Thursday, April 12, 2007

More About Duke Case And 360 Again Takes Calls On Don Imus (Wednesday's Second Hour)

Hi guys. I'm still not feeling well, so this is going to be short. We start with a repeat of the Jason Carroll piece on the Duke rape charges being dropped and then move into an Anderson piece on how the arrests affected the guys. Afterwards we're joined by their attorneys, Jim Coony and Wade Smith. A lot of repeat ground is covered here. They blame the prosecutor and indicate there is no way to know why the woman made the charges. Afterwards we have Jeffrey Toobin back and I have to say, he always looks guilty for some reason when they first introduce him. Maybe it's because half of the conversations with him end in craziness. Both he and Anderson note how one of the guys pointed out that if they didn't have the resources to hire good lawyers they might be rotting in a prison cell. Toobin then mentions the Innocence Project. 360 needs to do a "Keeping Them Honest" on our prison system. Unfortunately it's a big industry that is making a lot of people money.

Next we're joined by Amy Holmes, Roland Martin, and John Fund. John Fund? Man, that third position is like musical chairs. John thinks we have a problem with white guilt in this country and that's why people rushed to judgement in the Duke rape case. Hey, I rushed to judgement in the case, but white guilt had nothing to do with it. I'm biased against the frat-boy type party culture. Sorry. And when a woman says she was raped I believe her. The races could have been reversed and I would have felt the same. Anderson tells us they've been getting a ton of emails and sorry to take you out of the review for a second, but I just have to share some transcript hilariousness. On the broadcast Anderson tells us that they've been getting a lot of reaction to the Imus story. However, the transcript seems to think they're been getting reaction to the "Amish store." Bwah! That's almost as good as when the transcript had Anderson and Jeff Corwin out "haunting" with the Brazilians.

Moving on to a Joe Johns piece about the advertisers pulling out and then we're taking your calls. Things start smoothly, but then a caller is missing and there's some technical problems. Uh oh. That would be the downside of the call-ins. It's okay though. No harm, no foul. The phone calls lead to more talk about gangsta rap and now I'm wondering if anyone has actually talked to any of these rappers about this scandal. Yeah, it's the corporations that push the music, but rappers do have a say. What do they think and will they make a pledge to stop? I'm not really into rap, but I do like Kanye West. However, I don't like that he uses the 'n' word. He decided not to be homophobic in his music; maybe he could decide to stop using that word too. But somebody needs to bring them into the conversation. Later on Roland tries to counter the cynics (and that would include me) that say this won't change anything. He brings up Rosa Parks and states that "it is always the major developments that are started by a very small issue." Yes, but Rosa didn't have to contend with a 24 hour news cycle. John Fund thinks we need to broaden the people that get on televison...and that's probably the first and last time I will agree with John Fund. That's all folks.

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