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Iraq, Draft Talk, A Jihadi Spy, Kramer's A Racist, And News Corp Gets A Clue (Monday's First Hour)

Hello all. Looks like Anderson is taking the week off. That slacker. Okay, I suppose he deserves it. John Roberts is back from his month long Iraq banishment and he's holding down the anchor chair for us tonight. We begin on the subject of Iraq and apparently it has been determined that the only three options left are to go big, go long, or go home. Options one and three have been deemed unacceptable, so it looks like we're going long But seriously people, it's not a freakin football toss. In a piece from Jamie McIntyre we learn that a strategic dialogue group has been formed and General Pace will take their recommendations to Bush. We also learn that Henry Kissinger told the BBC that we can't win a clear military victory, but we can't pull out either. So, uh, we just stay there and lose forever?

To talk about Kissinger's statements and more, Michael Ware joins us live from Iraq. Michael agrees the US is not achieving victory right now. John mentions Ramadan as a reason for increased attacks and Michael explains that while it's true the violence is better this month, no one is reading that as the insurgency being curbed. John lays out the new plan to increase forces in the short term and Michael brings it all into perspective. He tells us that 20,000 extra troops would only make a dent in the insurgency because commanders are telling him that they need 15,000 more troops in Ramadi alone. As I've posted before, if we want to make any change with extra troops we're going to need at least 100,000, not 10,000 and we just don't have them.

Moving on now to an interview with "Cobra II" author, Michael Gordon, who believes there is no one solution for Iraq. He suggests a temporary surge of forces in Baghdad, diplomacy with Iran and Syria, and a step up of Iraqi army training. That stuff sounds good, but haven't we tried it all before? Minus the diplomacy of course. Because we all know we don't do that. John then brings up that democrats want out of Iraq and Michael thinks that says more about American politics than Iraqi politics and taking out troops removes all leverage the US has. The Iraq Study Group, which is beginning to become like the Holy Grail of Iraq solutions, is also mentioned. Everybody seems to have their eggs in this group's basket and for all we know they got nothing.

Transitioning now to a Joe Johns piece on representative's Charles Rangel's proposal to reinstitute the draft. Rangel is a decorated Korean war veteran who is against the Iraq war. No other democrats are on board with the idea, so it's obviously just to make a point. Rangel believes with the current talk of increasing troop levels the country needs to have a conversation about how this war is disproportionately effecting the poor and minorities. Rangel tried this before too, but it's getting much more coverage this time around due to the democrats recent win and the fact that the public has turned away from the war, making it safe for the sometimes cowardly media to cover this kind of stuff. I have to admit, my first reaction to this news was purely political and it went a little something like this: "What are you doing, man?!" Stuff like this is fodder for the Right. Although I do tend to agree with him that if everyone might be sent to Iraq, a lot more people would take an interest in what's going on over there. However, I have a 20 year old brother, so for that reason I'm against a draft. Yeah, it's a selfish reason, but it is what it is. It's not like either one of us ever supported the war.

Keeping on the same subject we have a taped interview with Charles Rangel himself. He tells us that those in charge are playing checkers with human lives and everyone needs to sacrifice. John brings up the fact that some cynics would say he's just trying to scare people to get out of Iraq. Rangel counters that if Kissinger is saying there's no military victory to be had in that country, why is the military there? Following this we have a snippet of a Dan Lemon interview with Barack Obama. Dan asks if Obama thinks a black man can be elected president and Obama says "absolutely". There's more of this in the second hour.

Transitioning now to a Nic Robertson piece on Omar Nasiri, a spy for French, German, and British intelligence inside Al Qaeda and author of "Inside the Jihad." Maybe it was just my cable, but it seems like the first part of this was kind of messed up. Anybody else get that? Anyway, Nasiri believes that Al Qaeda wanted the US in Iraq and that Ibn Sheikh al-Libi lied to the US when he was captured in 2001. Many will remember that it was al-Libi's claim that Al Qaeda was working to get chemical and biological weapons from Saddam that was used as evidence for going to war. I always assumed that al-Libi lied under torture telling his US captors what they wanted to hear. This is probably true, but it's horrible to think that not only did our leaders lie us into this war, they also allowed themselves to be manipulated into the war by the very people that are our enemies. Nasiri also states that he had contact with Abu Zubaydah and even wired money to him, but in the end he became frustrated because no one was paying attention to the intelligence he was collecting. So many missed opportunities.

Moving on to a Brooke Anderson piece where we learn that, hey, that lovable goof Kramer from Seinfeld is actually a big old racist. Michael Richards was performing at the Laugh Factory when he was heckled by some African Americans. This then proceded to set Michael off and that's pretty much the biggest understandment I've ever made. This guy lost it, screaming and spewing the N-word all over the place. I think this is the fastest amount of time I've ever lost complete respect for someone. During Monday night's Letterman taping, Seinfeld was the guest and Michael came on to apologize via satelite. We're shown a short clip where he claims he's not a racist. Um, duuude, that kind of crap doesn't just happen. People who aren't racist don't go around screaming the N-word. Sorry. So anybody wanna take bets on how soon we'll hear about his stint in rehab for alcohol? I hear tell from a certain Mr. Mel Gibson it apparently makes you a racist. Or maybe he'll go the prescription drug route and blame it on Ambien.

On now to an interview with Sinbad. Hey where's he been lately? Anyway, Sinbad was there and he informs us Michael wasn't even being heckled all that bad. He also mentions that even before the racial slurs, Michael was bragging about how he's rich and could have the police follow the hecklers around. Geez, he's sounding like Bill O'Reilly and his Fox News police. John then asks Sinbad about the N-word and how whites aren't allowed to say it, but blacks do. Sinbad doesn't agree with rappers using it and basically thinks no one should say it. I agree. It should be said by no one. Blacks of today know racism, but they don't know the violence that word once brought. I wonder if half of them even know what Billie Holiday was referring to when she sang about strange fruit. Back in the interview, John wants to know if Michael's career is over. I think it is. Sinbad thinks America will forget as soon as the next person does something stupid. Eh, he's got me there. I guess I don't mind that they covered this (even though it's really sensational and more entertainment than news), but this was a good opportunity blown to talk about racism in America.

Our last piece tonight is from Jason Carroll and guess what? The OJ book and special are history. Whoopee! News Corp has bowed to pressure and what a lot of pressure there was. A total of 12 Fox affiliates had refused to air the special and big names from Fox News like Bill O'Reilly were also bringing the outrage. When O'Reilly and I both agree about something you know it's bad. There was also a petition started by the Goldman family. I love that a public outcry stopped this vile trash from going out onto the airways and into bookstores, but I kind of wish the public would outcry on some more serious stuff too. Not that this wasn't serious, but my God, they got rid of hapeas corpus and nobody made a peep. Of course I guess the public would actually have to know in order for there to be an outcry and that would require the news to stop focusing so much on celebrities and actually do their job. I won't hold my breath. Anyway, Simpson's already been compensated, so he makes out either way.

Joe Johns doing the headlines again and one bit of news he brings us is that the government is doubling the Avian Flu vaccine, so now we have enough for 6 million people. Great. Just 294 million to go. Yeah, we're all gonna die. The Shot tonight is a Nascar gas tank explosion that leaves the car on fire, but its driver walks out to safety. Can someone please explain Nascar to me? Cars driving in a circle. I just don't get it. That'll do it for the hour. B-

Would you support a draft? Is Michael Richards career over?


Anonymous Sharla said...

Imagine the irony for me here: I go to New York City and even end up in his studio, and HE goes to Las Vegas. GO FIGURE HOW THRILLED I WAS.

11:11 AM  
Anonymous Sharla said...

Oh, and to answer the question: Michael Richards never HAD a career. And the draft? I've been thinking about that one. I'd say, if we'd like to (a)incite riots (b)create general pandomonium and (c)have a lot of people try to flee to Canada or Mexico if they're desparate... then yeah. Go for it. As for whether or not I support it? Actually, I do. I was in the military and I think everyone has forgotten they should serve their country in one way or another. I'm not saying DYING is the best way, but service is not a bad thing.

11:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Too bad, I love Seinfeld repeats . Bummer to boycott. But, i would never see another Mel movie, cus he's a racist. Who knew Kramer was too? Normal, non racists do not hate jews, use the n-word,or whatever the next guy does.

5:50 PM  

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