down in her own home as her doctor husband, Paul Gailiunas, protected their infant son. Paul himself was also shot, but survived. He has since left New Orleans and moved to Canada. This is his first time speaking publicly about the incident. This whole story is so horrible. They sound like they were a wonderful couple and the person that did this is still on the loose.

Next up we learn there was a "suicide bombing in the Iraqi parliament, in the heart of Baghdad's Green Zone." Oh, so that war is still going on? Because watching before I wasn't sure. Anyway, we then go to Kyra Phillips live, and she tells us this was unprecedented because the bomber had to get through six checkpoints. Her sources are telling her that it was infiltration, maybe through the kitchen help. Anderson notes that the Iraqis had been responsible for security and he wonders if that will now change. Kyra thinks it will and she states that it used to be that when you went through the checkpoints you had all US people checking you, but now it's Iraqis and even hired contractors. Anderson points out that other explosives were found too and Kyra explains that that's standard operating procedure in case something goes wrong. And...we're right back to the mansion live cam. Apparently the hard news junkies were just thrown a bone. But don't worry, we've got important news here too. Don Imus is getting into his car! OMG, look at him walk! Oh, and we learn that his wife hugged every player. Every single one of them! I mean, news like that deserves it's own graphic. Wait, why am I encouraging them?

Our last piece of the hour is from Sanjay Gupta on human growth hormone (HGH). I'm pretty sure this is a repeat from the Anna Nicole Smith coverage. Anyway, I hate to skimp on Sanjay, but I'm giving this a pass. I hope people who were excited to see Anderson in New Orleans stuck around for the second hour because after watching the first hour I wondered what the point was of him even being there. Tonight's show contained quality mixed with utter ridiculousness. I always appreciate when Anderson goes to New Orleans and I think the debates over race and sexism are important. However, can we please move past Imus now? Let's keep discussing the issues, but the man has now been fired (as he should have been), so it's time to leave it alone. Staking out a non press conference? How pathetic. That part of tonight's coverage was cringe inducing. Oh, and it was nice to see Iraq make it back into the news, but how sad is it that it took the freaking parliament getting blown up to do it? And still with the sound effect. C+

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Blogger Zennie Abraham said...

It turns out that Jason Whitlock's got some Black-self-hate issues he's working through.

Read this

6:29 AM  
Anonymous Phoenix said...

Eliza, had trouble getting in to comments, but prob because I have an old computer and dialup. This was one of your best and funniest reviews, you said some of the things I was thinking but much better than I could! I especially liked the comment about kids playing in the street (practically in the middle of the night!) I wonder if CNN reads your reviews, but I think the current management is way past understanding anything!

11:36 AM  
Blogger eliza said...

@zennie-Thanks for the read, though I'm not sure I would characterize Whitlock as being self hating.

@phoenix-Hmm, I wonder why you had trouble. I languish in dial-up hell myself. Maybe because I just switched to the new version of blogger? (It made me.)

Thanks for the compliment. CNN reads sometimes, but I have no way of knowing who or why. It may just be security making sure I'm not all crazy. lol

3:30 PM  

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