Monday, November 24, 2008

Are We At The Bottom Yet?

Hi everyone. Happy new (short) week! Tonight Soledad O'Brien is rocking the house for Anderson Cooper. I knew our regular anchor would be itching to use those frequent flier miles sometime. Apparently, I was a week off. Anyway, no offense to Ms. O'Brien, who I happen to like very much as a sub host, but I am tired. I think I'm going to give you guys a ghetto version of a review because I'm not quite sure my brain is alert enough right now to make our continued financial collapse an amusing read. So, a couple notes for you--in pretty bullet points as always:
  • No "breaking news"?! No annoying red banner?! I can almost see my whole screen. And it is glorious. I hope you savored, people. Because you know that eyesore will be back tomorrow.
  • I thought the panel should have been two financial analysts to one political analyst instead of the other way around. Just a nitpick. Campbell Brown had Jeffrey Sachs on tonight. I'd love to see him on 360.
  • It was great to see Jeffrey Toobin talking about the pardons. There's been so little coverage of what our still-president has been up to lately. Also? The possibility of a preemptive pardon of interrogators is disturbing.
  • Good Randi Kaye piece on Michelle Obama, but did anyone else notice that they initially identified overweight black women as a stereotype, and then went on to report that the majority of black women are overweight?
  • Heroes has gone Hollywood! It's become quite the star studded event. Looks like a great show.
  • I'm with Erica Hill and Soledad, no monkey is touching my food. Unsanitary!
  • Maybe I'm crazy, but I could have sworn that the webcast opened tonight with somebody screaming. Anyway, Erica talks with Ali Velshi and they both start bitching about Citi. Then Ali starts to get really riled up and . . . the commercial is over. Curses!
  • Erica also talks to Soledad, who is apparently up past her bedtime. She's cool with the subbing though because it's like a vacation from the kiddies. Also? Erica looked at her 401K. Oh, don't do that. It only ends in sadness.
  • Since I've barely given you anything tonight, here's a fact-check on CNN president Jon Klein, who just hit his four year mark with the network. Interesting, though the American Morning segment either has some mistakes or is just poorly written. I give Klein credit for getting rid of the ridiculous Crossfire, but I can't say I'm a fan. He seems to value the new and shiny over good journalism. Hence we get holograms.


Blogger Pati Mc said...

Thanks Eliza, nothing like Wolf actually pulling off being amusing to get the Holiday off on the right direction. Who'd have thunk it?

Hurrah for Christiane. She so totally rocks.

Happy Turkey Day!

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