Thursday, November 09, 2006

The Blissful Aftermath Continues (Wednesday's First Hour)

Hey everybody! Oh man, I'm still so happy. And I just realized that this is actually my first real win. I voted in my first election when I was around 19 and if I'm remembering correctly none of my main candidates have ever won. So weee!!!!! Tonight we begin with the breaking news that the AP is calling the Virginia race for Webb, giving the democrats the senate. Woo hoo! I'm not going to go into the coverage here because in reality Allen has already conceded, but I do have to wonder what is up with calling this breaking news. I was watching MSNBC two hours earlier and they were reporting this. Exactly when does news stop breaking and just become, um,...broken? John King is in the studio and he explains that this senate win gives the democrats a lot more power. Because we get the chairmanships, baby! I am way too excited about this.

Anderson then intros a Suzanne Malveaux piece by telling us that the president believes the republicans took a thumping. And then Anderson corrects himself by saying Bush really said "thumpin". Does anyone ever just want to grab the president by the shoulders and scream, "you're from Connecticut!" Suzanne's piece is all about how Rumsfeld is gone. I swear, it's like friggin Christmas morning today. Funny story though, remember how just last week or so Bush said Rumsfeld was here to stay? Well now he just flat out tells us he was lying then. least he's being more honest about his dishonesty. Also, now Bush is talking all conciliatory, whereas before he was practically skipping around singing, "democrats and terrorists, sitting in a tree..." I'd be excited about this, except that, um, I have a memory. If he really is going to try to work with the democrats then that's awesome, but for right now I'm figuratively sleeping with one eye open. After the piece, Suzanne joins us live and Anderson points out how Bush has just admitted to misleading us. It's called lying, Anderson. Lying. Then Anderson muses that perhaps he would have revealed the news if Bush thought it would help him. You betcha.

Next up we have a Jamie McIntyre piece that focuses on Rumsfeld. Basically everyone is happy he's leaving. I'd almost feel bad that the guy is so hated if he wasn't such a jerk. I'd call him somthing else, but I'm trying to keep this blog family friendly. Anyway, Rumsfeld then throws out the whopper that we all just don't understand the War on Terror. Well that's nice. Calling us all retarded. What a peach. I can't understand why he's so hated.

We move on now to an Anderson piece on all the winners and losers of the night . I think this deserves another woo hoo! We're also given a run down of the amendments that were voted on and I'm proud to say my state voted yes on stem cell research. Just barely though. It didn't start winning until late in the night and I was biting my nails off. I'd also like to give shoutouts to the people of South Dakota and Arizona. You done good. During this piece Anderson says Missourah. Twice! I mean, WTF? If I was really self-centered (and slightly delusional) I'd think at this point he was just messing with me. Or perhaps there's some angry person in the boothill of the state sending him emails to stop saying Missour-ee and now he's just decided to switch off. Whatever. But from now on I'm referring to his state as New Yerk.

Joining us live we have David Gergen and Michael Ware with John King still in the studio. The Gerg points out that the democrats are on the offensive now. Yeah they are! John tells us that last week all the moderate republicans were really ticked about Bush's support of Rumsfeld and now they're just shocked. Sucks for them. I almost feel bad for Chafee. Almost. Anderson again points out how Bush lied, though in my opinion he's still being way too hesitant. Pointing out a fact is not bias, Anderson. The Gerg talks about how people might now be surprised to see that Bush isn't being the usual straight shooter. Um, excuse me, but when has he ever been a straight shooter? That was an image that he put out there and the media lapped it up. Too bad it wasn't true. Michael tells us that he has no official comment from anyone yet regarding Rumsfeld.

Transitioning now to a Dana Bash piece on the democrat's victory. In regards to the war, the democrats now hold the purse strings, though they promise not to withhold anything from our troops. Yeah, that would be not cool. The piece also goes into a plan the democrats have for their first 100 hours in power. They want to do commie things like raise the minimum wage and bring some ethics to Washington. You know, I have to ask, where the hell was this coverage before? The 100 hour plan was put out to the press weeks (maybe months) ago and nobody gave it any substantial coverage. Not only that, a lot of the pundits still went with the talking point that the democrats have no plan and stand for nothing. Stuff like that is why I don't really like the media sometimes.

Next up we've got poll analysis going on with Bill Schneider. Apparently the war was a big time factor in how people voted. Can't say I'm surprised. Moving on to a Gary Tuchman piece on Bush's press conference. He tries to be all jokey and charming, but I'm just not buying it. As I said before, I have a memory. But we'll see. Next we're on to a Barbara Starr piece on Rumsfeld's possible replacement, Bob Gates. It seems he's got an Iran Contra connection, but I guess a lot of these guys do. It will be interesting to see what else comes out on him. Hopefully he'll be a good fit and help get us out of this mess.

Finally tonight we have a live interview with retired Major General John Batiste. He's very happy Rumsfeld is gone. Anderson brings up how Rumsfeld apparently thinks we're all stupid and don't understand the war, but the major general thinks the American people are smarter than that. You're right we are! And the proof is that we just fired the republicans. Well that will do it for the first hour. I'm still in a great mood, so I'm grading up tonight. A-

Screencaps by stillife.

So what do YOU want the democrats to do first?


Anonymous Sharla said...

New Yerk. HA!! How about New Yoke, which it what it sounds like to me when a New Yorker says it.

I actually just bought the TVcard for my computer so that I can make nifty screencaps too. Well, that'll be a couple of weeks, and I'll probably be zooming in on his butt because I'm all perverted like that.

Yay for the minimum wage. Hasn't it been like ten years? Oh, and Andrew Sullivan was on... was that the second hour? I personally read him but I don't see the point of his contribution last night.

My state (AZ)... well, we ended up with a Republican Senator and a Democratic Congresswoman, both incumbent. And that's actually who I voted for. Talk about a mess- they'll cancel each other out. I walked out of the voting booth after twenty minutes (it was four LONG pages) feeling like I didn't have the slightest clue which party I was belonging to. I think I'll say Non-Partisan from now on.

(actually I had a thought- everything teleprompter is spelled phoenetically, so maybe someone is messing with our dear Anderson)

8:05 PM  
Blogger eliza said...

Yeah it's been almost 10 years since the last minimum wage hike. It's time!

2:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The last minimum wage hike was in 2005 - from 5.50 to 6.50. Still way too low for anyone to survive on, but it was raised.

10:07 AM  
Blogger eliza said...

@anonymous-you must be referring to your own state. The federal minimum wage is still $5.15/hr.

11:46 AM  

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