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More Election Aftermath And Iraq (Thursday's Second Hour)

Hello everyone. I'm going to have to get used to blogging two hours again. I'll have Friday's show up sometime this weekend, but in all honesty I haven't even watched it yet because I went out. I may not have a life, but I rent one on occasion. This hour kicks off with a repeat of the Webb interview and that's followed by a taped interview with Montana senator elect Tester. Anderson wants to know what Tester thinks about Rush Limbaugh's belief that republicans lost in the elections, not conservatives. Um, why the hell is Anderson quoting Rush Limbaugh? I mean seriously here, how is that man credible in any way? The last time he made news was by mocking the symptoms of a highly respected Parkinson's sufferer. What about what Ed Schultz's thoughts about the elections? Do we get a quote from him? No we do not. Ed Schlutz, by the way, is a popular liberal radio host. Anderson could have simply asked, "Do you think this was more of a loss for the republican party or conservatism?" He didn't need to give publicity to a far right smear merchant who just this week admitted he's been lying to his listeners. Anyway, Tester responds to the question by stating that he doesn't like labels, but Anderson is label happy and continues with that kind of questioning. Step outside the box, Anderson. Be a uniter, not a divider.

On now to a Suzanne Malveaux piece on the meetings between Bush and top democrats. Bush is still spouting the "work together" talk, but openly admits he's about to try to ram through legislation on domestic spying and renominate John "crazy man" Bolten. So much for bipartisanship. After the piece we have a taped interview with John King and The Gerg and The Gerg notes there's not much Bush can do to save himself from being a lame duck. Anderson asks, "Is it in this president's DNA to work with the other side?" I don't know if he meant that to be funny, but it gets a laugh from The Gerg, as well as many of us watching at home. Although The Gerg does note that Bush worked with others in Texas. The Gerg then goes on to talk about the new democratic party and he thinks the question now is whether it will be the party of bloggers or the party of people like Webb. Hmm, well seeing as though bloggers endorsed and massively did everything in their power to get Webb elected, I'm not really seeing a conflict here. I love ya Gerg, but when it comes to this issue I don't think you have any idea what you're talking about.

Next up we have a Jamie McIntyre piece and, get this, Rumsfeld has admitted things are not going well enough in Iraq. Gasp! Which one of you hit him with a reality stick? Anyway, it turns out the new nominee, Gates, is a member of the Iraq Study Group, which is basically a group that is studying how the hell to get us out of this mess. Right now the options seem to be stay the course, add more troops, split the country, or redeployment. I'm hoping Gates ends up liking the latter. After Jamie we have an Aneesh Raman piece on reaction in Iraq to the elections and Rumsfeld. The propaganda's already flying. Insurgents are claiming that the republican loss is a victory for them. Hmm, I wonder where they heard that from? Oh yeah, our president.

Transitioning now to a live interview with Peter Bergen in studio and Michael Ware in Iraq. Peter thinks the insurgents will soon find that they're wrong in considering the elections a victory. They also discuss Maliki, who is not working out so well. Michael tells us that really the only thing Maliki has going for him is America and the militias and now people are saying that the best case scenerio in Iraq might be a quasi-democracy with a strongman leader. So basically like Saddam-lite? Anderson points out that Maliki is elected and wonders if the US can just get rid of Maliki. Oh Anderson, there are a lot of people over there with guns. A stray bullet isn't going to be hard to come by. And if you think we wouldn't let that happen/do that ourselves you haven't been studying your history. Peter Bergen then gives us the thoroughly depressing news that Afghanistan is actually in worse shape now than it was when Peter and Anderson were last there.

On now to a Cal Perry piece on a Baghdad ER, which is preceded by a disclaimer from Anderson. Cal spent a month in the ER and we're shown some post attack footage. The whole situation is very stressful for the doctors and some worry they will have PTSD when they go home. It's pointed out that due to superior medical care the doctors are saving lives that would have been lost during Vietnam. Cal urges us to think not just about the deaths, but also of the 20,000 wounded. This whole piece is really a preview for a CNN Presents that will be airing (I think) this weekend. It looks pretty good.

We're then shown a repeat of the Ed Bradley tribute and this is followed by The Shot, which is a deer running wild though a Target store. Or as Anderson likes to call it, "Tarjay". I guess that's how he rolls. The whole animal on the loose scenerio totally reminds Anderson of the clip from last year of six elephants on the loose in South Korea, so we're treated to that clip too. Oh how those crazy wayward animals amuse us. That'll do it folks.

Screencaps by stormi0611

So, how long before Bush drops the friendly talk with the democrats? And how long until Maliki gets the boot (or the bullet)?


Anonymous Mathilde said...

Oh lord did he really say Tarzhay! Bush the Second seems to handle failure better than sucess. I think he's fed up and waiting for his term to be over. Us too. Keep up the good work, Eliza, you've got a great blog.

9:38 AM  
Anonymous Sharla said...

One of the things I really like and appreciate about Anderson is his unique ability to remind us that he's a normal human being. I'm talking, of course, about "Tarjay".

It reminded me of when he was talking to Kelly Ripa (on Regis and Kelly) and she basically asked him if he knew what a 7-11 was. He practically rolled his eyes and was like, "of course I know what a 7-11 is". It's sort of like, you've got a preconceived notion that he's going to be a stuck up rich boy and then he goes and says something normal like "Tarjay". I wonder if he knows the WallyWorld one?

As for Bush, he'll probably keep the nicey-nice face on for a while, you know, to not be a sore loser and all...

...and I'm voting for the Maliki bullet- sooner rather than later.

9:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Eliza, as always great posting. With regards to the niceties, I don't think he has a choice right now, because he knows all eyes will be on him until he leaves office. For Maliki I have to admit I think he will receive the sword. Again top of the line posting.

12:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is it just me, or does the new anonymous poster sound like Anderson himself?


1:52 PM  
Blogger eliza said...

@mathlide-Thanks! Yeah, sometimes I get the feeling that Bush just wants to be done with all this.

@anonymous-The sword? Oooh, interesting choice. Thanks for posting.

@sharla-Hmm, I think Anderson probably has better things to do, but if it is Anderson I'd just like to say, stop saying Missourah!!!! And, um, thanks for reading my blog. LOL ;)

3:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi everyone, this is the new anonymous. No, it is not Anderson. I am a hospice nurse who hails from New Jersey. First name Liz. I enjoy all your comments. Have a splendid weekend.

4:25 PM  
Anonymous Sharla said...

Hiiiii Liz, that was totally a compliment, then, as I was thinking the posts were really well worded and highly intelligent sounding :) New Jersey, huh? I'll be there next week!

4:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks Sharla, I knew it was a compliment and I just wanted to introduce myself. I do hope you have a great time here in The Great State of New Jersey. I love this blog because it is reflective, dignified, and no doubt ran by very intelligent individuals.

4:48 PM  
Blogger eliza said...

I love this blog because it is reflective, dignified, and no doubt ran by very intelligent individuals.

Well thank you very much Liz. And actually it's just me here, unless of course you're counting my multiple personalities. ;) I do have to give it up to the screencappers though that ever so kindly let me steal their work. Also, from now on when you post you can click on "other" and type in your name. Only if you want to of course. That way we'll know it's you and not another random anonymous.

7:30 PM  
Anonymous Sharla said...

Hey Eliza,
I wanted to tell you I have three Panic Attack songs on my MP3 player- Fallen, Natural, and Down Below. Every time I hear Down Below, I think of Anderson because of that post you made. Is your cousin the lead singer? I absolutely love that voice!! Very unique.

9:08 PM  
Blogger eliza said...

@sharla-That is so cool. Yes, Lisa is my cousin and the lead singer. Her boyfriend, Scott, plays the guitar. I'll be seeing them both at Thanksgiving and I'll be sure to tell them I got them a new fan. :) Oh, and Fallen is one of my favorites.

9:43 PM  

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