Thursday, November 13, 2008

Secretary Speculation, Bailout Bait And Switch, Calling Out Rick Wagoner, KKK Still Around, And Bonus Leno Bullet Points!!!

Hi everybody. As stated yesterday, I'm on a bit of a reviewing break. But snarky comments never go on vacation. On to the bullet points!:
  • Oh my God! An anonymous person leaked the news that Barack Obama might be possibly thinking about maybe asking Hillary Clinton to be secretary of state! Sure, we don't know if the leak is accurate, if he'll choose her even if it is accurate, or if she'll accept even if chosen, but let's discuss!
  • I've been advocating (well, in blog form) for Clinton for secretary of defense and Bill Richardson for secretary of state since before Biden was even chosen VP. But now that I've gotten a little taste of the retardedness we can expect from the media if Clinton is chosen for any position, I almost hope she just stays in the senate. Nobody wants to go down memory lane of the primaries, 360. Time to move on.
  • Ali Velshi, why do I want to have a panic attack every time I see your bald little head? Some day you will come bearing good news, right? I await the day where you stand at the graphic wall, proclaiming, "there's too many jobs!"
  • Good on 360 for keeping up with this bailout stuff and trying to explain the current switcheroo. The coverage could sometimes be meatier, but major points (or perhaps a cookie) for a good attempt.
  • So wait, am I understanding things right in that the plan is to help businesses and then expect them to turn around and help consumers? Yeah, because that's always worked out so well in the past.
  • Pssst, Anderson, no, the experts don't know what they're talking about. But given, you know, history, I don't think that's much of a revelation.
  • I love how Anderson Cooper was all adamant in making sure we knew he wasn't accusing anyone of flip-flopping. Someone might think he has an opinion, oh noes!
  • Sarah Palin. Again. She's going to wear us down Big Brother-style, isn't she? It certainly feels like torture.
  • It's funny that Anderson pointed out that they showed a Wal-Mart when talking about the VP residence during the headlines. I don't know that I could pick out the VP house, so I was sitting there going, "wait, does the vice president live in a shopping center?" By the way, in the past, Joe Biden has referred to Dick Cheney as the most dangerous vice president in American history. Today Biden went for a visit at Cheney's house. Awwwkward.
  • I'm glad they're continuing with the Culprits of the Collapse series. General Motors CEO Rick Wagoner, I shake my fist at you!
  • I do, however, wish that when 360 is thinking about who they want to keep accountable, that they consider maybe looking into people/companies that haven't completely destroyed everything yet. It's great to call people out, but Rick Wagoner's damage is already done, you know? Like, perhaps if an enterprising journalist had decided to take a look at some of Bush's appointments back in the day, maybe they would have discovered that, oh my God, this FEMA dude used to head up a horse association. Sometimes bringing things to light before-the-fact can be, shall we say, helpful.
  • So the KKK is still going strong, huh? *Sigh* It's kind of hard to feel bad for that murdered woman. Not saying I'd wish it on her, but you know.
  • Anderson got in a good subtle burn regarding KKK leader guy: "I'm surprised he knew how to use the Internet."
  • What Ann Mahlum is doing is really cool. I've seen that segment before. She might be my favorite "hero".
  • This was obviously a night for amusing b-roll mishaps. Not only was there the Wal-Mart thing, but as Anderson teased "the shot" he told us, "you want cute babies? We got em. two in fact." And then who do we see? Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Hee.
  • After 360, I flipped right over to NBC and who did I immediately find on Leno? Why our anchor. Very convenient. So hey, I'll bullet point that too. Why not?
  • Of course they had to talk about Palin. Ugh. But I like that Jay pressed Anderson on his talking points. He's always saying things like, "people from both sides of the aisle have good ideas" and I'm always sitting there going, "who? what ideas?" So when Anderson stated that Palin was "capable," I was pleased to see Jay follow up, especially since it resulted in my new favorite quote: "capable is a broad term." Bwah!
  • Speaking of Jay being awesome, he makes a good point about bailing out the big three auto companies. I guess I hadn't thought that not bailing them out could mean losing an entire industry that we will never be able to get back and may need again in the future. Jay could be a pundit! And the fact that he doesn't mind paying taxes if he knows it will help someone else out is very cool. Also? Socialist!
  • Okay, hold up, there are other housewives?! I know there's the show set in Atlanta that Anderson has been talking about recently, but tonight he mentioned two other locations. How many of these things are there?! Oh, and thank you Anderson for alerting me to their existence in the first place. Now my life is complete.
  • I'm not sure Anderson anticipated the trajectory of the NeNe banter. When they put up a picture of her looking very voluptuous, Jay noted, "I see why you like her for obvious reasons." Bwah! Er, guess Jay isn't a Gawker reader. So then Anderson goes for the subject change by commenting on the guest mugs. Smooth. I'm guessing this appearance will get some play on the Internets tomorrow. The world loves its silver surfer.
  • That's all folks.
Updated with Leno interview video:


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