Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Turkey, Excessive Police Action, And Iraq (Monday's Second Hour)

Hi all. We kick off the hour with John, who acknowleges that they're having technical difficulties. Really now? He then intros us into a Nic Robertson piece on how radical Islam is spreading throughout Europe. We learn that cells are getting younger, more converts are getting involved, and women have a more operational role than before. The movement started with the Iranian revolution in 1979 and after going through changes throughout the years it has now moved to the internet. The problem is there is no profile of a radical because they range from the educated to the illiterate.

Moving on to a Delia Gallagher piece where we get the standard "this Pope is more hardline than John Paul" spiel. I think we're good here. Before the next piece John reassures us that Anderson will be back ASAP. I guess they can feel the fangirls getting restless. Poor John. Always the groomsman, never the groom. Wouldn't you love to know what's going on on Anderson's end right now? I see massive use of the blackberry and frantic snapping.

Transitioning now to a Deborah Feyerick piece on a groom that was shot dead at a night club right before his wedding. He was shot 50 times. 50! That seems excessive. Anyway, the guy and the guys he was with were unarmed and the cops were in street clothes. Obviously investigations will ensue. So sad. To talk about this we're joined by officer Lou Cannon. John asks him about contagious shooting and apparently Lou doesn't think that ever happens. John then points out that one officer shot him over 30 times, but Lou falls back on the "I wasn't there" excuse. Well okay, but what is the point of you being here right now? Although I do appreciate him not speculating-even though that's basically what he was booked to do. John then asks if he thinks it could have been racially motivated and Lou of course answers in the negative. What did we think he would say? This inteview is pretty pointless.

Back now to Turkey with Reza live. Reza is wearing just a normal blazer, while Anderson is decked out in a big puffy jacket and gloves. Too funny. They talk about how the majority of Muslims are not actually Arab and can be found in places like Turkey and Indonesia. Reza thinks it would be a disaster if Turkey was shut out of the west because they might start looking eastward, which I guess means more radicalization. Reza says right now Turkey is not a fertile ground for terrorism because the economy is booming and the west should work on promoting more situations like Turkey throughout the mideast. Sorry Reza, our speciality is failed states.

On now to a Brian Todd piece on the meeting between Talabani and Ahmadinejad, which the US is not very happy about. Ahmadinejad is offering Iraq help, but it should be noted that the Iranians have trained a lot of the militias that are behind a lot of the trouble in the first place. Ahmadinejad has major Arab street cred and some think Iran is trying to create a Shia cresent.

Next up we have Michael Ware live. Oh, Michael. It's been a brutal few days, hasn't it? Michael tells us that Iran is seeking major influence in Iraq and is trying to match the US on all fronts. He notes that just because an Iraqi is Shia doesn't mean they are pro-Iran-there is a lot of nationalism. Michael also says that Saddam stopped the Iranian influence at Iraq's borders, whereas we have, well, just made a mess of everything.

I'm just going to fly through the rest of this because I'm short on time. The next piece is from Jamie McIntyre and it focuses on our ever shrinking list of allies in Iraq. Before long the US is going to be all alone on the dance floor. The exploding dance floor. Anne Marie Slaughter of Princeton then joins us to discuss the violence in Iraq and whether or not it's a civil war. I'd like to take this opportunity to give props to NBC/MSNBC for making the decision to officially start using that phrase. They're about a year or so too late, but better late than never I guess. Ball's in your court now CNN. I'm waiting. The last piece is a repeat from Anderson and then he and Delia talk live about the Pope's schedule. Lastly, John gives us the headlines and tries to joke with Anderson about Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock, but Anderson ain't having it. Poor John, he tries so hard. That'll do it.

Screencaps by sherynroyce.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are you picking on JR too? Poor JR. I've noticed major JR bashings on other blogs with childish comments like "good" John and "bad" John and and implying he doesn't belong. Please people give this guy a break. He's really intelligent. He doesn't have Anderson's charisma but who does?Gissou

10:22 PM  
Blogger eliza said...

@Gissou-I didn't! I swear! I've been having pity on John, didn't you see? The good/bad John thing is mostly a joke I think. I never use them on my blog because the casual reader doesn't know it's an inside joke. John has been growing on me.

11:42 PM  

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