Tuesday, December 05, 2006

More Poisoned Spy, Bob Gates, Rick Sanchez Shocks Me, And Bad News For Pfizer (Monday's Second Hour)

Hey everybody. This hour has a lot more of the poisoning story, soI'm going to blow through it pretty quickly because I'm short on time. We start the hour with a Matthew Chance piece on how the radioactive trail has led the British police to Moscow. This is followed by more of the taped interview David Mattingly had with Litvinenko's father and then we're back to Matthew Chance for coverage of how the murdered journalist fits in. After this, David Satter of the Hoover Institute joins us and indicates that all circumstantial evidence points to the FSB. Again the theory that Putin was able to take power due to terrorist attacks that were carried out by Russia itself is discussed. I find that angle fascinating. And scary. Anderson puts the poisoning into perspective for us, noting that people are gunned down in Russia left and right. Wow, lovely place. Anderson also brings up how Bush looked into Putin's eyes and read his soul. Thank you Anderson! I was beginning to think I made that up. The interview is followed by a repeat of the Sanjay piece and then Randi Kaye gives us a piece on poisoning deaths that is basically just filler. There's really no point to it, except maybe to help people carry out a poisoning. Way to go CNN! Anyway, that'll do it for this subject tonight.

Transitioning now to a Jamie McIntyre repeat and then onto a John King piece on Bob Gates. The guy has a questionable past, but he'll be confirmed. Then we move onto a piece by Rick Sanchez (so appropriate) about how some beat downs went on during Mexico's inauguration day. See, a lot of people in Mexico believe the election was fraudulent and unlike another country I know, the Mexican people got angry and did something about it. Not that I would encourage violence or anything, but it's nice to see people care about democracy. It's noted that the gap between the rich and poor is growing in the country due to NAFTA. Rick then joins us live and takes this point further, explaining that NAFTA has driven farmers out of business and this had lead to the US immigration problem. OMG, finally! I have watched so many hours of immigration coverage just waiting for this to be discussed and...nothing. Lou Dobbs almost pops an artery yelling about broken borders and Anderson plays in tunnels, but when it comes to one of the main reasons behind the problem...nothing. And now here's Rick Sanchez out of the blue just laying it all out there. Rick Sanchez! The taser guy! Oh man, what is this I'm feeling? Is that respect? It's so annoying when you can't group people in black and white categories. My mind is boggled, people.

Finally tonight we have a taped interview with Sanjay about how Pfizer has had to stop a clinical drug because too many people died. The drug aimed to raise good cholesterol and it did a pretty good job...except for that whole people dying thing. Sanjay has come to us with cool graphics. Anderson is all concerned since he's on cholesterol medication. Just something random I know. Randi then joins us for more headlines and Anderson shares The Shot, which is models wearing chocolate dresses. Don't ask. Randi notes that the dresses won't just make you look fat, they'll actually make you fat. Anderson gets a kick out of this and does his whole, "Hey Laaaady!" thing. About that? Um, stop. Don't worry, I still love fun! Anderson, just not that. And we're out.


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