Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Gates Gets Confirmed, Al-Sadr's Influence, Surviving In The Cold, More Spy, And The ISG Report Is Officially Released (Tuesday's Second Hour)

Hi all. We kick off the hour with Anderson recapping the Gate's confirmation hearing and this intros into a Dana Bash piece on how the hearing is a great place for 2008 hopefuls to lay down their markers. Okay, to all those with their eye on the prize, let me explain something to you. This hearing is not about positioning yourself to be commander in chief. This hearing is about the person that will hopefully lead us out of what just might be the worst blunder in US history. People are dying. Every. Single. Day. Do you get that? DO YOU GET THAT? Sorry people, but sometimes these politicians make me sick. Joe Johns then gives us a piece that goes through who's on the Baker Commission. Can't say I much care because I don't think it will matter.

On now to the panel from last hour with Steven Cook, James Carafano, and John King. There's a lot of stuff we've heard before and John says the word is Bush will cherry pick from the report. Can't say I'm surprised. Then they talk about the possibility of a regional war. Apparently if the US pulls out the Saudis will most likely step up their support of the Sunnis, which will lead to a big conflict. It just keeps getting better and better, doesn't it? Then Anderson says that he knows people are sitting at home right now listening to this and shaking their heads. OMG, can he see me? My house isn't always this dirty Anderson, I swear. But seriously, that was weird. Psychic Anderson. Although technically I guess the odds were pretty good that someone was shaking their head at that moment.

Okay, in the midst of writing this review I had a pilot light issue in my house that ate away all my blogging time. So the rest of this hour will be brought to you on speed. There was a good Nic Robertson piece on Moqatada al-Sadr and to learn more about him you should really read this Newsweek piece. We also get some stranded in the cold tips. Basically you should never leave the car unless you know no one knows where you are. There's some more Russian spy stuff too, including a good piece on the possibility of Putin's people being behind the 1999 terrorist attacks. The hour ends with the breaking news that the ISG report is finally out.

Thoughts on the hour?


Anonymous Sharla said...

One of the reasons I really like Anderson is that he's always saying outloud (and in front of millions) exactly what I'm thinking :)

9:09 AM  

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