Thursday, November 16, 2006

Iraq, The Majority Leader Race, And...OJ? Oh Here We Go (Wednesday's First Hour)

Hello everyone. We begin tonight with the grilling General Abizaid just got during a hearing on Iraq. A Jamie McIntyre piece breaks it down for us. General Abizaid believes phased redeployment would make things worse, but adding troops wouldn't help either. Basically he wants the troop levels to stay the same. Tell me how this isn't stay the course? For once the democrats and republicans are both in agreement: they're not happy about what the general is telling them. Jamie then joins us live and indicates that though the White House has said they would listen to the Iraq Study Group, they never said they'd follow through with their suggestions. Now it seems like the new plan is only to tweak existing policy. This is not what the American people voted for last week.

Moving on now to a Dana Bash piece where it's pointed out that the GOP actually was asking the tougher questions during the hearing. McCain accuses General Abizaid of perpetuating the status quo. However, Hillary gets her two cents in there too, claiming, "Hope is not a strategy." Suddenly Anderfans all over the world yell, "Hey, that's Anderson's line! And you're quoting him wrong." Following the piece we're joined by "Cobra II" author Michael Gordon and upon introducing him, Anderson urges everyone to read his book. Michael thinks redeployment is not realistic due to the security situation. Anderson wants to know why the US can't just force the Iraqis to stand up, but Michael believes the militias want us to leave. Anderson also points out that the Abizaid plan sounds suspiciously like stay the course. Thank you! That's what I'm saying. You know, I don't think anyone thinks we can just leave and everything will be okay over there. There will be a bloodshed. The thing is, there's bloodshed now and nothing is changing. Prior to the war all these analysts and experts thought they knew exactly what was going to happen and as it turned out they knew nothing. So how can we believe them now? I say keep a small force in Al Anbar to fight the jihadists and redeploy the majority of the troops left to Kuwait or somewhere close so that if a massive bloodshed begins they can go right back.

On now to a Joe Johns piece on the House majority leader race and it's getting interesting. Apparently a quarter century ago John Murtha got caught up in what is known as Abscam, which was an FBI sting operation to expose public corruption. Now there's an FBI tape making the rounds of Murtha being offered money in return for political favors for a sheik. Now, Murtha actually turned down the bribe, but if you watch the tape, it doesn't seem like he was completely against it. This tape is coming from the American Spectator a far right publication that obviously wants Steny Hoyer to win majority leader. The magazine claims that what Murtha did may have been legal, but it wasn't ethical. This is hilarious coming from what is probably one of the most unethical mags out there. Read David Brock's "Blinded By The Right" and you'll see what I mean. Anyway, I've heard whispers of Murtha possibly having ethics issues before, but I think I still want him over Hoyer. Nancy Pelosi is just going to have to watch him and make sure he stays in line. Because if she doesn't, I'm sure the republicans will. And if they do expose true corruption then I'll say good for them because we shouldn't put up with that regardless of party.

Next up we have a mini round table with Candy Crowley and John King. Anderson states that Murtha's district doesn't seem to have a problem with Abscam, but John counters that Murtha is not running in his district. He's running for the number two seat in a party that ran on the topic of ethics. So it's kind of different, especially since the majority leader controls the day to day leadership of the house. Candy thinks Hoyer has the votes. Interesting. Then Bill Schneider pops in. Been napping and miss your cue, Bill? You're a little late. Bill points out that the ballots are secret so someone could think they have the votes, only to be anonymously betrayed. The round table also retreads a lot of the Iraq coverage with John pointing out that General Shinseki was right. Hasn't everyone pretty much known that for a long time now? Bill closes it up by saying that the voters made it clear that the status quo is unacceptable.

Big transition now to a Randy Kaye piece on OJ Simpson. He's the news. Oh goodie. If you can believe it (and I still kind of can't), OJ has actually written a book titled, "If I did it, here's how it happened" and the book goes into great detail of him killiing his wife and Ron Goldman. You know, if he did it. Sick, sick, sick! Randy takes us on a little trip down sensational news memory lane, recapping the whole saga from the white Bronco to the media circus. I was 15 at the time and even then I knew the coverage was ridiculous. I did my best to not pay attention and I never even had an opinion as to whether he did it or not. The whole thing was a spectacle that could not be escaped.

Up next we have an interview with Fred Goldman, Ronald Goldman's father. I cannot imagine what he must be going through. To lose a child alone is horrific, but to lose a child in such a brutal way and the killer is not only not behind bars, but he's writing books about it? I don't even know how this man can function. Even the perpetually objective Anderson is making it quite clear how he feels about the whole situation. As if the book itself isn't enough, Fox is airing a two hour special in which the publisher, Judith Regan, interviews this...this...I can't even think of a word to describe what he is. Fox and Regan are disgusting. And I'm sorry, but any of you out there planning to watch or read this book are pretty disgusting too. Fred wants everyone to boycott and since I actually don't watch anything on Fox, I'm already on board. What's sad is that a month from now I'll probably have to stop myself from hurling when I see the book on the New York Times best seller list. Because you know people will buy it. Not people like me because I actually have standards and integrity, but judging by what gets ratings lately, many people do not. Anderson's mind is boggled regarding how OJ could do this to his own kids. I make fun of Anderson saying that phrase all the time, but it really is mind boggling. Anyway, it was good of 360 to give Fred a voice and Anderson treated him really well.

Moving on now to...well actually we're not moving on. Oh, I guess this is the part where 360 stays with a story way too long. They do this every time with these sensational things. You covered it, you're done now. Except they're not done. Joining us we have Lisa Bloom from Court TV, Jeffrey Toobin who wrote a book about OJ (I didn't know that), and forensic guy Lawrence Koblinsky. Toobin majorly has his boxers in a twist over this. He calls OJ a "replusive, hideous guy." You bring it Toobin! He and Lisa both flat out say OJ is the murderer. Anderson is upset the family can't get the book money, but Lisa thinks there might be a way. Toobin on the other hand is sure OJ has it hidden in some offshore account or something. So okay, everyone is getting their chance to proclaim how horrible OJ is, but really, what's the point here? The fact that Toobin thinks OJ is repulsive is not really newsworthy. At the close of the panel we get to find out who will be watching the special. Anderson is the only one that says he will not watch. Good on you Anderson! And I'm not just saying that because you're my favorite. I cannot believe these other three. For shame. And just because you don't have a Nielson box, Lisa, doesn't mean it's okay. Some things are still wrong even when no one knows you're doing them. This is why I hate people sometimes. They're so disappointing.

Anderson then strikes a pose (it's like clockwork people!) to intro us into a kind of "Where Are They Now?" piece regarding the OJ trial players. Where are they now? I didn't even care where they were then. And what is this, VH1? So, so pointless. Well that will do it for the first hour. I have to admit that I sort of found the show entertaining, but I don't grade for entertaining. C-

Screencaps by stillife.

Any thoughts on General Abizaid? Murtha? Okay, okay, talk about OJ if you must.


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