Thursday, February 01, 2007

Help Herbert Gettridge (And Possibly Others) Rebuild From Katrina

Hi everyone. Last post I told you I was going to ask for money and I wasn't kidding. Many of us remember Herbert Gettridge. Anderson did an adorable interview with him when he was in New Orleans a few weeks ago. Herbert is all alone in the Ninth Ward rebuilding his home and this is where you come in. A friend of mine saw Herbert's story and contacted CNN's Gulf Coast bureau to see how to help. What Herbert apparently needs is gift cards to buy supplies, so a collection is being organized to buy him one big Home Depot gift card. If we get enough money (and info) we might be helping out others too. So give what you can by clicking on the donate button under the links of this blog. It will take you to the paypal account of my friend. If you don't have a paypal account you can simply use a credit card. And yes, I have trusted this friend with money before. It's fine. Also, besides this blog, there is another community also donating and we thought we might like to engage in some friendly competition. Let's show them how it's done! The beauty part is that I'm a member there too, so either way, I win! The link will be up for about a week and I'll try to remind you in most of my posts. Thanks everyone!


Anonymous Sharla Dawn said...

Hey, keep us updated on how much gets donated. If I knew how,I would totally get in my car, drive over there, and help him out. I ain't afraid of heights. Or hammers. Or anything else for that matter :)

10:56 AM  

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