Thursday, December 07, 2006

Obama, More ISG Stuff, And It's Freaking Freezing Here (Wednesday's Second Hour)

Hi guys. We kick off the hour with some repeated stuff and then move onto a taped interview Anderson had with Barack Obama. Barack thinks the report is a rebuke of Bush's policies, that ultimately it's up to Bush, and that Iraq is a distraction from other issues in the middle east. Nothing all that noteworthy here. And no, he's still not answering the 2008 question. Speaking of being cagey, next up we have a piece from Ed Henry on Bush's reaction or really, nonreaction, to the ISG report. So far he hasn't endorsed any of the 79 suggestions.

Up next Anderson has a taped interview with Bush counselor Dan Bartlett, who actually thinks we're winning in Iraq. Oh my. We have a live one. Anderson asks why we can't talk to our enemies and Dan replies that the issue actually isn't talking to them, but when we talk to them. You spin me right round baby, right round, like a record baby. Anybody else dizzy? Dan then whirls Anderson in circles for the rest of the interview, leaving him no doubt frustrated and maybe a little nauseous.

Transitioning to Nic Robertson now and he states that Iraqis don't really have high hopes. There's an effort to close down civil society and people are showing up dead all over the place with no hope for justice. Basically Iraqis are doing good if they can find their loved one's body. Again, good Lord. After this we get another piece about how stubborn Bush is, this time from John King. I appreciate them reinterating this point, but I think we got it. Tom Foreman then pulls out his maps to discuss the diplomatic end. These suggestions include closing Syria's borders, getting Iran to stop selling groups arms, and working on Israel/Palestinian issues.

We then learn the horrible news that James Kim, the man who left his stranded family to go get help, was found dead. This is just so sad. He died not knowing that his family was okay. Keeping with the weather topic, next we have Kim Lah live in Chicago to talk about how freaking cold it's going to get. She also talks about what's going on here in St. Louis. It's been rough, people. First off, it's freezing! And thousands are still without power. Ameren claims they have to work so slow because of the ice, and to be fair there is A LOT of ice, but what was their excuse when we went through this in July? There are many angry people in this city right now and an investigation is under way. Do I smell a future Keeping Them Honest? Carbon monoxide poisoning is also becoming an increasing problem here due to the storm. And yes, someone really did try to burn coal in a wok. And they paid for it with their life. I think it's suppose to get warmer this weekend, so I'm hoping the solid sheet of ice that is my front yard will be a little mushy by then.

The Shot tonight is a baby born in a minivan. Apparently the family couldn't get to the hospital fast enough and guess what? They named it after me. Little baby Eliza. I feel so honored. Okay, so it's not actually my real name, but still. Hmm, should I tell you the code word for the contest? Oh, okay, you convinced me. The code word tonight is Iraq. Wow, original. So did you all enter? I did. I never win anything, but I could use a new copy of Anderson's book since somebody has had mine since July. Mother. Seriously, how long does it take to read that book? Anyway, I hope one of the readers wins something. That's all folks.'s the weather in your neck of the woods? Also, I forgot to mention it before, but what was up with John Roberts' eye? Did Anderson deck him for messing with stuff in the studio while he was away?

Screencaps by sherynroyce.


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