Wednesday, November 15, 2006

A Strange And Scary Day in Iraq, Iran Going Nuclear, Glen Beck Pimping, 2008, Police Brutality, and Back To Katrina (Tuesday's First Hour)

Hey everybody. Anderson has a speech tonight, so we've got John King filling in and I'm not complaining at all. I'm going to kick things right off. What a day in Iraq! It's never puppies and sunshine over there, but there was some weirdness going on today. A Michael Ware piece breaks it down for us. Apparently around 10:00 AM Iraq time a convey of about 20 vehicles that contained roughly 80 gunman dressed as army and police stormed into a research institute in Baghdad and kidnapped between 60 and 100 men, although even that range might not be correct because no one seems to know exactly how many men were taken. Something stranger is that no one has claimed responsibility and, get this, the hostages were later released unharmed. That basically never happens in Iraq. Michael then joins us live and John asks whether it might have been an inside job. Michael believes there was definitely paramilitary involvement and that something was definitely going on. He's even more animated than usual (and that's saying something), so this must have tripped him out. John wonders how this could happen with all the US troops around and everything and Michael replies, "This is what happens in Iraq." I guess that's pretty much all one needs to know.

Moving on now to an interview with General David Grange and Brigadier General James "Spyder" Marks. General Grange states that this incident was obviously carried out after detailed recon and it was done to discredit and embarrass the Iraqi government. Spyder thinks the challenge right now is corruption in the Iraqi security forces and the government and we need to increase training of the Iraqi forces, which might mean a small increase in our own troops. General Grange believes leaving would be a mistake, but we're going to have to deal with Iran.

On now to an Arwa Damon piece on just how easy it is for anyone, including insurgents, to get an Iraqi uniform. All you have to do is take $23 down to the "thieves market" and suddenly you're dressed the part. The taylors at the market used to work for Saddam and now they're caught between the insurgents and those trying to crack down on them. The taylors require an ID for the uniforms, but the ID's are easy to fake. Unfortunately this is their employment, which is hard to come by in Iraq, so they're going to keep making the uniforms as long as they can.

Transitioning now to an Aneesh Raman piece on Iran, another mideast country causing us much joy. So apparently they're going ahead with their nuclear program whether we or the UN likes it or not. Ahmadinejad believes the US is going to be forced to deal with Iran soon. He's also upset because he believes the US looks down on them. Aw. What is this, junior high? People that sensitive should not have nukes. And yeah, I'll throw the US preznut into that category too. Someone from a reformist paper in Iran explains that they accept the US as a superpower, but are peeved that everytime Iran tries to exhibit some power they're seen as a threat. I hear that, and to some extent agree, but then there's that whole wiping Israel off the map thing and other terrorism related activities that tends to lend credence to the whole "threat" thing.

Next we have a taped interview with Glenn Beck. Ew, why? Okay, I actually know the "why" part. It's because they're pimping his special about extremism. If he can't get people to watch his show on his own he shouldn't be on tv. Or have him pimp on other HLN shows, just stay away from regular CNN because this is where I fled to get away from the new messed up programming of HLN. All I have to say is if Nancy Grace shows up on the broadcast I'm going to be ticked. Anyway, Glenn is not a journalist, so the fact that he's tackling such a delicate and important topic pretty much spells disaster. We're shown a clip of a Muslim child who has been taught that Jews are pigs (at least I think that's what she said). Glenn seems to be under the impression he's showing us something that we don't already know about. Look, I agree that people's words should be translated and we should know what Muslim leaders say to their people as opposed to what they say in public, but I have the feeling that he's about to paint a whole religion with one broad brush and that is not cool. He even admits the special is "not a balanced view". As if some of his viewers need a reason to start foaming at the mouth. Ugh. Okay, I'm done with him.

On now to a John King piece on Rudy Giuliani's 2008 prospects. Didn't we already go through this? So anyway, he's going to have a hard time in the primary because he's pro-choice, pro-gay rights, pro-gun control, and may even be on the wrong side of immigration. Seeing as though the race starts out in the Iowa caucus where Christian conservatives have a disproportionate say, it's not looking good.

Joining us to discuss this topic we have Charmaine Yoest of the Family Research Council (oh yay, her again) and republican strategist Ed Rollins. Charmaine just flat out says Giuliani has no chance and then proceeds to twist the knife around a bit by proclaiming that with his views he should run against Hillary as a democrat. Why is it always guns, gays, abortion, and immigration with these people? Do none of the other issues matter? I'm pro-choice, but I'd be open to a pro-life candidate. Why must there be litmus tests? Ed here I think pretty much agrees with me. He thinks the party needs to go more moderate as evidenced by the defeat of Santorum and Allen. He also brings up the very good point that what we need is a leader and even though Bush is good at passing litmus tests, he's a crappy leader. Okay 360, I think this should do it for a while for the Giuliani in 2008 coverage.

Next we have a Chris Lawrence piece on police brutality. There's a clip up on youtube right now of the LAPD pepper spraying a guy after they already had him in the car. I think that's a no no. Moving on to a Keeping Them Honest piece from Rick Sanchez regarding hurricane Katrina. I've been waiting for Katrina coverage for a long time now, but this is so wrong. Some of you know why. I'm not going to elaborate. Anyway, we know that FEMA bought all those trailers, but they also bought modular homes, which are kind of like home kits, and 250 of them are now ruined due to rainwater. That's 4 million bucks down the drain...and you paid for it. Thank's FEMA! Next time I'll just flush my money down the toilet and save you the trouble. The Shot tonight is a 2 year old boy kissing his daddy who has just come home from Iraq. Aw. After the updates, John mentions that he needs to find his kid a certain game (the wee game?) or he will be voted out as dad. Well we can't have that. Someone find this man that game stat! A lot of coverage tonight of a lot of different stories. Great show A-

Screencaps forthcoming.

What should we do about Iran? How much do you hate Glenn Beck (Gee, was that a leading question?)? Is Giuliani DOA in regards to 2008?


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