Wednesday, April 11, 2007

More Imus Fallout, The Art Of The Apology, And 360 Takes Your Calls (Tuesday's Second Hour)

Hi everyone. We're kicking off the hour on the Imus story again and Anderson starts by showing us an extended clip of the "Today" show appearance. Then we're joined again by Amy Holmes, Roland Martin, and Robert George. Anderson notes Al Sharpton is calling for Imus to be fired and wonders if he has any clout. Robert admits he can get attention, but Sharpton certainly doesn't speak for him. Then Robert and Amy start dissing on Sharpton, which is fine by me. However, as Roland points out, this isn't about Al Sharpton. In fact, it was the National Association of Black Journalists that first called for Imus to be fired, not Sharpton. Roland also makes the point that Sharpton being the 'go to' guy is partly the media's fault because when something like this happens they always, well, go to him. Anderson then switches back to talking about the double standard with rappers. Apparently he's getting emails.

Next we get an extended clip of the Rutgers player's press conference. They should actually do the extended clips more often. People like to see things unfiltered and plus? Takes up time, so not as much work for them. Afterwards we're back with Amy, Roland, and Robert. Anderson asks if this will "begin an actual debate about language and about what is appropriate and about this society, this culture which we now clearly have in which, you know, denigrating others is a way to make profit?" Stand down guys, I've got this one. That would be a big fat no. Is this important and should there be a debate? Absolutely. Will this story be down the memory hole three months from now? Absolutely. As I said yesterday, I'm still waiting for that big debate on poverty that we were suppose to have after Katrina. Anderson notes that Imus was talking about having a regular African American contributor, but Robert isn't into it. He thinks that will be like a token hire and now I'm thinking of Stephen Colbert and his picture of him and his "black friend." Maybe that's what Imus needs.

Next up we have a Tom Foreman piece on apologies. There have been a lot of those lately, most insincere. But for any of you that are planning on making some racist/sexist/bigoted comments in the future you're in luck because Tom's got a "how to" guide on how to get people to forgive you. Step one, make it quick. Okay, Imus already screwed it up. Step two, take your medicine-meaning take responsibility and don't put it off on other people or circumstances. And we're looking at you, Alberto. Step three, no sugarcoating. This means don't suddenly develop an alcohol problem because you're a racist. Finally, step four, change your behavior. Pretty self explanatory and if my viewing history is a guide, also the hardest to do.

Moving on to a repeat of the Whoopi Goldberg interview and then we bring in Amy, Roland, and Robert for some call-ins. Yay! My friend Arachnae was very excited. Did you try to call? I did not. Eliza has no desire to be on television. But I like listening to other people. The first call is from New Jersey. New Jersey, hello!! Oh, wrong show. And actually I'm not blogging these individual calls because it's kind of a pain to do. I'm not complaining, just stating a fact. Also, one issue I noticed is that a lot of the callers had questions that were already covered by the panel before the call-in segment. Obviously they have to let the viewers email and start calling early, so I'm not sure exactly how they could fix that other than just always making sure they do the calls before the panel. And then of course if they do that it could leave Anderson without anything to ask later. Anyway, it's a kink that I'm sure the crack 360 staff can work out. Before the last commercial Anderson tells us to stick around so we can "find out who is and who isn't the father of Anna Nicole Smith's baby, if you care." Bwah! As it so happens, I do not care. And that'll do it.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

It would be good to see a broader variety of spokespeople besides Sharpton and Jackson, which is why it was good to hear from Whoopi, even though she's just a celebrity, she made some excellent points and it was a good interview.

I do hope this story dies down at some point. What's not going to disappear unfortunately, is the tension and misunderstanding between the races.

1:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

They really need to work on selecting their callers better! People shouldn't read their speeches on the air! And the points were boring or already hashed and rehashed. "I think he should be fired," and "I think rappers are worse." Didn't anyone have a more original point/question?

How do they pick their callers, I wonder? I hope it's not just 'first come, first served'.

-- Teri

3:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

AC360 is still kind of new to the call in thing and it probably was first come, first served. It was funny when that person started reading their comment!

6:05 PM  

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