Tuesday, January 30, 2007

A New Group In Iraq, Iran, Homeless Vets, Field Medicine, Katrina Hearings, And Obama Ads (Monday's Second Hour)

Hi everybody. Hold on tight, this is going to be fast. We begin with an Arwa Damon piece on the fighting that occurred today in Najaf. It turns out there's this whole other group now that no one new about. They call themselves the Soldiers of Heaven and they're basically a Shia cult that's bent on bringing about the Shia judgement day. Yeah, because that always works out. It was a brazen attack that the Iraqis tried to handle, but they eventually had to call the Americans for back-up because they were up against 600 men and the fight went on for 24 hours. Apparently the goal of this new group was to create mass chaos by killing Shia clerics and leaders, including Al-Sistani. Oh, that would have been unbelievably bad. Ugh. We can't even handle the other groups we already knew about and now there's these people? Sigh.

Moving on to a bunch of repeat stuff from the first hour and then we have a Barbara Star piece about Iran. It is believed Iran is supplying Iraq with weapons, but we already know that... so moving on to Christiane Amanpour live in Tehran. She tells us the Iranian people are scared the US is going to war against them. Well, if it makes them feel any better, the US people are scared too. Also, Iran is about to open a bank in Iraq. So they're settling right in I guess. After this there is an Anderson piece about a homeless vet that ran before. After the piece Anderson updates that Joe is now renting a room, so that's good. We've also got an old Sanjay piece about field medicine too.

Transitioning now to a Susan Roesgen piece on Katrina and why the money just isn't getting anywhere. There was a senate homeland security hearing on Katrina and senators also took a tour of the devastated area. One of these senators appears to be Lieberman, but there is no mention of the fact that he totally backed away from his pre-election promise to hold the Bush Administration accountable for what happened. C'mon 360! You guys should be nailing him for that. Anyway, there's a whole bunch of back and forth blaming, but no real answers. Speaking of back and forth. All throughout the show Anderson's eyes kept going up and to the side. Is the prompter on the ceiling? What the hell? In any regards, it was kind of amusing to watch. It was like his eyes were playing ping pong.

Next we have a Jeanne Moos piece on weird Obama ads on youtube. People have too much time on their hands...said the blogger reviewing a news show. The Shot tonight is a news tech guy who drove his live truck onto a frozen lake and got stuck. Oops. Okay, that'll do it.


Blogger midnite6367 said...

The Shia cult battle was pretty disturbing, they just came out of nowhere it seems. Yes, Leiberman needs to be called out on his Katrina promises.

It did look like Anderson was looking at the monitor which must've been up high instead of on the floor like it usually is.

10:04 PM  

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