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Thursday's Second Hour: The Abbreviated Version

Hello all. I bet you thought I forgot about this hour. To tell the truth, I've been a bit burnt out lately. Not necessarily with the blogging, but with news in general. As a news junkie I seem to go through cycles of being really on top of things and then not even wanting to check the blogs. Right now I'm experiencing the latter. 360 has been really good lately though. They seem to be sticking to hard news and there's lot of great analysis. Anyway, even though this is starting to sound like I'm breaking up with the show using the "it's not you, it's me" speech, for now I'll still keep with the blogging. Otherwise I'll just end up talking at the television.

Since I'm so late with this I'm not going to cover the whole hour-just my favorite parts. There were two Jimmy Carter segments and in the first one he talks about his book, "Palestine Peace Not Apartheid. And the title is not making friends. The Israelis are mad because they think it makes them look bad and even John Conyers isn't happy over the use of the word "apartheid". I don't think anyone has any right to criticise the book until they've read it. Carter says that the Israelis are persecuting the people of Palestine on their land and that really it's only a minority of Israelis who want the occupation to continue. That's interesting if true. Anybody? Anderson asks if Bushco has dropped the ball in regards to the Israel/Palestinian issue and Carter replies that they never even picked the ball up. That's true. As Clinton said in his infamous Chris Wallace interview, he failed when it came to the issue, but at least he tried. These people haven't even tried. And the thing is, fixing (or at least improving) the I/P situation would go a long way to improving other parts of the world too. Of course everything Bushco touches turns to, well, not gold, so who knows what would happen.

Anderson also talked to Carter about the gulf coast and Carter stated that he will be going down there with Habitat For Humanity . Anderson notes that in the 9th ward people's possessions are still in the street. He also asks his favorite question of whether or not the gulf coast has been forgotten. Carter thinks it has been by the federal government. Hard to argue with that. On a completely random note, it cracks me up how Anderson says "Mississippi". He's too busy for four syllables! I wonder if that ticks off people like how I get ticked off when people say "Missourah."

Continuing with the gulf coast, we get a Keeping Them Honest piece from Joe Johns about how FEMA continues to totally suck. Hurricane Rita devastated two schools and FEMA promised them millions to relocate, but guess what? Now they're backing out. They say the initial decision was a mistake and the schools weren't damaged enough. Of course FEMA didn't bother to tell them until after one of the schools had already bought a bunch of buses and everything. Funny thing is, Senator Mary Landrieu used one of the schools for a photo op, so she pretty much has to fight for it. That doesn't really help the other school though. After the piece Anderson comments that it's like it never ends. It's just the same thing over and over again. It's unbelievable that we're over a year out from the storms and it's still like this. After the piece Anderson talks to John a little and notes that he didn't even realize that it was the last day of the hurricane season. Then there is this awkward pause that's followed by both of them trying to take control of the show. Oh, anchor battle! Interestingly, though it's Anderson's show, John wins. Sorry Anderson, thanks for playing. Anderson is going to have to take over a minute of This Week At War to get back at him.

At the end of the show Anderson tells us they will be going back to the states in three hours. He knows we worry so. Though don't give out too much info to the crazy stalkers there, buddy. For more randomness, I'm wondering if 360 had any cat problems while in Amman. I just read this amusing blog post from Brian Williams and we know that all the media stayed in the same hotel, so I wonder if the 360 team hurled any cats. Of course it's unclear whether that was the same hotel where NBC was actually staying, but still. Too bad it wasn't dogs. We all know how much Anderson loves them. Okay, now I'm rambling. That'll do it.

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Anonymous Sharla said...

Speed is more impordent than saying Mississippi correctly.

I'm just ticked that once again, my broadcast capabilities are zip and I can't get the nifty code deal-y they'll be doing on Wednesdays (for the contest). If you don't know what I'm talking about, it's and there is a sweepstakes for a two night stay in NYC and a 'behind the scenes' whatever. I'm sure that means the regular CNN tour :) I'd just love to go back to New York!!

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