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Bush's Reaction To ISG, Rick Sanchez In The Wilderness, Ameren Keeping People In The Dark, And Another Emmy For 360 (Thursday's First Hour)

Hi everyone. We start the hour tonight with the news that the Iraq Study Group report has hit #2 on Amazon. I think I'm going to pass on this one since I never finished the 9-11 Commission Report. We're then introed into a Suzanne Malveaux piece on Bush's press conference with the British press. We learn that he is disappointed with the pace of the success. Wow. Always spinning. Always. I wish we could have seen more of the questions from the press conference because the British press is awesome. It's like a room full of David Gregorys. The best line from the piece: "Bush didn't just drink the koolaide, he made it." Priceless. Bush then actually boasts about having read the report. I guess we're suppose to be an awe that he read something more complex than "My Pet Goat." Keeping with the Preznut, we have a piece from John Roberts that asks whether or not the White House is out of touch. Dude, where have you people been? This is not a new thing. The media may just be discovering what frauds these guys are, but some of us have known for about six years.

On now to David Gergen in the studio and Anderson asks if Bush is in a bubble. The Gerg thinks Bush wants to believe we're winning. Anderson then brings up the fact that a lot of military people weren't even consulted in regards to the final draft of the report. Um, come again? You have got to be kidding me. Even though it seems like the report is mostly about politics, The Gerg remains optimistic. In a noteworthy moment, The Gerg mentions how odd it is that the fate of the nation rests on one man changing his mind. Scary isn't it? Anyway, I said the moment was noteworthy because all pundits, even the good ones like The Gerg, are in a way always playing a role, but every once and a while one of them will drop the act for a second and just become a regular person saying their thoughts out loud. And that's what just happened, IMO anyway.

Moving on to a Thelma Gutierrez piece on James Kim and more details of how he died. I have to say, I'm getting a little uncomfortable about all this coverage still since he's been found. Obviously from a newsworthy standpoint this story isn't needed, but maybe even more important I'm wondering if the family wants this continued attention. Now complete strangers are debating on whether he did the right thing or not. Absolutely give us safety tips, but from now on leave the man out of it, so his family can grieve. This has shades of "oh my God Randy McCoy ate a cracker today" all over it.

Speaking of safety tips, oh my Lord y'all we've hit the motherload. Continuing with his series, "watch me put myself in pointless danger," Rick Sanchez is here to tell us how to survive the cold. CNN is dropping his butt in the wilderness for 24 hours and seeing what happens. This is hilarious. Rick Sanchez is the Mikey of CNN. I imagine the 360 team sitting around a table saying, "we should do a story on winter safety where someone stays out in the cold for a day. But who would want to do that? I know, let's get Rick Sanchez. He'll do anything!" Anyway, we watch Rick wander around and then climb into a snow and branch shelter. I seriously cannot stop laughing. I know this report stemmed from something horrible, but c'mon people, Rick Sanchez has his butt sticking out a hole live on CNN. I am but a mere mortal here. This is rivaling the taser piece. Okay, there was actually real information given out, such as the rule of threes. You can survive three hours without shelter, three days without water, and three weeks without food. Also, we're shown a car survival kit, which should include a cd to reflect light for help. At the end of the piece we learn that we can track Rick's night on the web. Oh. My. God. CNN you're killing me here. So I guess tomorrow night we'll see how it went, assuming he doesn't freeze to death.

Next up we have Rob Marciano freezing his cute butt off in Decatour, Illinois, where "it is just bone chilling cold." Decatour still has 25,000 people without power. Hey, remember in my last post how I said I thought I smelled a Keeping Them Honest in regards to Ameren and the power problems. Well, I guess I was right because look what we have here. Such service. Tom Foreman takes a break from his maps to tell us about the investigation that Illinois has launched. Ameren claims that most of the outages are due to trees tearing down the lines, but there are charges that Ameren isn't keeping trees properly trimmed. I'd like to know why we're having the same problem when we already went through this in July. They were criticized back then and you'd think they would have their act together by now.

On now to a piece on the baseline killer and I couldn't be less interested, so there's that. Then we're on to a newly emmy winning piece from Randi Kaye. Just in case we missed the mention of the emmy, 360 lingers on a visual of it long enough for everyone to see. I remember this piece. It's on the infertility black market. Because fertility drugs are so expensive, people are hooking up and illegally buying them from people who have extra. This is of course a risky move, but since most health insurance won't cover the treatments, some feel it's their only option. Randi points out just how ridiculous it is that insurance will pay for you to have sex (Viagra) and get rid of a product of sex (abortion), but not help you have a baby. Following the piece, Randi does the headlines and Anderson congratulates her on the emmy win. The Shot tonight is that French spiderman dude who climbs buildings. This time it was a 23 story glass building. That guy needs another hobby. The show was only one hour tonight and it was just okay. Some of the ISG stuff is becoming repetitive and I've made my views known on some of the other pieces. Obviously the Rick Sanchez piece while highly entertainly, is a blatant stunt and should never have been done. I do, however, appreciate the Keeping Them Honest. C+

Screencaps by bcfraggle, jld1119, and liberation337.

Will you buy/read the ISG report? What did you think of the Rick piece?


Anonymous Sharla said...

Yiii, Rob is BUT OH SO ADORABLE, iddn't he? Mmmm. Oh, sorry, off track.

I doubt Rick will freeze. I've been watching that show on Animal Planet or Discovery or something with that guy that runs around in the wilderness for weeks at a time (eating termites and whatnot). Now, if they dumped him off for a couple of WEEKS, now that would be interesting. Especially cuz the camera crew would be macking out on granola bars and coffee while watching him starve (or eat termites).

I noticed that you included a pic of Anderson posing. *sigh* I swear. I think they built that set huge-mungous just so that they could do full body shots.

9:28 AM  

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