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Princess Diana, Iraq Talk, Baby Stealing, And Oh My God More James Kim (Monday's Show)

Hi everybody. Hope you had a nice weekend. Did you catch Anderson on 60 Minutes? It was a really good (and infuriating) piece. And didn't he look oh so professional? I took a nap right before the show tonight and when I got up and flipped on the tv I wondered if I had woken up in 1997. Princess Diana? As the top story? Really? And actually after watching the rest of the show I regret waking up at all. We begin with a David Mattingly piece on the results of a recent investigation into Diana's death. Apparently the US was secretly eavesdropping on her without British knowledge. So they were tapping her phone during the relatively peaceful 90's, yet liberals today are suppose to believe that the NSA isn't tapping anyone that's not related to terrorism. Right. We then move into a Paula Newton piece where we learn that the investigation has confirmed her driver was drunk. That took nine years? The piece then delves into all the conspiracy theories surrounding her death. I know Diana was kind of an icon to some people, but I never really had any strong opinion about her. In any regards, this is not top story material.

To continue talking about this nine year old story (hey, at least it's not JonBenet), we have a taped interview with author Dominick Dunne. Anderson wants to know if this new information will make the conspiracy theories go away. Dominick of course answers no because those kind of theories are always there no matter how much proof there is to refute them. Anderson informs us that he rarely believes in conspiracy theories because they require too many people to keep quiet. I agree with that. It's why I don't think the US government was behind 9-11. Do I think they're evil enough to do something like that? Yes. But hundreds, if not thousands of people would have been in on it and no way are they all keeping quiet. Anderson also points out that even though Diana was like this larger than life person she ultimately died due to a very simple and preventable accident. Yep, sometimes things just happen. It's like how on Buffy the Vampire Slayer when Buffy's mom died not from a vampire, but a simple blood clot. And yes, I really did just make a Buffy reference. What? If they can talk about Princess Diana nine years after the fact I can talk about Buffy. Shut up. Don't think I don't feel you mocking me.

As we go out to commerical, Anderson previews a story that he says people "just can't stop talking about." What story is that? Well James Kim of course. And honestly, I don't think most of the people I know have even heard of James Kim. They're dedicating the entire next hour to the story and I have to say it kind of makes me sick. It's no longer newsworthy and even worse, this is all becoming really exploitive. Does the family want their tragedy turned into a ratings grabbing cable special? It's not like he's still missing and media coverage might get him found. They found him and he unfortunately died. Let the man rest in peace and let his family grieve without talking heads speculating about what he was thinking.

Transitioning now to a John Roberts piece on fallout from the ISG report. Bush is "appreciative" of their advice, which basically means he's going to ignore it and do whatever the hell he wants. In fact, already he's working to marginalize the report by meeting with military leaders that are against its recommendations. All the neoconservatives are annoyed with the report as well because they're not really down with the whole diplomacy thing. David Frum ponders how the men of the study group, who are suppose to be so smart, could get things so wrong. Well David, why don't you look in a mirror and maybe you'll get an answer. Oh, unless in your world the Iraqis really did greet us as liberators. After the piece John joins us live and Anderson asks when we can expect to hear what Bush is going to do. John thinks sometime before Christmas. That's one gift I don't think I want.

On now to a taped interview with New York Times columnist Frank Rich. Yay, a liberal. It's been a while. Frank thinks we already lost in Iraq and then goes on to list all the reasons it's such a quagmire over there. Ugh, don't remind me. Anderson mentions how Bush thinks we're winning and he wants to know if he really believes that or if that's just spin. Frank says it's possible they're delusional. Bwah! That's what I keep saying. Except I take out the "possible" part. Frank believes the ISG is a fraud meant to pacify the public and after everything we've been hearing I'm kind of inclined to agree with him. The Gerg is going to be upset. I told him not to have that bar so high.

Anderson then tells us that on 360 they give us all the angles and don't take sides. Hmm, I beg to differ with that and I believe I've documented cases where that's not true. Plus the fact that for a while Andrew Sullivan was on all the time with no liberal voice for perspective. Anyway, Anderson gave that little spiel because now we've got the other side with us live: former Bush advisor Anna Perez. Anderson asks her if we're winning in Iraq, but she won't really answer. She does, however, talk about how great it is that Saddam's gone. Although really I think at this point some people would rather have him back. Anna thinks if the US leaves we'll just have to be back there again.

Anderson mentions that his soldier friend told him that a common belief among soldiers is that we should leave and let them sort it out. Anna then talks about how bad if would be if Iraq became a failed state. Okay, first of all, one might argue Iraq already is a failed state. But if we're so worried about failed states (and I think we should be) why are we doing so little to stop the conflict in Darfur? Because of it, Chad and the Central African Republic may very well soon become failed states. Are we just going to wait until a terrorist attack is planned there to do something about it? Back in the interview, Anna brings up the recent conference Iran had to explore whether or not the Holocaust happened. Anderson knocks down this strawman by pointing out that Ahmadinejad doesn't have full power in the country and students were actually protesting him (go students!) . I really don't understand the whole conference thing. The Holocaust was one of the most documented events in history. I'd like to know what all their excuses are for all that evidence.

Next we get a sample from Paula Zahn's James Kim special. Good Lord. Then we move on to a John Zarella piece on a baby that was stolen at knife point. Police think the baby was taken as payment that the parents owed to coyotes that snuck them into the country. That's messed up. Next we have a piece from what I guess is a special series this week called "How Far Would You Go?" Oookay. Anyway, the piece is from Ed Lavandera about people who go to Mexico for plastic surgery. But uh oh! Some of them are coming back with deep scars and life threatening infections. Shocking I know. Who would have thought going to Mexico for cheap surgery might be dangerous? I actually don't understand the whole plastic surgery thing. I've had a few major surgeries in my life that were necessary and honestly to think about going under the knife if you don't have to seems crazy to me. I'd rather be unattractive. That'll do it for tonight. You can probably guess I didn't watch the James Kim special. Tonight was pretty bad again. Get it together 360! D+

Is the Bush camp delusional or just playing politics? Have you ever gotten/would you ever get plastic surgery?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know I'm not really answering any of your questions but here are some random thoughts...
Did you just admit to watching Buffy??? I wish I had one of those memory erasing thingies ( from men in black).
I couldn't agree with you more on the quality of the show. Just when you think you're done with the sensational stories, 360 proves you wrong.
I would think coverage of Pinoche's funeral was more newsworthy than the Kim story.
Nicole Ritchie got arrested? I guess I'm behind on my Entertainment Tonight updating...

8:26 AM  
Anonymous Sharla said...

I could care less what celebrities do. I wish that they'd stop reporting what they do like it's news or something. Oh and Buffy? Saw a few episodes, not really my thing. I loved ST-TNG, Doctor Who, and Battlestar Gallactica, myself. Too bad I don't have cable anymore because I'm a cheap bastard. That's why I read your review/CNN transcripts. I miss Anderson more than I miss Battlestar Gallactica. WAAAaaaah! I miss that terrible laugh. But your review is almost as good as watching it, and I love your opinions and viewpoint. I personally get all foggy when dealing with politics and therefore you clear it up for me. Thanks. Anyway, I'm going to go for half delusional, half politics. Plus, they're men. And men never like to admit they're wrong!!!

As for plastic surgery, I did a whole post on that not too long ago. I actually NEED it- I've got a bizzarro skin tag in my eyelash line, and I broke my nose when I was eight and can't breathe out of one side. $12,000, including the big boobies I checked out (heh). Would I go to Mexico? HELL NO. Maybe Canada. Well maybe. But I've gone to Mexico for cheap dental work (I am, after all, a cheapskate).

8:51 AM  
Blogger eliza said...

@Gissou-Not only do I admit to watching Buffy, I am not ashamed to tell you I have seasons 1-6 on DVD. :) It's a great show. I didn't start watching until season 4 because with the name I thought it would be stupid, but not so. Do I not come off as someone who would watch Buffy? Heh.

I really hope 360 is just having a bad few days and we're not in a big slump again. I remember earlier in the year they were consistently sucking so bad that I was THIS close to swearing the show off and never watching again.

@Sharla-I hear good things about Battlestar Gallactica and would love to watch it, but I have a hard enough time keeping up with the shows I watch now.

I'd die without cable. Okay, I wouldn't die, but I definitely would not be happy. I'm glad my reviews help you out.

10:57 AM  
Blogger Diana Rowe Pauls said...

I stumbled upon the Kim story last night and feel differently than you do. I'd heard bits and pieces and kind of wondered "how in the world did this happen in 2006?" but learned about how easily it DID happen. That was a wake-up call for me.

I live in Idaho and mountains such as the one the Kims were trapped on are scattered throughout the northwest. It's easy to judge the Kims until we actually realize what happened.

Please know that because of Anderson Cooper's program, many people will take a moment to prepare themselves JUST IN CASE they are in a similar situation. Just learning the three rules alone, made it worthwhile for me.

1:46 PM  
Blogger Diana Rowe Pauls said...

Gee, now that I've read more of your blog, I see that AC has been covering the Kim story for a while. I can understand more why you thought "enough already"!

That being said, from someone who doesn't watch it regularly, I appreciated the segment. I don't know how I would have felt if I'd been fed it as much as you had.

1:55 PM  
Blogger midnite6367 said...

The Kim story is sad and tragic, but it's being run into the ground. Why do they call it "AC360 Special" when it was a Paula Zahn "special" originally? I agree, it's time to let it go, but I'll bet you a made for tv movie on the Kims is being planned. :(

The top of the hour Princess Di story was a head scratcher, it also didn't merit such heavy coverage.

Bush is delusional, immoral, arrogant AND playing politics, IMO. There's no way he's going to listen to anyone who's views differ. I was glad to see Frank Rich on the show, one of the few bright spots. Even Anderson seemed sort of bored with the show last night.

*That new counter you have that lists the cities of your visitors is cool, but a little scary! I'm kind of relieved I didn't see mine on it! ;)

2:42 PM  
Blogger eliza said...

@diana rowe pauls-Welcome to the blog! I don't mind 360 giving out winter tips, but IMO they're exploiting this poor man and his family for ratings. James Kim is not the first (nor will he be the last) person to be stranded in the snow. However, CNN was able to get EXCLUSIVE video and therefore there's a special.

I don't know about you, but I'd be horrified if, while grieving for my recently deceased husband, I turned on the tv to find a cable special about our ordeal and his death. The rule of threes could have been reported without even mentioning James Kim.

@midnight-"I agree, it's time to let it go, but I'll bet you a made for tv movie on the Kims is being planned. They could save production costs and just rerun that one starring Neal Patrick Harris that they made about a decade back. Remember that? Basically the same situation except they all lived.

I'm fascinated by the counter and am always surprised about what it's going to do. It's free, so it'll probably be gone soon. Some days it's there, some not. I never know what the counter people are up to, but I just go with the flow. ;)

3:01 PM  

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